The death of conversation

It used to be the soaps, now it’s twitter on the iphone. Mom should tune out and focus on the kids. It used to be the big game on TV, now it is checking the sports stats on the Internet.

All kids love garden. My 2 years old son is no exception. While I play with my son and we enjoy these sessions so thoroughly, I feel deeply sad about kids there. Many of them are blessed with gadget-freak, obsessive parents. So instead of playing with them, mothers and fathers are engaged on mindless chit-chat over phones or messaging over whatsapp.

This is not a kind of silence kids expect! This is brutal death of conversation!! And so many bright possibilities buried as kids mental development is compromised.

Please don’t be held responsible for ruining your kid’s future! Switch off your gadgets when you are with them! They are highest priority! Never compromise!

You are now parent! Come out of that teen-age delusion! You are no more a college student! 🙂

Do not repeat what you see in these pictures. Avoid death of conversation with your kids. Time gone is gone! You will repent later!

Take care!