In agrarian civilization (some of us have habit to call it barbaric way of living), father (as per mother’s instructions 🙂 ) plays important role in selection of raw food items (grains, vegetables, fruits, masalas etc) for family. He buys them from very very trusted sources as he knows that food is what makes life happier. He ensures physical and mental quality of the food.

Such tiresome life-engaging efforts often pay good results in terms of great children, amazing family bonding/unity and overall healthy lives.
What a modern father do?

Start a car/bike, go to mall and pick up chocolates/biscuit/wafers so that kids don’t cry and hammer him. On the way back to home, stop at McDonald and pack burgers and pizza with cold drink.

Such modern tiresome efforts do pay results. Good or bad, I won’t comment – we have ample evidences around us. What a leapfrog of progress of civilization! 🙂

Question to self: Do I pay enough attention and efforts in food source selection and verification? Are labels on products packaging enough? This is possible best when I have direct links with food producers. Do I know farmers in my area?

Note: Photo is obtained from google search.