Sharing old note on diseases.

Being deserted vs being barren




adjective: deserted
(of a place) empty of people.
“deserted beaches of soft sand”


abandon (a person, cause, or organization) in a way considered disloyal or treacherous.

Deserted place is an opportunity for mother nature to perform clean up job.

Your body is in Deserted state when you continously ignore it and one fine day, you detect the flu or ulcer or cancer!

Instead of deserted, let it be desert for non-self (Viruses or bacteria.

H1N1,Dengue, HIV are powerful, let they be.

Howsoever potent the germ may be, they will not be able to produce disease in human body unless the tissues of the body are fertile (vitiated) enough to accept them (germs) and help in their growth and multiplication. Killing these germs by administering medicine would solve problem temporarily, no permanently. It may give instant relief but for time being. We cannot live in an absolutely germ-free environment even though we get such germ-free feeling by our attempts to minimize germs. The only thing that can be done safely is to keep the body tissues barren and unsympathetic towards these germs, as long as possible. And if there is attack, fight by self instead seeking solace in medicines! If medicines are required, take for tissue conditioning and not for killing invading army.