Every third sample of food lifted from market, be it local shop or super-mall, is adulterated. Not only that. It is sophisticated adulteration under govt. norms and laws. You cannot catch them.

This is age of presentation. PowerPoint generation. Highlight generation. Bright colors. Colors added to food, to serve your eyes more than body, are major causes of Cancer. Take that. And still, you cannot resist eating them.

‘कभी कभी टेस्टके लिए खाते है…’ What the heck? Why not ZERO TOLERANCE for most important priority of life i.e. Food?

Take for example, Jalebi. The yellow jalebi which makes your mouth water whenever you pass a sweet-shop contains metanil yellow, a coal-tar dye which produces cancer.

The bright green canned peas you relish so much in your alu-mutter or mutter-paneer contains blue VRS, a carcinogen.

The glowing yellow haldi powder which lends color to your curry, has lead-chromate, causes anemia, paralysis and in young women, abortion.

And this is not some recent practice. Above examples are from old book (1974) I found in my father’s library.

“दिखाओपे मत जाओ,अपनी अक्कल लड़ाओ”- One good habit, lifesaving.