Gender Bending and Loss of Gender Purity

Gender Bending
Gender Bending

Men are becoming sissies according to Matthew Fitzgerald author of ‘Sex-Ploytation’. I would add that not only men, women too are becoming feeble and timid.

The problem is that we are turning into a nation of cross-feed gender hormones. Feminine men and manly women.

The standard held up to men is entirely female. This can be easily witnessed in the rise of the “metrosexual” – the straight man so feminized that, like a woman, he is obsessed with his appearance, daubs on makeup and opts for cosmetic surgery. Pathetic waste of Testosterone!

Testosterone-charged men are rare to find.

On the other hand, women are bitten by objectification virus, turning them into mindless parasites, vulnerable to conspicuous consumption of unnecessary cosmetics. In addition, there is another virus called ‘Feminism’. They line in delusion that unless they become testosterone-charged, they won’t get their power. For them equality means, free contraceptives, abortions, and a right to walk around in her so called apparels showing freedom.

Balanced estrogen induced aesthetic nature of women – rare entity.

The result? A generation of youth totally bewildered, confused and disoriented. With such confusion, we cannot survive for long. Let us not invite slave nation once again.

Generation living in उन्माद(frenzy)


Present young generation is born by bypassing “चक्षु:प्रीति:, मन:संग:, संकल्पोत्पति:, निन्द्राच्छेद :, तनुता, विषयेभ्यो व्यावृत्ति:, लज्जा:नाश, ” and they always remain in उन्माद.

As they grow up and become adult, they become zombies (मूर्छा) and ever remain dead weight for the society.

Save young generation. Be their friend, philosopher and guide.


दश तु कामस्थानानि | चक्षु:प्रीति:, मन:संग:, संकल्पोत्पति:, निन्द्राच्छेद :, तनुता, विषयेभ्यो व्यावृत्ति:, लज्जा:नाश, उन्माद, मूर्छा, मरण: ||
Death by lust has 10 stoppages in between. Majority in their sweet 16 are directly introduced to 8th step उन्माद by army of media असुरs in drawing room/computer/mobile by obscene and cheap weapons of mass destruction.

न जातु काम: कामनामुपभोगेन शाम्यति| हविषा कृष्णवर्त्मेव भूय एवाभिवर्धते || – मनु स्मृति

Desire is never calmed by the enjoyment of the objects of desire; it only grows stronger like fire does by oblations. This is missing in present education system.

Your Health, National wealth


Your health is Nation’s wealth

#Shivaji or Alexander??

Western philosophers/heroes/warriors/thinkers: Leave your Legacy(महत्वकांशी – आत्मा निष्ठ)
Bhartiya Rushi/avatar/heroes/warriors/darshanik : Leave vedic culture legacy(ध्येय शील-तत्व निष्ठ)

#WANTED MAN: who can put ध्येय before मह्ताकंषा ,vedic culture before him/relatives,principles and love before likes/dis-likes/emotions,will to win(Krushn non-violence) before will to die(pseudo -non -violence .i.e अनशन).

जो पिंड में शेती(error) हो तो संस्कार बहुत समय तक टक नहीं सकते ..तो पिंड को शुद्ध केसे किया जा ये ?
#there are many things involved but first basic one to start with : सात्विक ,पोष्टिक food.
#Our scriptures strongly believes who are not eating सात्विक ,पोष्टिक they are miles away to understand spirituality. (Ref:Gita ,Encoded)

– Panthesh Dave


उपस्थास् ते अनमीवा अयक्ष्मा अस्मभ्यं सन्तु पृथिवि प्रसूताः |
दीर्घं न आयुः प्रतिबुध्यमाना वयं तुभ्यं बलिहृतः स्याम ||62||

O Our Motherland, May we always be healthy to serve You, May all the riches you produce be available to us, May we be learned and live long, and May we always be ready to sacrifice everything for You.
~ Atharva Ved (12/1/62)

What is the use of your desh-prem, desh-bhakti when your body and mind are not healthy and strong? First and foremost requirement for being true patriot is to have strong body and sound mind! Do you have it? Do you strive for it? If not then it is pity for Nation. Are you fit to take up weapons when time demands it? Are you well-equipped to fight against enemies of the land? Or are you one of those cry-babies who cries in virtual world?

