My friend was very happy Today. I asked him reason. He said he is happy because he gifted his children surprised Christmas gifts (Electronic Toys).

I greeted him for adding happiness by surprise in his children. Out of curiosity, I also asked him, “what did you gift them on Diwali?”

“Hmmm. Well, nothing as such. Oh yes, one large chocolate box!”

I replied, “Wonderful!”

Who says hindus are 80% in India?
We are mere 10% as per my observations.
70% are Catholic Hindus. Yes, even many of those who cry for Ram mandir once in a while for political motive.

Friend had curious question: Why did I use “Catholic Hindu Indian” term for those Indians who now live media-driven, market-controlled life? And why not “Protestant Hindu Indian” or “XYZ faith Hindu Indian”?

When I say we are already a quasi-catholic and quasi-islamic society now and we are either Catholic Hindus or Arabic Hindus, I see friends angry about it. Some of them unfriend 😉.

Accept the reality. Constitution is designed to be anti-sanatani. Media and Politicians are paid heavily to disregard Sanatana dharma. Schools and colleges are designed to beget catholic Indians. Entertainment industry is dominated by pro-Islamic culture. Spiritual Ashrams run on concepts of Church, with purpose of mass capture and synthetic unification.

Why रविवार is mandatory holiday?
Why new movie is released on Friday?
Why judiciary trespasses only into Hindu rituals?
Why Temples are controlled by govt?




Please read this article from magazine Vaidik Dharma. Year is 1955.

Changing faith is not so easy. Change in faith is not only due to spiritual inclination/attraction for specific sect but due to intense yet silent persuasion by different mediums. Schooling is one such medium. Movies, another medium. Advertisements. FMCG Products. It can be any medium. Goal is common – persuasion.

Mind you – this is not for some spiritual progress or self-realization. Sheer power game.