Learn सखत्व from Water(H2O)




“पानी अपना रास्ता कर ही लेता है|” – “Water always makes its way out.”
Water molecules can find their own way because their bonding has intense सखत्व (Friendship). This bonding helps them to find out a way. H2O molecules are सहह्रदयी.
Why this example?
There are N numbers of problem modern life style has. Solutions demand group efforts. Community responses. Individuals cannot walk further like an isolated water drop.
So what baby steps we can take?
1) Find like-minded water droplets. And walk together in local environment. Together, there will surely a way out.
2) Share experiences so that like-minded water droplets in different regions may get hints and they too start finding way out. Of course, locally. There is no imitation scope.
So my presence in FB : I am sure, there is not mass change possible. 99% will ignore as they are not सहह्रदयी. To create impact on non-सहह्रदयी, one needs to be in the form of Sea. 🙂 We are not sea yet. So, baby-step is to become rivulet out of individual dammed droplets and then flow towards the sea. Those who are adamant to connect (which 99% are), will submit sooner or later.
Channelize energy in finding next droplet with same urge to become sea one day in this or some other next birth and nurture that relation. I personally work only with 2-3 droplets and we adjust our life to create strong flow ahead.

Organized Dairy : Excess Water Usage



Thanks to our living under continuous mass media influence, we see solutions to real problems in sentiments.

Milk production in factory like Cold-drinks and sugar production, is water intensive enterprise. Sane society would not prefer it. Esp. when we are under extreme drought conditions.

Organized dairy is one of many heavy water using industry. UNLIKE many countries, New Zealand is blessed with abundant fresh water.

Growing Chinese demand for milk powder means farmers are increasingly switching from meat production to dairy, thereby increasing their water use. Dairy farming is also polluting freshwater supplies, as phosphates and nitrates seep into groundwater. This has become a political issue, not just for the Maori: many of the rivers and lakes loved by all Kiwis are no longer safe to swim in. The most likely outcome is a fudge that avoids saying anyone owns New Zealand’s fresh water. But the Maori may get more influence over some water, or even an allocation.

Same story in India. Amul like organized dairies are no different than Coca cola and pepsi plants, polluting water and using lot of it.



Water, water everywhere

But no guarantee against squabbling over ownership

UNLIKE many countries, New Zealand is blessed with abundant fresh water. Its temperate climate, regular rainfall over much of the country, and thousands of lakes and rivers ensure a good supply. But who owns these larger bodies of water? The government’s answer is, no one: not the state, nor any group or individual. But some of those who have lived in New Zealand longest, the Maori, disagree.

The Maori claim a special relationship with New Zealand’s fresh water, based on their historical use of its rivers for drinking water, spiritual beliefs, fishing and shellfish harvest, transport and trade, among other things. Their case goes back to 1840, when the British Crown and most of the Maori tribes signed the Waitangi treaty, which first formalised the colonists’ settling of the islands. Maori rights were enshrined in the treaty. An interim ruling by the Waitangi tribunal, set up in 1975 to deal with Maori grievances about land and related issues, says that the Maori have freshwater rights “for which full ownership was the closest cultural equivalent in 1840.”

Water ATM – Yet another slavery sign



Water ATM – Yet another slavery weapon
So this type of development current govt is planning for Rural India?
First the news item :
““Water ATMs” are changing how rural areas in India can access clean water. These machines use solar power to dispense clean water for villages, monitor water quality and check supply needs” [5]
From microfinance to water ATM – cronies find ways to exploit bottom of the pyramid. And all democratically elected govt helps them in name of uplifting poors! 😀 Joke !
Piramal group’s Sarvjal project in RJ,MP and GJ.
They charge 30 paisa per ltr. Project looks clean in first go but when you do calculations….here it goes:
Let us assume, avg rural household(Family of 4) uses 16 ltr per day. If the price is 30 p, it will cost them Rs 1752 yearly for avg 6000 ltr water.
What is water tax in second tier city for unlimited water supply? Rs 850 to Rs 1200 (and you get virtually unlimited processed water!)
Even if you consider subsidy of city water and compare, it is open loot!
Annual subsidy per residential connection per year in H’bad is Rs 2028
Water tariff is 2555 (assuming 0.57 m3 daily use and Rs 7 charge for the same).
Real tariff = 2555+2028 =4583
Annual usage is 200 m3 (0.57*365) i.e. 200*1000 ltr = 200000
30 paisa per ltr.
Source: Pg 11 of this report http://www.wsp.org/sites/wsp.org/files/publications/418200752957_scorecard.pdf
Pay more and in return get undernourishment.
RO – may look safe by eyes who see enemies in bacteria and viruses. Read about health-risks of deminearalized water.
These sources may give headstart. Doctors in my city now suggest to remove RO at home.
[1] http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/dwq/nutrientsindw.pdf#page=157
[2] http://www.slideshare.net/ianbhamilton/is-your-reverse-osmosis-water-stealing-nutrients-from-your-body
[3] http://www.dnaindia.com/india/1621189/report-is-reverse-osmosis-slowing-you-down
[4] http://archpedi.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=570296
[5] http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/green-tech/solar/solarpowered-atms-bring-clean-water-to-indias-slums

