Crumpled A4 size paper will never regain its original shine. Wrinkles remain forever.
The one ever indulged in sensual pleasures is like Crumpled paper. Cannot regain the Ojas lost.

Crumpled Teen

Sex education in teen age? Bollywood soft porn everywhere?
Expect crumpled teen everywhere. Expect timid youth by 2020.


Our culture talks about Brahmcharya between age 6 to 25.
Morons of modern times talks about sex education.

There are many benefits of brahmcharya. Keep them aside for now.

Do you even know consequences of teen age sex? Its psychological impact? Its physiological impact?

Sex education and exposure to bollywood soft porn ruins childhood and teen age. Leads to retarded and slavish generation. Expect more in future. The slavish nation!

No education is complete if it does not educate kids to stay away from Sex until marriage age. All these sex rights activists are nothing but ignorant fools ruining future of the Earth.