For making of healthy body and mind, Sports ground/Akhada(अखाडा)_is ideal place. Udham Singh(s) won’t come from filthy, weak virtual world. Udham-Singh(s) are produced on sports ground.

You can be weak and patriot but you cannot be weak and a patriotic leader at same time. Leaders take birth from sports ground/अखाडा and not from Bollywood or Cricket.


1) All patriotic/political meetings should happen on Sports ground after playing half an hour football or running mini-marathon together
2) Attend only those meetings whose members are seasoned sportsmen, healthy by body and mind.
3) Encourage Youth to spend more time on ground than on their 3×5 screens.
4) Be well-versed with at least one self-defense skill.
5) All patriotic activism are fake or weak who don’t pay attention to health and strength of compatriots. Don’t waste time in verbal catharsis of such political leaders.
6) All spiritual Guru(s)/NGOs/Social workers are not worth following if they ignore sports, military and weapons. Ignore them. They are meant to be crushed like insects when enemies attack. Will to live has higher priority than will to die (pseudo non-violence) of fake spiritual Guru(s). Don’t waste your time behind empty pots.

Bread and Circus : Enough to keep citizen engaged



Bollywood and Cricket (And FIFA too) are bread and circuses of our times. Keep common men engaged in entertainment and they will be least bothered about depleting natural resources, govt corruption, pollution etc.

This is how Roman rulers ruled Rome. Now almost entire world is ruled like a Rome. India no exception.

“Bread and circuses” (or bread and games) is metonymic for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered “palliative.” . The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner.

Bread and circuses will remain part of society forever. It is upto us, whether to succumb to them or live life with self-respect.

Scriptures are not for old age!


पूर्वे वयसि यः शान्तः स शान्त इति मे मतिः ।
धातुषु क्षीयमाणेषु शमः कस्य न जायते ॥
– पञ्चतंत्र, मित्रभेद


“Only a person who is peaceful at young age can really be called as a ‘peace and calm’. What is the big deal in being calm and peaceful when your body has weakened?”
– Panchatantra, Mitrabheda

Whether your child goes to International School or Govt. School in slum of metro, State board, Central board, whatever; do introduce them gradually to Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Purana. Don’t worry about bread-earning skills, they are easy to pick up!

Spiritually empty-bellied child is just little better than unfortunate Autistic child or malnourished child. Their miseries in later life would be unbearable for them as well as Society.

Train your child to seat with scriptures. Do not hamper their spiritual growth for the sake of your modern and atheist delusion.

To begin with, for 3-4 years old (Pre-KG), it is good idea to introduce Devas and Asuras concept to them by visual introduction to Hindu Deities, Asuras, Festivals through videos, art and crafts. Facilitate them to recognize basic patterns and conventions about deities. To not to disturb their short attention span, use more colors and visuals. Using visuals only. No chanting, no memorization.

To convert young chaotic mind into order is real achievement and not otherwise.

Don’t spare Gita for old age. It is very much a requirement of youth!

Military Training

This post is for those who would like to serve Maa Bharti in critical conditions as faithful Soldiers. This training regime was followed by we friends, when we were preparing for CDS. Some of us are now in Army and I am proud of them. This training schedule is for starters. Worth following if you want to build steel like nerves and iron muscles with torrential intellect having potency to act on thoughts.




0400 – Wakeup (Make it 3:30 if you want to do spiritual sadhana first before physical sadhana)

0415 – Warm-up and Stretching

0430 – 2 km jog at slow pace, take it up to 5 km and increase pace gradually as you progress. Aim is to achieve 2.4 km inside 10 min. DON’T TRY THAT YET. Much more tougher than it sounds.