Essential Habit: Water Intake



Our human body is the most sophisticated machine made of five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. All these five elements have their own memory. That’s why they behave uniquely in their own way.

It has also been proved scientifically by our modern scientists that water has a memory. Water can remember the touch of anything. In the Hindu temples, the priest gives 3 drops of water, as it remembers the holy vibrations of the divine idol. This water is called as “Theerth” by Hindus. When the people have this water, they can remember the divine vibrations within them. The same water which is the composition of H2O can be poison depending upon the memories carried by it.

Because of this fact, we should concern about its storage. If we store water in a copper vessel, all over the night or at least 4 to 5 hours, it acquires certain qualities of Copper which is very good for health and also energy.

Benefits of water stored in a copper vessel:

• Helps to produce melanin in the body, which is very much useful for the skin to prevent from harmful UV rays as it causes skin burns and skin cancer.
• Copper mineral has a unique quality which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.
• It detoxifies the liver.
• It helps to maintain healthy bones, powerful immune system and good digestion power.
• Copper is also an antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows aging.
• Copper may prevent degenerative diseases, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.
• Copper can reduce bad cholesterol level and helps in increasing beneficial cholesterol.
• It especially helps for the people who travel frequently as it detoxifies the body.

Once we get awareness of the functionality of five elements of the body then we understand our body very well which leads to love our life with more ease.
Since we all know that health is wealth. But it is not about to be super being, it is all about to realize that being human is a superb experience… 🙂

NOTE : While drinking water from a copper vessel one should not be barefoot !!!
In case you are regularly taking in water kept in copper pot then you should stop for a couple of weeks after 3 mths of continuous usage.

Demineralized Water: Silent epidemic

Demineralized Water
Demineralized Water

First pollute natural water resources. Dam them. And then come up with costly purification methods.

This is how Greed-based, GDP-obsessed society take care of basic necessities. (Now they have come up with Air purifier for home!! Selling Air to you and me 😀 😀 )

And poorer of the poor suffer. The so called bottom of the pyramid as described by armchair intellectuals and brain-dead economists with no common sense.

From Hemamalini to Shabana Aazami, all are fooling you by selling purest RO water plants. Some of them demean natural purification methods like boiling. Some co-relate it with price of Gas bottles! Builders use RO as catch word to sell their properties. Corporates, emerging water mafias, sell costly water in villages! Ha! ROna or RO – naa!

Since this part of RO plant is exposed, they are now here with new technology! RO + all minerals 😀 😀. Or Ionized water! 😀 😀

Demineralized Water Impact
Demineralized Water Impact

My dear friend, all this costs us. Severe cost of environmental degradation. And hidden health costs due to modification of natural form of water.

In rural India, these companies have already started selling RO water. Expect flood of malnutrition-led sicknesses from this area.

Here are the side effects of drinking demineralized drinking water. Doctors in my city suggest patients with vitamin deficiency to first unplug RO machines at home.

Imagine children growing in these homes! Hampered development!

Free water is fundamental human right. Selling it, polluting it, restricting it, should be crime of the highest order.

Free drinking water is possible. If we all try collectively. Zombies act individually. Like we do. So no free water for us.

Read more here: http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/dwq/nutrientsindw.pdf#page=157

Shri Krishna : Mightiest Water Activist/Warrior and River Protector!


‘Kaliya’ is an epitome of illegal mining of all sort. From river front to sea, from Himalaya to Konkan, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kaliya represent mining mafia. Kaliya  represent Politician-Babu-Contractor nexus who are hell-bent on destroying rivers by idiotic ideas like river-linking!

Like Gau, Krishna loved Rivers. Without River and Gau, no civilization can sustain for long. 
Next time when you visit river side, make sure you educate at least 2 of your best friends/family members and stop nonsensical pollution. That is real कृष्ण भक्ति!
This is not enough. We want govt to control industrial pollution. Let there be strong voice emerged from within society against all pollution-generating industries.
No action – No vote.

