In infant diarrhea or diarrhea in general , recovery timing is very crucial. Sooner the recovery, better the chances of preserving water and प्राण. Recovery = reducing stool frequency as early as possible.
Preserving प्राण = Saving cellular intelligence = Restoration of health
Rice based ORS exists in local cultures for time immemorial.
Infants who were given R-ORS had reduced total stool output (by 35%) compared with the control group [1]
R-ORS is
• Cost Effective (IV vs. Oral)
• Lack of Complications
• Lack of Pain
• Provides calories from complex carbohydrates
• Less worry when mixing because rice-based ORS has a lower osmolarity then glucose-based ORS
• Lower osmolarity also means better absorption
• Always works as well as glucose-based ORS and is even more effective in severe cases of dehydration
• Sustained hydration (larger molecule, more substrate)
• Tastes better
Tribal across the India use it for post-delivery care (to balance extremely deranged Vayu during child delivery). It is food for lactating mothers.
Rice is the least allergic food and is recommended for people afflicted with the irritable bowel syndrome.
Rice-based oral rehydration solutions (ORS) have been proved effective in decreasing stool output and improving intestinal absorption in acute diarrhea. Rice extracts were found to decrease intestinal losses by actively inhibiting chloride channels (Goldberg and Saltzman, 1996)
Then why the hell Indian govt and mercenary medico prescribe glucose based ORS ? They additionally give zinc which is constipatory and inflammatory for kids (I have seen family toddler suffering from it due to post-viral Diarrhea. I can understand western world using it (due to their lack of knowledge) but why Indians despite having such proven records of Rice based ORS?
I don’t say current method is wrong. But why not to use faster recovery methods?
More experiments and research is needed by genuine doctors.