We humans have tendency to play blame game selectively 🙂. Bacteria don’t cause infection. Our poor immunity invites them to do cleaning job. Otherwise, they are friends and guides for healthy living!


On one hand, fermentation is essential process of food preparation.
On the other hand, we use Dettol, lifebouy, antibiotics etc to kill the bacteria.

I call it grand delusion. Who deluded us? Our Education and popular mediums (TV, Radio, Internet)

Remember one thing : We cannot survive without microorganisms’ help. Fermentation is everywhere. Always. It is 24×7 miracle happening around us to keep us alive. Bacteria and fungi are all present in each breath we take and every bite we eat. There is no escape except we get rid of germ-phobia. These organisms are agents of transformation, constantly shifting state of the world to the more stable state.

Be little more brave. Get rid of soaps, handwash, chemical cleaners and antibiotics. Slowly, gradually, do develop brave attitude. There is no threat from bacteria.Instead of killing them, embrace them and become more healthy.

For cleaning: Use Dung ash. Use mitti (Soil). They are more powerful and bio-dynamic agents. For hand-wash, rinse your hands for 20-30 seconds. It is enough.

It is good learning activity to demonstrate fermentation to growing kids.