If govt elected by us fails to deliver, we should recall them as early as possible. Like all previous govt(s), current govt has failed so far. Token gestures don’t count when the expectations are monumental.

Care to take care. Jai Gau Bharat.

1. The Prohibition for slaughter of cow and its progeny, which would include bull, bullocks, etc., should be included in Fundamental Rights or as a Constitutional Mandate anywhere else, as an Article of the Constitution. It should not be kept only in the Directive Principles or / Fundamental duties as neither of these are enforceable by the courts.

2. The amendment of the Constitution should also be made for empowering the Parliament to make a Central Law for the prohibition of slaughter of cow and its progeny and further for prohibition of their transport from one State to another. This may be done by shifting the subject and relevant item from the State List to the Central List, or at least to the Concurrent List in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution.

3. The Parliament should then make a Central Law, applicable to all States, prohibiting slaughter of cow and its progeny. Violation of the Law should be made a non-bailable and cognizable offence. There should be provision for sessions trials for offences committed under the Law, with a punishment of a minimum of three years of rigorous imprisonment and maximum 10 years of rigorous imprisonment with fine. The burden of proof should be on the accused to prove his innocence.

In view of Articles 48 and 51 (g) of the Constitution of India, appropriate directions may be given under Article 355 or any such provision of the Constitution, to Kerala, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Manipur and other North Eastern States to enforce the prohibition on slaughter of the cow and its progeny. Special directions may be given to Kerala to stop importing cattle from neighbouring States for slaughter.

–  Report of the National Commission on Cattle