“A genetically modified organism (GMO) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. GMOs are the source of genetically modified foods and are also widely used in scientific research and to produce goods other than food.”

Most GMO apologists are using 20th century science of genes to prove their points. Reductionism and over-mechanized compartment-wise study of organism has led science world to the great delusion of Gene centric control of the organism.
Part 1 : Environment and NOT Genes shape our life
Biologists know this very well: “Embryo development (ontogeny) depends on developmental gene regulatory networks (dGRNs), but dGRNs depend on preexisting spatial anisotropies that are defined by early embryonic axes, and those axes are established long before the embryo’s dGRNs are put in place. DNA sequences do not specify the final functional forms of most membrane components. Still less does DNA specify the spatial arrangements of those components. Yet their spatial arrangements carry essential ontogenetic information. The fact that membrane patterns carry ontogenetic information that is not specified by DNA poses a problem for any theory of evolution (such as Neo-Darwinism) that attributes the origin of evolutionary novelties to changes in a genetic program—whether at the level of DNA sequences or dGRNs.”[1]
In short, development of new cells depends more on Membrane Patterns than genes at the center. Membrane Patterns are formed based on epigenetic factors and cell-cell communication.

Unfortunately, we are taught in Biology that genes control us ever since Watson and Crick proposed Genes dogma. So there is apathy and doubt related to epigenetic factors (Non-genetic factors controlling and shaping our lives) not limited to stress-free mind, stress-free social environment, natural habitat, pets, animals, plants – they all play a role in helping us regaining healthy state back.

Part 2 : Plants, yield, immunity
Now, let us come to plants. Let me cite example of popular Green Revolution hero IR8 variety of rice. Plants like IR8 succeeded in protecting humanity against global famine and were hailed as part of the “Green Revolution” in agriculture. How, we will see shortly.
In the meantime, however, the yields from IR8 have declined by around 15 percent, and the cultivation of this previously very promising plant is no longer seen as worthwhile.

The dwarf rice variety lacks an enzyme that is required for the production of the plant growth hormone gibberellic acid; without gibberellic acid, the rice plant remains short but strong and high-yielding. Although nothing has changed in the genetic makeup of the IR8 rice plant in the past 50 years, its yields have declined continuously.

Do you want to know the reason why?

Change in environment. Global increase of CO2 made IR8 to produce continuously declined yield. After all, the current concentration of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is 25 percent higher than in the 1960s.
Using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana (generally known as thale cress), the researchers were able to observe that a higher carbon dioxide concentration results in the unblocking of the capacity of dwarf plant to form gibberellic acid. The carbon dioxide appears to have the same growth-stimulating effect as that triggered by the gibberellic acid. Thus, in the experiment, the dwarf plants gradually lost their advantage and increasingly resembled the control plants. [2]

Despite having genes, IR8 is impotent. As I shared in part 1 of the note, it is not gene but the environment (epigenetical factors) that controls the organism)

Apart from CO2 , many factors work. Modern Agri science knows this very well but since they want to do business, they don’t reveal this fact to the world and govt(s).

So when GMO varieties will be introduced, Seller Company will come up with specific environmental conditions to maintain. And to do that, farmers will have to buy their fertilizers and pesticides. In some cases, despite all of this, yield will fail as no one has control over Mother Nature and so company will blame farmers for not following instructions. 😀
Bt Cotton in Gujarat has ruined many farmers and Monsanto blamed farmers for not following the procedures! 😀 [3]

Need of the hour is not to introduce yet another fancy variety of seeds and controlled environment goodies (Pesticides, Fertilizers, Processes to bankrupt farmers so that they sell everything and invite corporate farming where they can participate in slavery) but to stabilize environment, purify soil and bring back diversity which can give yield in abundance naturally. I see Bos Indicus emerging as Kamdhenu once again for this task.

[1] Membrane Patterns Carry Ontogenetic Information That Is Specifid Independently of DNA – Jonathan Wells, Biologic Institute, Redmond, Washington, USA. Bio-complexity journal