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1) A buffalo matures on the avg. 1 year later than a good Indian milch bred cow
2) The dry period i.e. The time when she goes dry and up to the time she calves again, is more than thrice of buffalo that of a cow.
3) A good India bred cow gives more milk than buffalo (Pure Gir Cows give 40 to 50 ltrs per day)
4) The Male calves of the buffalo are practically useless for agricultural purpose, unlike male cow.
5) According to veterinary doctors, buffalo is more susceptible to diseases than a cow
6) Buffalo feels heat and cold much more which results in deterioration of milk yield. This is not the case with Cow.
7) According to veterinary doctors, the only point favors Buffalo is that she gives higher % of fat milk but if all production details are taken care, good Cow beats her in event that.

– Dr Sardar Datar singh

Buffalo milk is hard to digest for a person of any age, because the excess fat in buffalo milk when it forms soap in the intestine, is hard to digest with the usual amount of salts, and it takes the deficient quantity of the mineral salts from bones, which are consequently weakened. This does not occur in the digestion of cow milk. Carbohydrate : Fat : Albuminiods ratio in animal milk and comparison of same to human milk helps to decipher this and find best suitable milk.