0445 – Loosen your limbs, get your breathing back.

0450 – Push-ups: two sets of ten each slow. Don’t give jerks. Start counting 1001, 1002, 1003 while going down. Stay down for 3 counts, then come up in 3 counts. Give a break of 1-2 min between sets. Increase no of push-ups in the set before increasing sets. When you think you can’t do absolutely no more, do one more. That is the one that actually helps. Relax your hands.

0500 – Sit-ups: Start with 10 crunches. Lie down and keep your legs comfortably apart. Keep your hands behind your head. When you go up, get your elbows together. Touch your nose to your knees. Stay for one count. Go down gradually. Keep your hands together. Relax your stomach by slight massaging. Lie on your stomach and stretch your abdomen. It will pain for the first few days. Increase to three sets gradually and 20 sit-ups each. Might take a month or so.

0520 – Chin-ups: Start with 5. Keep your arms shoulder width apart. Hold the bar from front to back. Keep your legs together and feet stretched. Go up slowly using only your arms, don’t kick your legs. Touch your chin to the bar. Stay for two counts. Come down slowly. DO NOT JERK.

0530 – Cooling down and stretching.

1. Warming up and Cooling down is utmost important to prevent stress injuries.
2. Repeat the push-ups and sit-ups in the evening also if possible.
3. Every third day or whatever interval you are comfortable, go for a slightly longer run, if required at a slower pace.
4. Don’t increase your counts even if you feel you can do it easily. Give it a week at least.
5. We will gradually graduate to crunches and crouches once you move up.
6. To be fit, you must have a strong abdomen.
7. Anytime you feel uncomfortable, STOP. Don’t exert.

Word Pollution and generation of day-dreamers



I was overwhelmed by amazing numbers. 550,000 books were published last year! 20000 per day! And that only published books! Add million and more blogs! Unpublished drafts! Man! Words everywhere…

In between, I had conversation with a friend. It is from unfinished book I started writing in 2010.

“For whom your life is consecrated? Dreams or drudgery?”


“Obvious remark. As expected. Are you sure? Is it not your illusory perception? Just like other 98 who also think that they are dedicated dreamers and achievers. Better you drudge and make some good fortune for 2050.”

‎”Maharishi Patanjali, one of the greatest scientists of this land, once said that when you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. I am such dream achiever. I don’t drudge. I don’t live for earning mere bread-butter. I have a purpose and a path to create.”

“Aha. Patanjali quote! You are good at repeating rhetoric and indulging into wordy noise.”

“Sea of words? Wordy noise?  Don’t underestimate Patanjali words!”

“What are words? Permutation and combination of alphabets.”

“Yes. And permutation and combination of words make sentences. Sometimes meaningful and many a times totally garbage. What patanjali said is meaningful and inspiring. They are conclusions of his experiments!”

“How many of such words you imbibed in life so far?”

“Millions…may be billion or more.”

“Try to understand. I don’t deny Patanjali or his conclusion. I am talking about wordy pollution you and your generation is facing. You need to understand the difference. Words are not life. Words are mere food for your nervous system. Words fulfill your ego, satisfies your intellectual urge. Mere accumulation of words, wealth of billion or more words you posses in your memory bank is nothing but weight of your brain until they teach you way of living and growth. Patanjali’s conclusion is meaningful for you only if you experience it. Same way, your dreams are meaningful only if you become part of it and execute them in reality.”

~ From “Life of corporate prisoners”

Sports ground based Army of Citizens


Chanakya’s vision of Sports ground based Army of Citizens

Are you ready? If you say you believe in Chanakya?

