Sweet ad, right?
I saw monster behind it. This ad and many like them injected Filtered oil in our पाकशाला (Kitchen? :O ), replacing local ghani oil.
Like Ghee, Oil too is a Hero. Continuous brainwashing turned it as Villain 🙁 😡
Like this 25 years old Ad, many ads are changing our habits! 🙂 Who cares? 😀
Simple rule : If someone is selling you by TV ads. Ignore them. 🙂

All mass mediums are designed for the purpose of mass perception management.

Behind the innocent scenes like this, they start controlling public psyche. Result is evident in society.

We cannot stop generations until we correct our food sources. But can you imagine generation after generation without real oil intake?

For last 30+ years, we did not get real oil or real ghee. We stopped consuming real oil and real ghee and started embracing factory made refined oil and ghee like fat from dairy. All because of रूप, रंग,स्वादके चक्करमें! Remember that Dhara oil’s tempting Jalebi ad? Yeah, that is when we surrendered to refined oils! 😀

And not only this. Our overall oil intake is also increased manifold!

One thing if we all should do to correct our life is to get unrefined raw oil. And ethically produced desi Gau ghee. At any cost. If we really want to save future generations.

Lack oil means what?

– Children without massage – Growth not regulated.
– Aggression tendency increased overall. More anger = More crimes
– Weak muscles and weak arteries = Arthritis and Heart attacks in early age
– Brain development impaired

Oil is very essential for body’s lubrication.
Oil is essential to keep Vayu (Vata) under control. There are at least 100+ sickness documented due to Vayu out of control.
Oil intake in food during monsoon keeps Vata in control.
Ghee is essential brain food.
Sesame oil keeps Vata and Kapha under control
Oil can reduce obesity as it is मेदहर.
Oil can increase weight as it is also मांसवर्धक
Oil is a great preservative so it can keep our probiotic food healthy for entire year (Pickles)

Oil play critical role in our diet. From lubrication to antioxidants, they provide important support to our body cell ecology.

Excess of oil in food is harmful and no oil in food is also harmful. Moderate usage can work as boon. Unrefined oil is must. Avoid packaged and processed oil – it is unhealthy. Avoid refined oil. If possible, find organically grown seeds(groundnuts for Gujarat).

Due to bombardment of all advertisements, consumers are always confused about best selection.

There is simple rule: Eat whatever mother nature can grow in abudance in your environment. As shown in map, if we divide Bharat in three parts and locate your residence, you will find best suitable oil for you. Throw all other brands in dustbin.

Separate post on quantity of oil in food.