In India, come election season and media will find lawlessness everywhere! Are weak laws responsible for rising crimes in society? Will we be secure when laws are amended and made like communist laws of China or Shariya laws of middle eastern countries?

1) Criminal free society 2) Crime free society

What do we want? First or second?

Strict laws will eliminate criminals but cannot eliminate crimes.
Our lifestyle can eliminate crimes.

Ideal society seek solutions in self and not man-made laws.

There is no surprise that our society seek solution for sexual crimes in strict laws. Some of them compare our laws with other countries like Arabs and demand strict laws.

Are laws sole and full proof solution?

Let me share one scenario to understand this better:

There is a lake in the village. Fisherman community depends upon lake for the livelihood. Lake and her fish communities play critical role in this village economy.

Suddenly, there was an outbreak of disease and one by one fishes were

At this moment, Govt fishery dept can do two things

1) Give medicine to fishes
2) Investigate problems in environment which causes such outbreak

Task 2 is critical than saving already dying fishes. This does not mean task 1 is not needed at all. But task 2 is more critical to avoid future outbreaks.

Moral of the story is: It is environment that plays a role of breeding ground for healthy or unhealthy society, be it fishes or humans.

Strict laws are like task 1 in the story. US has best laws and judiciary but highest rape crimes happen in US. Do you know why? They don’t care about task 2. Do we know how these perverted humans are breeding?

Well, it is our perverted entertainment indulgence. But since it is our daily dosage of peace, we want to play blind and only focus on task 1 (Give medicines to fishes i.e. strict laws).

Ideal society takes care of their environment. We do not so we deserve crimes. We are right now shun the disease society. We should be prevent the disease society 🙁. Medicines cannot prevent physiological disease. Laws cannot prevent societal disease. We must work on environment to stop further outbreak.