When you don’t learn from history, and repeat the same mistakes, you deserve the blow. Unfortunately, in democracy like we have, moron politicians, corrupt Babu(s) and equally corrupt agri scientists decide agriculture policies.
Major follies :
1) Agriculture cannot be centralized. It varies with 20-25 miles distance you travel from one point to another. And so policies also change.
2) AC labs of agriculture universities are jokers paradise. They simply miss the point of diversity study agriculture demands. Most Agri scientists are paid workers of western Agri businesses. Their researches are selective and industry-friendly.
3) When model changes every 20-25 miles, it is foolish to implement monoculture farming from the west.
Here is the 170 years old Irish example. Go study it. We can very well avoid it. But no! Where are scientific papers to prove that monoculture is bad! 😀
When it is time to show world real agriculture and save from crisis, we ignore such 170 years old[1] and many other examples. But mera Bharat mahan! What whites teach is the best! :d 🙁 Mental slaves. 🙁
Mind you. I am not facebookiya activist. I am a farmer and I know the ground situation with first hand field knowledge. More we delay the sane steps, closer we are to Slavery V 2.0.
PS: Corn is 21st century’s potatoes. fyi.