When cuckoo sings in backyard, we are sure that the fruit is ready!! Once she approves by eating 1 or 2, we go for our share. First one goes to Maha Lakshmi as Prasad! Second onward, shared among community.

Blessed by सीताफल @ Home. Joining our small family of चीकू , निम्बू , जामफल.सीताफल में विटामिन बी-1, ए, बी-2 और सी पाया जाता है। शरीर की दुर्बलता, थकान, अशक्ति, मांस-पेशियां क्षीण होने की दशा में सीताफल का सेवन करने से मांसवृद्धि होती है। यह शरीर के लिए अत्यन्त श्रेष्ठ फल है। घबराहट, ह्वदय की क्रिया को स्वाभाविक बना देता है।

There are medicinal application of the custard apple tree. The bark and leaves contain annonaine, an alkaloid. A bark decoction is used to stop diarrhea, while the root is used in the treatment of dysentery.

In Ayurveda the fruits are used for treatment of anemia, and vomiting. The seeds are used EXTERNALLY for the treatment of Lice infestation on the human body (also known as pediculosis).

A decoction of the leaves is used as a cold remedy and to clarify urine. Annona squamosa Linn., family Annonaceae, is said to show varied medicinal effects, including insecticide, antiovulatory and abortifacient.The fruits of Annona are Haematinic, cooling, sedative, stimulant, expectorant, maturant, tonic. They are useful in anemia, burning sensation.

The seeds are abortifacient and insecticidal and are useful in destroying lice in the hair. Leaves are used to overcome hysteria and fainting spells. Fruit is used in making of ice creams & milk beverages.

The flowering season is April to August and just started having ripen fruits in our garden! Pray for them! They are our precious children and important family members! Welcome home सीताफल !