Understand derangement of Vayu


वात प्रकोप (Derangement of Vayu) means वात क्षय(Decrease in Vata) or वात वृध्धि (Increase in Vata).

When वात प्रकोप is due to aging, you generally see symptoms of वात वृध्धि.

Easiest self-examination: Do you get enough sleep? वात वृध्धि will decrease your sleep. अल्पनिद्रता.

In old age, at sunset, at last prahar of night and once food is digested in stomach, वात वृध्धि is experienced. In old age, it becomes nature of body while in other cases, we occasionally experience वात वृध्धि.

To control Vata in young age:

1) Do not remain awake until last prahar of night (beyond midnight)
2) Do not do heavy mental activities for 1 hr after taking meals
3) Do not sleep at sunset or daytime

Hint: ALS (Thickening of tissue in the motor tracts of the lateral columns and anterior horns of the spinal cord; results in progressive muscle atrophy that starts in the limbs) is common in population with above three habits 🙂 ALS is a vata derangement due to bad habits.

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