Strong and mighty progeny is something best you can contribute for dharma. And it is possible when you can understand that producing children is not a casual accidental event of anytime any day lust.

Before you start calling any house your abode and start living at the place, you make sure to clean it properly, paint it and repair it if needed.

Before you invite a soul to live in womb for 9 months, it is important to clean it.

If you are planning a child, you should make sure to detoxify your bodies and maintain that state for at least 6 months. No toxic food, no toxic thoughts, no addiction of whatsoever type for at least a year. Female should make sure that mensuration cycle is regular and it is cleaning your body well. Male should make sure that Semen is not contaminated by addictions and motility is maintained by avoid all toxic food that can derange Vata.