Don’t call yourself Krishna-follower/Bhakt until you have guts to protest against rapists who exploit mother Earth like insects.

Do not just celebrate fake and hollow festival until you prepare micro version of warrior and fearless Krishna within you and your tribe (close circle of friends and family). If at all there is celebration, it must instill warrior Krishna’s character in you otherwise it is waste of time.

What is the purpose of celebrating if there is no substantial reason of triumph?

Fight Kaliya(s) and revere Krishna in true sense.

Water is disappearing, do we care?



Many organisms invaded and occupied terrestrial and aerial niches, but none gained true independence from water.
Water connects the dots.
Water is life line.
Water is God!

Water is truly a crucial determinant of the fitness of the environment. In a very real sense, organisms are aqueous systems in a watery world.
And we thought, its coffee(or cola or other beverages) that makes our day! lol !
Do you enjoy drinking water? Or your senses are weakened enough and need special ingredients coffee, tea and cola!

True! Need of the hour! Where is purest water resource?? One more area where focus should shift soon, immediately! Pure do cure!


||मित्र-वारुणी विध्या||

अप्स्वन्तरमृतमप्सु भेषजमपामुत प्रशस्तये। देवा भवत वाजिनः॥१९॥
जल मे अमृतोपम गुण है। जल मे औषधीय गुण है। हे देवो! ऐसे जल की प्रशंसा से आप उत्साह प्राप्त करें॥१९॥

Imagine the world with no ground water. Look at the map. It is already happening. No water, no life.

Our modern life is designed to create isolated silos. We are disconnected from our basic necessity sources. The technology-progress arrogance is so high that we really don’t care about being part of the natural cycle.

In luxury bath, you will waste plenty of water because for you, supply is unlimited!

I see new generation apartments and homes using guzzling amount of water from bore-well with absolutely no activity related to water re-charge.

And when we talk to them, selfish scums will reply: “Who cares? We pay for the water bill. We must get our share! You go to hell!”

Teach your kids importance of natural resources. Don’t raise them in urban silos. Expose them to harsh realities of this planet.


May be, we (our kids) will need yet another Bhagirath (भागीरथ – extreme) efforts to welcome Maa Ganga again. Our generation is foolish enough to waste water.

Water is disappearing. Use it moderately. Train kids to use water frugally.

In many parts of the world, in particular in the dry, mid-latitudes, far more water is used than is available on an annual, renewable basis. Precipitation, snowmelt, and streamflow are no longer enough to supply the multiple, competing demands for society’s water needs. Because the gap between supply and demand is routinely bridged with non-renewable groundwater, even more so during drought, groundwater supplies in some major aquifers will be depleted in a matter of decades. The myth of limitless water and the free-for-all mentality that has pervaded groundwater use must now come to an end.

Earth’s Disappearing Groundwater


Rain : Remedy for Spiritual Numbness


Random notes on water.


The waters which are from heaven, and which flow after
being dug, and even those that spring by themselves, the
bright pure waters which lead to the sea, may those divine waters protect me here.’
– Rigved

How beautiful is the rain!
After the dust and the heat,
In the broad and fiery street,
In the narrow lane,How beautiful is the rain!
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Summer rain is here, feel the rain, resonate with rain,
dance on the beats of rhythm divine & bring purest soul home

अथर्ववेदीय जल सूक्त

(१,४.१अ) अम्बयो यन्त्यध्वभिर्जामयो अध्वरीयतां । (१,४.१च्) पृञ्चतीर्मधुना पयः । ।१ । ।

(१,४.२अ) अमूर्या उप सूर्ये याभिर्वा सूर्यः सह । (१,४.२च्) ता नो हिन्वन्त्वध्वरं । ।२ । ।

(१,४.३अ) अपो देवीरुप ह्वये यत्र गावः पिबन्ति नः । (१,४.३च्) सिन्धुभ्यः कर्त्वं हविः । ।३ । ।

(१,४.४अ) अप्स्वन्तरमृतं अप्सु भेषजं । (१,४.४च्) अपां उत प्रशस्तिभिरश्वा भवथ वाजिनो गावो भवथ वाजिनीः । ।४ । ।

(१,५.१अ) आपो हि ष्ठा मयोभुवस्ता न ऊर्जे दधातन । (१,५.१च्) महे रणाय चक्षसे । ।१ । ।

