Each one of us is in own journey. Own matrix. Wherever exchange of karma was necessary, relations took birth. Wife, Husband, Daughter, Son etc. So it is common situation where everyone is living in different frame of mind and different spiritual plane.

Different societal setups (family, community, village etc) help each other in own self-realization path. We can only demonstrate the way forward but cannot force it on someone else.

So, I never force my family for anything. I demonstrate. Sometimes they pick it up, sometimes they don’t. It is perfectly okay. For all ideas which my family could not decipher, I have friends here and in real world, who are passionate for experimenting. And I do not consider them aliens. It is always feeling of satisfaction when friends pick it up and start living. That is how ideas pervade in society in different corners, helping each other in ultimate goal of life i.e. self-realization.

Again: Never force/impose your ideas on family! Demonstrate in your capacity and let them carve their own path.