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You try hard and hate Varna system but society will still segregate self. It may not be the perfect (as it is not based on Shashtra) but it is necessity and need of the universe.

Truck driver association. All India Banking Staff association and so on..

Unfortunately, modern associations are built to protect self-interest. They should actually go beyond and identify duties too!

Not before 100 years, Indian society used to be more answerable to mother nature than we are.

Societal caste system was boon for nature. Each caste had taken responsibility of certain natural resources. They nurture them, protect them and use them prudently.

Now since, we are being taught that caste system is taboo and bad bad bad….we did not only forget caste but also duties and responsibilities associated with the caste.

Homogeneous population , all with urban mindset, no religion, no caste, no discrimination is very dangerous for nature. Such population live selfish consumer animal. They don’t believe in duties towards nature and nation.

So, what is solution? Should we reinvent caste?

Yes, based on our current occupations.

For example, IT engineers – a new caste. They should adopt Tulsi and grow jungles of Tulsi. IT companies can dedicate their CSR budget for it.
Tulsi can help IT enginners sustain in dire working environment. Centrally air conditioned offices are worst place to work and Tulsi can help maintaining health.

Similarly, all occupations should take care of nature.

Remember, without performing societal duties, there is no scope for change. We must stop living life of a selfish parasite and start participating in symbiotic relation with the universe.


Wetland , Intellectuals, Brahmi


तत्र क्षेत्रे ब्रह्मभूमीरुहाढ्यं वारिस्फारं यत्कुशाङ्कूरकीर्णं ।
रम्यं यच्च श्वेतमृत्स्नासमेतं तद्व्याचष्टे ब्राह्मं इत्यष्टमूर्तिः । । १.९

It is Brahman land where there are ample trees, ample water sources and where majority color is पांडू or white.


Brahmi - Essential for intellectuals/Researchers
Brahmi – Essential for intellectuals/Researchers


If you live where there are ample water bodies, it is natural that you have intellectual bent of mind. You are gifted with Brahman mind.

(Rivers, ponds, marshlands = Kashmir, Bengal, Kerala, Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari…got the hint? )

Since there will be excessive use of brain, there will be more cases of brain fatigue too.

Prakriti Maa is very kind. She gave Brahmi as medicine. It is a so-called ‘weed’ which is found growing wild in marshlands and reservoirs, and near the banks of rivers and lakes all over India.

“A double blind clinical test was conducted on thirty mentally retarded children, who were free from epilepsy and other neurological conditions, to study the effect of the drug extracted from Indian pennywort (brahmi) on general mental ability. The results indicated a significant improvement in both general ability and behavioural patterns when the drug was administered for a short period of twelve weeks.” – Book Medicinal plants of India

Patients suffering from protein deficiencies and nervous disorders are administered drugs extracted from Brahmi. Modern clinical tests have studied the anabolic effect of these drugs, proving that they increase red blood corpuscles, vital capacity, and total protein, while the increase in the haemoglobin percentage is statistically significant. Brahmi cools the brain and calms the heart, thus helping to guard against heart attacks. Brahmi ghee is an important medicine for both the mind and heart.

It is coolant for intellectual minds. If you are overusing your brain, you must have it in your backyard. Very essential.

Read more about land and inclination of her children here:

Varna System, Geology ,Farming & Your Food, Your health

Varna System, Geology ,Farming & Your Food, Your health

Soil and Varna
Soil and Varna

Below text from Author निघंटु is talking about 4 types of soils. He classified soil as ब्राह्मण,क्षत्रिय,वैश्य & शुद्र. Not only soil, he classified trees and plants in very same 4 categories! Not only soil, plants, trees , he also classified animals in 4 categories! According to our pseudo media tyrants, he is castiest! So narrow-minded as he divided even land! Even he identifies colors! Black is for Shudra! Protest! Black and Dalits! What a castiest man निघंटु was!


This type of utter ignorance goes on in society when habit of cursory reading is common and popular.


