Biggest misery of life is when you are disconnected from food origin, when you do not give respect to food on plate. Eating with attention towards food is a criminal neglect. Neglect for billion+ body cells who expect you you eat proper so that they can survive.

At meals, take a moment to reflect on where your food came from. For example, if you were focusing on the wheat in a slice of roti, you could imagine it growing in the fields and being harvested, threshed, stored, ground into flour, baked into loaves, all before arriving on your plate. You can go pretty far with this in just a few seconds.

You might also imagine some of the people who helped turn this wheat into your bread, and the equipment and technology involved, as well as our ancient ancestors who slowly figured out how to domesticate wild grains.

Respect and attention for food cycle will transform entire digestion process divine. All your billion body cells sake, focus on food. Revere all who made it possible for you. Thank you all before you take first bite.

Remember, your parents still surrender food to God, Animals, plants and pitru-पितृतर्पण (forefathers) before eating it. That is the sensible way of eating.

Try it.