Demineralized Water
Demineralized Water

First pollute natural water resources. Dam them. And then come up with costly purification methods.

This is how Greed-based, GDP-obsessed society take care of basic necessities. (Now they have come up with Air purifier for home!! Selling Air to you and me 😀 😀 )

And poorer of the poor suffer. The so called bottom of the pyramid as described by armchair intellectuals and brain-dead economists with no common sense.

From Hemamalini to Shabana Aazami, all are fooling you by selling purest RO water plants. Some of them demean natural purification methods like boiling. Some co-relate it with price of Gas bottles! Builders use RO as catch word to sell their properties. Corporates, emerging water mafias, sell costly water in villages! Ha! ROna or RO – naa!

Since this part of RO plant is exposed, they are now here with new technology! RO + all minerals 😀 😀. Or Ionized water! 😀 😀

Demineralized Water Impact
Demineralized Water Impact

My dear friend, all this costs us. Severe cost of environmental degradation. And hidden health costs due to modification of natural form of water.

In rural India, these companies have already started selling RO water. Expect flood of malnutrition-led sicknesses from this area.

Here are the side effects of drinking demineralized drinking water. Doctors in my city suggest patients with vitamin deficiency to first unplug RO machines at home.

Imagine children growing in these homes! Hampered development!

Free water is fundamental human right. Selling it, polluting it, restricting it, should be crime of the highest order.

Free drinking water is possible. If we all try collectively. Zombies act individually. Like we do. So no free water for us.

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