Introducing my son. Age 5. Notes on our conversations.

At our daily morning chores on canal road (I call it summer camp!) , he had interesting question.

“When we throw a pebble in the water, there is change in water. Water travels in circles. What is it Pappa?”

“Waves. When you throw a pebble in water, you disturb the water.”

“Yes, but is fun watching it.”

“Yes, it is.”

“What is wave? Why it travels in circle, for some distance and then goes away?”

“Wave is a disturbance. When the pebble hits the water, energy you donated to pebble transforms into waves that travels through water and disturbs still water.”

“But then it also becomes calm again.”

“Yes, how far your donated energy can work. Don’t we have to refuel our vehicles as we burn the fuel?”

“Where else I can see waves?”

“All around my dear son! This world that we are part of, is made up of energy! Waves are everywhere! Some visible, most invisible. What you speak, come to my ears as waves!”

“Really? So mobile also work on waves?”


“How powerful they must be that it can travel so long distance! Even to America and London!”

“Yes, powerful and not so good for health.”

“Hmmm, that is why you don’t wish me to work with mobile?”

“Yes! Glad that you understood!”

“In our body, blood flows. It also travels like waves in river and pond?”

“Yes. Let me show you. Try to touch my vein here. Do you observe something?”

“Yes! Flow. Throbbing…like how I feel when I touch heart.”

“ waves in water?”


“These waves that you can observe in my veins. That has different motion and speed. The way sometimes waves in water are fast and strong and sometimes slow and short. Based on that, we can decide many things about our body.”

[This is too much for him. He diverts the attention to something else.]

“Pappa! Let’s go and find a place where we can play!”


What I write below, won’t be understood by him but at least, he has foundation to understand it.

What a tragedy with our generation educated under modern education!

The false ego of being modern stops us experiencing wonderful mother nature and her लीला!

It is common sense that Environment play critical role in our well-being but we, collectively, ignore it!

Our text books focus more on reductionist Biology than Systems Biology!

मंत्र शास्त्र (Science of chanting and its impact on well-being of the organism(s) and environment i.e. non-self) is superstition.
But molecular components in yeast showing response to minute environmental changes is ‘Wow’ science!

Ayurveda is placebo but light and vibration impact on body is ‘WoW’ science!

Ovidiu Lipan, author of this paper, started it correctly!

“We live in a sea of vibrations, detecting them through our senses and forming impressions of our surroundings by decoding information encrypted in the fluctuations!”

Think about it!! Don’t insult common sense, just because you think you are educated and know modern science by formula(s).

Sense. Experience. Experiment. Respect the grand design!


Enlightening Rhythms

We live in a sea of vibrations, detecting them through our senses and forming impressions of our surroundings by decoding information encrypted in these fluctuations. Such periodic phenomena range from circadian oscillations in living cells (1) to acoustic oscillations in the primordial universe (2). Passively observing periodic phenomena is scientifically rewarding, but actively using periodic stimuli to observe the hidden wonders of nature is even more so. On page 482 of this issue, Mettetal et al. (3) report using oscillatory stimuli to decipher how an organism—the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae—responds to environmental changes. By constructing a predictive mathematical model for specific signaling pathways (4), they show that oscillatory stimuli can be used to study how networks of proteins and genes are engaged by a living system to control physiological behavior.

The ultimate goal, however, is a mathematical model for a white box, in which all the molecular components and their interactions are known. The road toward this goal is paved with intermediate gray-box models containing some biological inner structures. Toward this end, Mettetal et al. transform the black-box mathematical model into a gray one that successfully incorporates the first two of the three osmo-adaptation feedback loops described. In doing so, they discovered that the dynamics of the osmo-adaptation response are dominated by the fast-acting Hog1-dependent negative feedback loop that does not require a change in gene expression.

The hope is to include other molecular components and feedback loops into a more detailed mathematical model. This will require new techniques to generate molecular input signals—perhaps based on photons rather than chemicals—for tuning gene expression and protein degradation (7, 8). The study by Mettetal et al. is part of a large effort to blend the biological and mathematical structure of living systems and understand living systems not as collections of machine parts, but as stable, complex dynamic organizations (9). Hopefully, 21st-century systems biology will claim victories as striking as those of Maxwell and Hertz.


  1. Excellent post. I am still not able to figure out, how people will start believing it. People see this information mostly in two ways – Oh, our shastras has so much knowlege, Wow ! That’s end here. They don’t get motivated to read more at all. Second ways – Hmm, baat to theek kahi hai and moves forward. In both ways, our sharing information is not impacting people at all. What to do… Not able to understand. मैं हाथ उठा उठा कर चिल्लाता हूँ, मगर कोई सुनता ही नहीं है |