11410524377_10153142665784762_5499541770105792961_n (1)

Chanakya: Yes. The public will revolt if one has to raise a huge army for a war that comes once in life time. Public gets dissatisfied with the govt if the taxes go beyond the tolerable threshold. When the public develop apathy towards their rulers/govt, enemy doesn’t have to indulge in a war to win the kingdom. That is why I suggest we build an nonsalaried army.
When we develop patriotism in the citizens and offer them military training, they become nonsalaried army in the time of need. We also need to instill dharmic-fervor in them. Religious rituals are part of every individual’s life. So we need to develop patriotism intertwined with their religious/dharmic lifestyle. One cannot have patriotism unless one’s belief system is rooted in the lands they live in {KEY POINT}. That is why the need of the hour is to intertwine hindu dharma with these land. Land without religion is like a palace without foundation. Religion is the concept that uplifts animism into humanism and humanism into God-consciousness.
Bring together every citizen between ages 16 and 40 of every village into one place on a regular basis. Give them military training. Make it a sportive event. Instill discipline while training them in military skills. Make them sing patriotic songs. Identify suitable instructors in each village. This should not appear as an activity done for the state. It should appear as a sportive event for the benefit and entertainment of public. The king must establish indirect control on these village committees and encourage them as necessary.
Such activities instill unity and friendship among villagers. In times of need the villages will not only become self-protective but also offer trained army to king’s battles. This is an army without salary or state-budget. It has unlimited capacity (numbers).
In addition to this a salaried army will always be in the control of the king for unforeseen situations. The people’s army will act as an addendum to the regular army.

Role model for Youth, Who? Pervert Bollywood?


Role model! Who?

Role Model
Role Model

Who is your role model? The petty blind perverts from BC(Bollywood-Cricket) or peaceful warrior Shivaji? How do you lead life? Like an insect or a man!?


अन्धात इह को विशिष्यते ?
रागी |
क: शूर:?
य: ललना-लोलन-बाणे: न च व्यधित:|
Who is worse than the blind man?
One with attachments. Petty perverts.
Who is brave?
One who is not shaken by the shafts of amorous glances. The peaceful warrior!

When Governor of Kalyana, Bahlol Khan was defeated by Major General of Shivaji’s army, the latter presented a beautiful Begum to Shivaji. Strict celibate Shivaji looked at her with reverence, and said, “If I have to become beautiful, I will take birth through your womb, mother.” Saying this he scolded his Major and ordered him to send her with full honour to her husband. Shivaji was a strict celibate because he was a disciple of a mighty saint Samartha Ramadasa.
With BC(Bollywood-Cricket) class leading Nation’s youth(55 cr!) by various means like Big Boss type reality shows, country is on the way to become another Thailand where selling and buying perversion has become lucrative profession. Every other parent wants their child to become dancer or actor or cricketer. Groom your child like insect, destine him/her to die like insect, crushed.

Where are Ramdas and Jijabai of 21st century??Clarion call for you!

Mind and Minding: Choose your perceptions wisely


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Situation is so grim in our society that brother won’t trust his keen, neighbors see neighbors with suspect, but we all, do believe in propaganda machines funded by foreign funds.

Save yourself from propaganda merchants
Save yourself from propaganda merchants

Human mind is an open source breeding ground. Anyone can implant ideas on it, tweak the planted ones and use it for own purpose. You have no control except when you real have practiced hard and master the minding process, the sthitapragnya way.
Since it is open source breeding ground, it is vulnerable to good and bad among us.

Good, the sages among us, our parents, our friends, our well-wishers, craft stories, may be based on real events or not, and prepare us for better control over minding by continuous conditioning. For example, they discuss stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. They share ideas of Vedas. They share moments that can help us becoming reflection of God’s archetype and achieving our best.

The devils among us won’t spare an opportunity to exploit our minds. They use propaganda. Propaganda is a set of stories about what someone in power would like you to be, spread by popular mediums like radio, TV and internet. It benefits the teller, not the recipient. Propaganda urges us to become someone we aren’t. And it works if the creator of the propaganda has the rewards or the power to make it stick. Propaganda, celebrates those in power and urges us to willingly comply with their desires.

Choose wisely, your friends, your medium of communication, and your perceptive inputs.

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