Copper plays vital role in healthcare. Few days back, there was story about using copper in operation theater (Read here


While our generation is busy in mocking and laughing on every minute ritual our forefathers were following for centuries (under the influence of movies released recently), world is inventing utility of our practices.

Isn’t it foolishness to wait for lab to prove things when personal experience gives more better results of following our culture?

Digest this another example and next time, do not make fun of your grand mother when she shower her Gods in copper utensils.

Things to take care while embracing copper

Blue Vitriol of copper Sulfate is known as ‘तुथ्यम’ in संस्कृत. Green Vitriol is known as मयूरतुथ्यम. From तुथ्यम, Persian word ‘tutia’. तुथ्यम is prescribed by Charaka and Sushruta as an ingredient for prepating medicines to treat ulcers & leprosy. It is antiseptic and germicide against fungus infections. The health benefits of copper include proper growth, utilization of iron, enzymatic reactions, connective tissues, hair, eyes, ageing and energy production. Apart from these, heart rhythm, thyroid glands, arthritis, wound healing. RBC formation and cholesterol are other health benefits of copper.Copper enables normal metabolic process in association with amino acids and vitamins. Therefore the health benefits of copper are crucial for healthy existence. Copper is the 3rd most prevalent mineral in the body and is mostly carried by the blood plasma protein – Ceruloplasmin. Copper cannot be produced within the body and hence to be sourced from external food sources.

Impure copper is not good. Ayurveda has WARNED that consumption of impure copper leads to disorders. Purification process for medicinal purpose:

Tuthya pieces are transferred in a muslin cloth and tied to form a poultice. This poultice is cooked in a combined mixture of Go-Mutra (cow’s fresh urine), Mahish-Mutra (buffalo’s fresh urine) and Aja-Mutra(goat’s fresh urine) with help of a Dolayantra for 1 Prahar. After the process is completed, Shudh (purified) Tuthya is obtained.

Discard Alluminum

It has become norm for teens to eat wraps. Franky, remember? It comes with wrap. Burger, samosa. Everything is packaged in either paper or aluminum.
There is indirect slow poison in wrap material.
Save your children by changing their habits. Avoid food parcels and wraps.
changes in cholesterol,
developmental effects to fetuses during pregnancy or to breastfed infants (e.g., low birth weight),
liver effects (e.g., tissue damage),
immune effects (e.g., depressed antibody production in response to vaccination), and
thyroid effects.
Americans may be consuming fast food wrapped in paper treated with perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) — the same chemicals used in stain-resistant products, firefighting materials and nonstick cookware, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.
Researchers tested more than 400 samples of packaging materials, including hamburger and sandwich wrappers, pastry bags, beverage cups and French fry containers, and found evidence of fluorinated compounds called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). Of the materials tested, these chemicals were found in 56 percent of dessert and bread wrappers, 38 percent of sandwich and burger wrappers and 20 percent of paperboard.
Previous studies have shown that these PFASs can migrate, contaminating the food and, when consumed, accumulating in the body.
“This is a really persistent chemical,” said Graham Peaslee, a professor of experimental nuclear physics in the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame, who tested the samples. “It gets in the bloodstream, it stays there and accumulates. There are diseases that correlate to it, so we really don’t want this class of chemicals out there.”

Aluminum utensils?
Aluminum in vaccines and other medicines as preservative.
Aluminum foils?

How many of you drink roadside tea? Roadside Chinese? 🙂 😛

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