My suggestion to all patriots is to work for strengthening of both legs together i.e. Desh and Deshi-bhakt. Let there be no gaffe in achieving this goal.

All of us seek Nation governed for the people, by the people (प्रजा-आधीन राजा,राष्ट्र-प्रेमी प्रजा).
Let us assume that we get such system, by hook or crook. System is in place. Do you think, it will go on forever? If yes, I think you are living in some lunatic plane.

Ethical conduct of citizens play vital role to nurture and preserve any ideal political system envisioned.

Ethical conduct needs to be induced in citizens. If this ethical conduct is induced out of fear of the law, it won’t last for long because of humans inherent tendency to protest again slavery.

For self-governed system to stay on for time immemorial, we also need to work hard to establish self-governed morality, rooted in love for Nation and understanding of swa-dharma. To establish self-governed morality, character-building of subjects remain unavoidable job. That is where parenting, educating, military-training will play important role.

My suggestion to all patriots is to work for strengthening of both legs together i.e. Desh and Deshi-bhakt. Let there be no gaffe in achieving this goal.

If you blabber about Praja aadhin Raja all time, let me give you example of eternal Praja aaddhin raja i.e. Raam. It took several thousand years and many generations of Raghu to change psyche of their subjects and at the culmination of all their activities, Raam Rajya (People friendly laws) was established.

So while I criticize current govt, I also consider it as my failure. My failure of not to reach out to maximum citizens.

Avatar or ideal Dhara emerges when critical mass desires it. Let us work hard for critical mass. No Kalki will emerge till then.

Some ways I follow:

1) Spread awareness based on my personal life experiments about changes we can bring in our life style and influence societal patterns. For example, if we start demanding organic food by befriending farmers, they will grow for us.

2) Do daily Homa for own mind purification.

3) Learn actionable changes from others and spread the same.

4) Bridge the modern way of living with the ancient Sanatana principles for slow and steady transformation

All medicines are not same. Some medicines solve ailment for short time. Problem resurface. So doctors always prescribe prevention mechanism along with medicines so that problem does not resurface.

मनुष्य is basic foundation of any movement(spiritual or political etc).

Only those movements will be able to do successfully मनुष्य उत्थान and अवतार मान्य परंपरा निर्माण whose मनुष्य trying to imbibe or at-least craving for below qualities(chart)!

Negation of चारित्र्य निर्माण is insult of मनुष्यत्व and without मनुष्य ,we are intentionally or un- intentionally creating ROBOT.

Is your movement creating मनुष्य or Robot? IF not, step back and try to find movements who is working on मनुष्य ..if you cant find, Be a one JUST LIKE OUR RISHI–THE UNIVERSITY of मनुष्य उत्थान WITHOUT TITLE.