We need to work on societal psyche.

On grounds, let there be realization among us that mountains are not just another picnic spots where one can go and consume resources mindlessly.

On mountain, let there be realization among us that there is difference between life in mountain and on grounds. We don’t need to join moronic urban race. As a citizen of mountains, it is my job to protect mother nature. We don’t need oil-guzzlers vehicles here. We don’t need AC hotels here. We don’t need dams.


  1. The ones who had a vision to initiate development in the mountains were influenced by urban models of development and lacked sufficient foresightedness to understand the consequences.
    On way to our home in Uttarakhand, I see Rishikesh, Srinagar and and many other places and I’m deeply pained to see the sorry state of affairs. So much of garbage, deforestation, rubble. What pains me more is the attitude of the natives to this fresh influx of urbanization in the mountains, who are celebrating the comforts while at the same time turning a blind eye to the devastating effect they made to the environment.
    Erosion of environment, population (migration), culture, intelligence among others are corroding the life in mountains. A collective initiative is necessary and I will do something in my life to change things.