तत्र क्षेत्रे ब्रह्मभूमीरुहाढ्यं वारिस्फारं यत्कुशाङ्कूरकीर्णं  ।

रम्यं यच्च श्वेतमृत्स्नासमेतं तद्व्याचष्टे ब्राह्मं इत्यष्टमूर्तिः  । । १.९


It is Brahman land where there are ample trees, ample water sources and where majority color is पांडू or white.


ताम्रभूमिवलयं विभूधरं यन्मृगेन्द्रमुखसंकुलं कुलं  ।

घोरघोषि खदिरादिदुर्गमं क्षात्रं एतदुदितं पिनाकिना  । । १.१०


It is Kshtriya land where metal color dominates in nature, mountains, lions and other animals roaring voice stay.


शातकुम्भनिभभूमिभास्वरं स्वर्णरेणुनिचितं विधानवत् ।

सिद्धकिंनरसुपर्वसेवितं वैश्यं आख्यदिदं इन्दुशेखरः  । । १.११


It is Vaishya land where yellow color dominates in nature, golden land, golden flowers etc.


श्यामस्थलाढ्यं बहुशस्यभूतिदं लसत्तृणैर्बब्बुलवृक्षवृद्धिदं  ।

धान्योद्भवैः कर्षकलोकहर्षदं जगाद शौद्रं जगतौ वृषध्वजः  । । १.१२


It is Shudra land where soil is of black color, suitable for small plants & grains.



द्रव्यं क्षेत्रादुदितं अनघं ब्राह्म तत्सिद्धिदायि क्षत्रादुत्थं वलिपलितजिद्विश्वरोगापहारि  ।

वैश्याज्जातं प्रभवतितरां धातुलोहादिसिद्धौ शौद्रादेतज्जनितं अखिलव्याधिविद्रावकं द्राक् । । १.१३


“Food substances grown on Brahman land are good for increasing intellectual vigor(Brain’s color whitish Gray due to Glial cells), grown on Kshtriya land(Jungle) are strength-enhancers (Tribes played vital role in Ancient Army strength), grown on gold land are good for mineral deficiency (Vegetables are generally grown on yellow land), grown on shudra land are good to fight against dieseases (Grains and Ayurvedic herbals – A valuable Ayurvedic  ingredient Ajwain is cultivated in black soil).”


Land color depends on their chemical nature. For example, as black soil has Volcanic origin, it is rich in calcium carbonate, lime , potash & magnesium.It is deffecient in phosphoric acid.


Food from Shudra land fights against dieseases.This food is good for immune system.Shudra land is rich in Magnesium. During the last few years, magnesium (Mg) has been subject of research due to its functionality in the organism. It is one of the most important micronutrients, and therefore its role in biological systems has been extensively investigated. Particularly, Mg has a strong relation with the immune system, in both nonspecific and specific immune response, also known as innate and acquired immune response.


Do you protest this scientific वर्ण व्यवस्था! Or are you ready to explore वर्ण व्यवस्था, systematic rational approach of living?


PS: Sanskrit translation is nearly accurate, not exact. That is my deficiency.

Do Social insects share brain power?



Yes, they do!

Those who live in like minded social group, have advantage of distributed cognition. We Indians call it वर्ण & जाती. Unfortunately, such natural advantage of superior group decisions are sacrificed by caste-ism and various other -isms. Modern education brainwashed us to believe that वर्ण & जाती are curse upon us. In reality, they actually protected us against so many incursions we faced in last 1000 years. Now since we hate them, we are unknowingly inviting collapse. 🙁

Learn from nature:

The society you live in can shape the complexity of your brain—and it does so differently for social insects than for humans and other vertebrate animals.

A new comparative study of social and solitary wasp species suggests that as social behavior evolved, the brain regions for central cognitive processing in social insect species shrank. This is the opposite of the pattern of brain increases with sociality that has been documented for several kinds of vertebrate animals including mammals, birds and fish.

“By relying on group mates, insect colony members may afford to make less individual brain investment. We call this the distributed cognition hypothesis,” said Sean O’Donnell, PhD, a professor in the Drexel University College of Arts and Sciences who led the study published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

– See more at:



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