When you want to change your life for better future of self, family, society, nation and globe, where do you start from?

Oh, govt is bad…bad bad bad real bad. Topple it. Will this help? ( you have answer. We have new govt and it is acting same like previous govt. so far)
Oh, my employer is engaged in illegal activities. Bad bad bad…protest and get fired. Will this help?

If you alone do this, you are the chump personified. No way near to any change agent. Chump, yes, a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of. Little lunatic and obsessive too. If it was so easy, Mahabharat would have not happened. Krishna was powerful enough to topple everyone. He did not act like a chump. He knew the value of change at mass level as a long term solution.

Any top down radical change activity cannot be performed by an individual. It is foolish act. You need critical mass (The minimum amount (of something) required to start or maintain a venture/activity) to perform such group revolution. Problem is: Most of your friends, relatives and colleagues are not yet ready for such top down changes.

Wise solution?

Take bottom up approach. Act upon things that you can change in your individual domain. Your habits, your addictions, your individual duties towards society. Demonstrate change in best manner in your individual capacity. Let your friends, families, colleagues realize critical nature of change societal sustenance demand. Once critical mass is ready, topple from top and be ready to replace them by worthy. Till then, strive to bring change in your life.

It is your self-denial that stops you embracing ageless local culture back in life routine and get benefits of health society. Self denial mode is a biggest road block created by modern education. Unfortunately for so called educated, anything out of text book is humbug and fake. For them, real experience and experiments don’t matter but staged lab results like fake clinical trials.

Break your comfort zone of self-denial and dare to live life as per local culture.

And why do I urge you to do so? Because I am helpless alone. I am part of same society. Unless critical mass of society alters life style, I am bound by living on miseries of our collective foolishness.