Researchers in the U.K. have found that people who work in community gardens not only experience better physical health but enjoy improved mental health as well. A new study, published in the Journal of Public Health and authored by scientists at Westminster and Essex universities found that people who gardened for at least 30 minutes a week had lower body mass indexes (BMIs)—a measure of body fat—as well as higher levels of self-esteem and better moods overall. They also reported lower levels of tension and stress.

The Brits call them “allotment gardens”—small plots of land, generally located within congested urban areas, that are open for use to the public.

With an increasing number of people residing in urban areas, a decline in the number of homes with gardens, and the increased risk for mental ill health associated with urban living, these findings are particularly important and suggest that allotment gardening might play an important role in promoting mental well-being in people residing in urban areas,” the researchers wrote in their paper.


Our gardens are either maintained by civic authority or contracts given by society/neighborhood. Our involvement is only as being consumer. We consume the setup. We hardly participate. And that is the issue. Despite you visit garden regularly, you hardly receives blessings of mother nature. it is because there is no involvement.



Vrikshmandir ( Tree temples ) – वृक्ष मंदिर – Sacred Groves

Every community of pre-British India had social responsibility to grow and protect groves. They were called sacred groves. There used to be rules defined for accessing these forest wealth. Not everyone can go and chop tree. Not in all seasons. Not all trees. All based on mutually agreed intuitive pro-synergy rules. These rules are sacred rules, considering groves alive and part of respected extended family for all.

What happened then?

We were brainwashed by education and having commune with Nature was taught as primitive and idiotic. Disconnected! There is no one to protect the groves. Now the same movement of brainwashing going in deep forests in name of secular school education. 😀

Educate all and take their help in destruction!


It is now compulsion for us to re-adapt practices of sacred groves.