The Development (विकास) : Real vs Fake


A human fetus in womb, develops organs from seed stem cells as per requirements of the growing body. Brain comes last. Heart is a front runner. The sequence is well designed and fixed. There is no patch work. There is no last minute change. All development stages are performed based on local needs of the organism at that stage.

If we learn to mimic this development, our development model should be sustainable. We cannot erect 100 new cities blindly. Cities emerge as per local needs. Who generate these local needs? Villages who would like to trade their produce. Manufacturers who would like to export or import.

In ancient times, cities used to emerge like this. Not blindly.

What is happening to our cities? Existing cities becoming fat day by day by destroying critical and fertile agriculture land in periphery. New cities are planned where politicians have grabbed cheap lands. Never by the organic instincts of the society, nature of the terrain and demand of the time.

धारावी mimicry or govt built vertical slums is not विकास!
Cities without Sacred groves is not विकास
Cities without manageable traffic is not विकास
Cities where flyovers are seen as solution is not विकास

It is cancer. Densely populated human habitat. Competing with other organisms for living and sustaining life. That is cancer. It is no way Development.