काले गावः प्रसूयन्ते नार्यश्च भरतर्षभ। भवन्त्यृतुषु वृक्षाणां पुष्पाणि च फलानि च।।
O’ society! Strive for such state of living where Gau and Mahila opt for planned motherhood. Such is the time when trees and plants bear flowers and fruits in accordance with season.

Unlike our time when most children are born out of lustful accidents and all cows are products for human consumption. (From milk to leather to beef)

Take care. Take a lead, act as Vedic Catalyst, inject Vedic principles in common mass effortlessly silently and transform मातृभूमि by paying back her ऋण.


What Mother day?

In India, we celebrate and worship motherly principle at least 4 times a year. And these events are spanned for 9 days and nights!

पौष नवरात्री ,
चैत्र नवरात्री ,
आषाढ नवरात्री ,
अश्विन नवरात्री

On top of it, so many monthly days when we worship different forms of mothers. These are days when mother nature is in her full bloom state to converse with her children. Not only her, but all her children in motherly role. Ideal days for worshiping mother.

Just in case if you want to know.