With collapsing agriculture, village system breaks and gives open hands to Anti-India forces. This(War like efforts to support cow based farming) is the only way to save this land from Syria like civil wars.

Century long chemical usage and high yield greed has turned sacred profession into dirty business.

Change cannot be possible without you and me. We must stand together with our farmers. Encourage them for cow-based farming. At the same time, we must demand pro-cow based farming policies from center and state govt(s).


“In the past three years, 160 Syrian farming villages have been abandoned near Aleppo as crop failures have forced over 200,000 rural Syrians to leave for the cities. This news is distressing enough, but when put into a long-term perspective, its implications are staggering: many of these villages have been continuously farmed for 8000 years. As one expert puts it, this may be the worst long-term drought and most severe set of crop failures since agricultural civilizations began in the Fertile Crescent many millennia ago.”

The drought severly weakened Syria’s ability to grow food. As farming became impossible entire regions lost their way of life. Men, families, or “entire villages” as Gary Nabhan recounts, were forced to leave their land and head to Syria’s major cities. Most of the displaced farmers were from predominantly Sunni regions. The Syrian political apparatus on the other hand was mainly Alawite. Whereas confronting the Assad regime would have been unthinkable before the drought, the desperate poverty many Sunnis now found themselves in meant they had nothing left to lose. In March 2011 demonstrations broke out in the city of Daraa and Syrian security forces responded violently, killing four people. Protests then spread throughout the country and breakdown of the state would soon follow.

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