(१,५.२अ) यो वः शिवतमो रसस्तस्य भाजयतेह नः । (१,५.२च्) उशतीरिव मातरः । ।२ । ।

(१,५.३अ) तस्मा अरं गमाम वो यस्य क्षयाय जिन्वथ । (१,५.३च्) आपो जनयथा च नः । ।३ । ।

(१,५.४अ) ईशाना वार्याणां क्षयन्तीश्चर्षणीनां । (१,५.४च्) अपो याचामि भेषजं । ।४ । ।

(१,६.१अ) शं नो देवीरभिष्टय आपो भवन्तु पीतये । (१,६.१च्) शं योरभि स्रवन्तु नः । ।१ । ।

(१,६.२अ) अप्सु मे सोमो अब्रवीदन्तर्विश्वानि भेषजा । (१,६.२च्) अग्निं च विश्वशंभुवं । ।२ । ।

(१,६.३अ) आपः पृणीत भेषजं वरूथं तन्वे मम । (१,६.३च्) ज्योक्च सूर्यं दृशे । ।३ । ।

(१,६.४अ) शं न आपो धन्वन्याः शं उ सन्त्वनूप्याः । (१,६.४च्) शं नः खनित्रिमा आपः शं उ याः कुम्भ आभृताः । (१,६.४ए) शिवा नः सन्तु वार्षिकीः । ।४ । ।

  • Water is mother and sister for those who know right usage of water.
  • Rivers are flowing like honey is mixed with milk
  • That water is good for health which is blessed by Sun Rays
  • Those rivers where our cows drink water, from we prepare Havi, should be praised.
  • Water is nectar. Water is medicine. Due to water’s qualities, horses and cows gain strength.
  • O Water! Please replenish us with your nectar!


गणेश चतुर्थी : Time to replace earthen water pots

 Pot Ganesh
Do you have earthen pot at home for water storage?
Do you replace it every year during गणेश चतुर्थी (at least once. Ideally once a six month replacement needed)? 

Every year, on Ganesh Chaturthi, one should break the pot and get new pot. This is to avoid graha peeda (pain) (We call it viral or bacterial infection) arises due to accumulation of doshic properties from water by pot soil, through out the year.

Pottery is a perfect life science.

Earthen Pot balances minerals in your drinking water.
Earthen Pot balances water dosha (Water in some region is naturally Kapha dominant or Vata dominant or Pitta dominant). If dosha is not balanced, you are more than likely having imbalance of dosha. Hair fall, acidity, infections – they are natural in imbalanced doshic body!.
Most of service class spend 12 hrs in office. In office, they drink water from RO plant. There is no earthen pot. 😉
Most household now have RO. They don’t have earthen pot at home. Even if they have POT, they don’t replace it every six months.
Mineral deficiency? Oh! Natural! 🙂
What type of modernity we proud of? 😉 :p

Three reasons why we replace earthen water pot.

1) Sustainable economy for the families engaged in pottery
2) Cooling. Water in pot cools down
3) For better efficiency to absorb toxins/extra minerals

Fresh earthen pots have multitudinous and crisscross narrow channels running from inside to outside of their walls like in a sponge. Or, we say that the walls of fresh earthen pot are highly porous.

When water is held in such fresh earthen pot, part of the water bleeds out through these pores by capillarity and interfacial affinity and makes the outer surface of the pot rather wet.

However, the water from inside cannot gush out though these pores like a shower because of the crisscross nature and narrowness of the channels and the fineness of the pores.

Thus, the effective exposure area for water in a fresh earthen pot, is not only the top meniscus in the pot but also the wetness on the outer surface of the pot. When water evaporates from these surfaces, the molecules leaving the pot take along heat from the pot’s walls and the water in the pot becomes cooler.

Potable water is not pure water; it contains some minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium salts, suspended particles, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc among others.

During the course of usage, some of these calcium and magnesium ions in water tend to precipitate as insoluble carbonates and sulphates which gradually plug the pores and channels of the pot walls.

The suspended particles, dust collected inside and outside the pot during usage and some algal and moss growths also block these pores and discourage the development of wetness of the outer walls of the pot.

In the event of decreased net area of exposure, the rate of evaporation and the scope for loss of internal heat is drastically reduced.

That is why earthen pots lose their efficiency in keeping the water cool after being used for a few years.


Department of Chemistry

National Institute of Technology Warangal


So even if we clean their surface and give sun exposure, they are less efficient.

