For those who were raised in urban centers of 20th century, word MODERN has very narrow minded understanding.

For them, modern means technologically sound. Modern means roads. Modern means cement buildings.

They can not see destructive impact of so called modernization of nature.

Modern means ahead of the times. Modern means sustainable. Modern means living in sync with nature’s cycle.

Look at in mirror. Are we really modern?


Yet another day is being celebrated today…..Environment Day.

Industrial Society is a lunatic society which kills environment 24×7, 365 days of the year and then celebrates Environment Day and Earth Day.

Industrial Society should be mourning Environment Day instead of celebrating Environment Day.

Industrial Society has created thousands of extra, unnecessary, destructive and worthless professions and activities for its urban population [which is not producing food, which used to be the primary occupation for thousands of years before industrialization]……Celebrating Environment Day, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and hundreds of other days is one such lunatic activity.

Environment is not saved by celebrating Environment Day or Earth Day.
For millions of years on earth environment was not saved by Environment Day or Earth Day.


  1. Are we ready to reduce population on earth. Can we target that we will be 5 billion in year 2050. Shall you and me start with one child policy at our homes respectively? And don’t bring religion and cast , race colour national identity in the decision.