In our society, it is important to ignite and maintain sense of Sovereignty. If individuals forget that they are connected to larger organism called The Nation, this sense of forgetfulness can act as self-destructing or at least severely damaging.

So, from childhood, it is important to nurture and kindle sense of Nation in future generation.

Nationalism = Sanatana Dharma


Every cell is a center of excellence leveraging intelligence and awareness. Every cell carries the sense of self for its own survival. It is the sense of self in the cell that maintains the size and shape of the cell. In multi-cell organisms, cells also carry sense of body-sovereignty. Sovereignty represented by I-ness. It is the sense of I-ness that maintains the physical body.

Events of diseases take place because cells remain under continuous stress, either due to malnourished state or due to tsunami of depression affecting sense of body-sovereignty, which leads to disconnectedness and aloofness in cells.

Due to this individual cell’s cellular level intelligence and sense of body-sovereignty, self-esteem is at the core of healing. Because of the connectedness of mind and body, our sense of self-esteem is our cells’ sense of self-esteem. Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect promote cellular intelligence, which is necessary for proper cell function and immunity. Modern science is just now acknowledging the importance of the mind-body connection, but knowledge of it has been part of Ayurveda for five thousand years.

Classic example of mind-body connectedness is Cancer. Cancer cells have lost their sense of body-sovereignty and do not feel connected to an organism, nor do they feel like serving the community they are part of. Due to this Alzheimer at cell level, cells prefer to grow separate from the body. They are irregular and robust and have an isolated, selfish sense of self which is in conflict with the life of normal, healthy cells.