Myth of 8 glasses per day water intake

Myth of 8 glasses per day water intake
There are many simpleton sentimental social campaigns going on online. Never trust them blindly. One such campaign is ” Drink plenty of water! Drink 8 glasses per day!” 😀
Don’t be robotic. Respect your natural urge. Never impose unscientific rules.
“If we just do what our body demands us to we’ll probably get it right – just drink according to thirst rather than an elaborate schedule,” Associate Professor Farrell said.
Building on a previous study, the researchers asked participants to rate the amount of effort required to swallow water under two conditions; following exercise when they were thirsty and later after they were persuaded to drink an excess amount of water.
The results showed a three-fold increase in effort after over-drinking.
“Here for the first time we found effort-full swallowing after drinking excess water which meant they were having to overcome some sort of resistance,” Associate Professor Farrell said.
“This was compatible with our notion that the swallowing reflex becomes inhibited once enough water has been drunk.”
Associate Professor Farrell, who works in the Monash University Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure activity in various parts of the brain, focusing on the brief period just before swallowing.
The fMRI showed the right prefrontal areas of the brain were much more active when participants were trying to swallow with much effort, suggesting the frontal cortex steps in to override the swallowing inhibition so drinking could occur according to the researchers’ instructions.
“There have been cases when athletes in marathons were told to load up with water and died, in certain circumstances, because they slavishly followed these recommendations and drank far in excess of need,” he said.
Drinking too much water in the body puts it in danger of water intoxication or hyponatremia, when vital levels of sodium in the blood become abnormally low potentially causing symptoms ranging from lethargy and nausea to convulsions and coma.
So what is the right way? How much?
As much body demands! At right time!
Never drink water immediately after having meals.
Reason : Our body’s center is stomach. Body is run by the energy produced by stomach and stomach gets this energy from whatever food items we eat. Stomach contains a part called Aamashay or Jathar(epigastrium). So whenever food reaches aamashay it ignites flames which is called Jathar Agni(JatAgni). This flames are similar to the flames of cooking stove. This heat ignites as soon as first bite goes in aamashay. This jatharagni continuos to generate till the food gets digest.
Now when you drink water after having food what happens is the heat which was generated gets extinguish. Hence the digestion process slows down or gets stopped. In stomach only two process takes place , one is digestion(pachna) and other is fermentation(Sadhna). If heat ignites then only food will digest, it will get converted in juices(ras as per Ayurveda). From this ras – flesh, majja, blood, sperms, bones, excreta, urine will be formed. All this will happen only when food get digested.
Now if flames do not generate, food won’t be digest and it will start to rotten in stomach and it will create toxic enzymes like uric acid, Low density Lipo-protein(Cholesterol), Very Low Density Lipo-Protein, triglycerides and other 103 types of toxins.
So if you anytime get to know that these toxins are present in your body that means the food is not getting digested properly. So we have to make sure that the food is digested properly and for that jatar-agni should be generated continuously. So allowing food to digest properly is more important then eating food.
So please don’t drink water immediately after having your food.
When to Drink Water:
1.5 hours after having your meals.
Reason : The food that we eat has three stages of digestion. The first stage is that whatever solid and liquid we eat it gets mixed and a paste is created. This process takes place for 1hour and 30 mins . Heat is also produced till 1hour and 30 mins only as the most important work of heat flames is to create this paste. So after 1.5 hours intensity of this heat reduces but it does not get extinguish. After 1.5 hours second stage starts.
In second stage Ras(juices) formation takes place. Now as we all know whenever we prepare juice of anything then at that time only we require water. For some people ras preparation starts after 1 hour, these are the people who does lots of physical hard work.
How much water to Drink after meals: As much as you feel. But drink it Sip by Sip.
Can we drink water before meals? Yes, as much you feel but 48 mins before meals.
Reason: when we drink water it goes into entire body parts and surplus water gets deposited in urinary bladder. So this process to bring water to Urinary bladder takes 48 mins. So in Ayurveda it is told that when this process completes and all surplus water is in bladder at that time stomach gets free from water too.
Can we drink water in between meal? Yes. If you feel any necessity, you can drink 1 or 2 sips only. If you are eating more than 1 grains together , for eg: wheat roti and rice. So whenever you are eating 2 types grain so drink 1 or 2 sips of water before eating 2nd type of grain.
What we can drink immediately after Meals: Any Fruit juices(only after breakfast, because enzymes to digest fruits are present in morning), lassi(after afternoon meals) and Milk (after dinner).
Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viqDpqaltmQ

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