गणेश चतुर्थी : Time to replace earthen water pots

 Pot Ganesh
Do you have earthen pot at home for water storage?
Do you replace it every year during गणेश चतुर्थी (at least once. Ideally once a six month replacement needed)? 

Every year, on Ganesh Chaturthi, one should break the pot and get new pot. This is to avoid graha peeda (pain) (We call it viral or bacterial infection) arises due to accumulation of doshic properties from water by pot soil, through out the year.

Pottery is a perfect life science.

Earthen Pot balances minerals in your drinking water.
Earthen Pot balances water dosha (Water in some region is naturally Kapha dominant or Vata dominant or Pitta dominant). If dosha is not balanced, you are more than likely having imbalance of dosha. Hair fall, acidity, infections – they are natural in imbalanced doshic body!.
Most of service class spend 12 hrs in office. In office, they drink water from RO plant. There is no earthen pot. 😉
Most household now have RO. They don’t have earthen pot at home. Even if they have POT, they don’t replace it every six months.
Mineral deficiency? Oh! Natural! 🙂
What type of modernity we proud of? 😉 :p

Three reasons why we replace earthen water pot.

1) Sustainable economy for the families engaged in pottery
2) Cooling. Water in pot cools down
3) For better efficiency to absorb toxins/extra minerals

Fresh earthen pots have multitudinous and crisscross narrow channels running from inside to outside of their walls like in a sponge. Or, we say that the walls of fresh earthen pot are highly porous.

When water is held in such fresh earthen pot, part of the water bleeds out through these pores by capillarity and interfacial affinity and makes the outer surface of the pot rather wet.

However, the water from inside cannot gush out though these pores like a shower because of the crisscross nature and narrowness of the channels and the fineness of the pores.

Thus, the effective exposure area for water in a fresh earthen pot, is not only the top meniscus in the pot but also the wetness on the outer surface of the pot. When water evaporates from these surfaces, the molecules leaving the pot take along heat from the pot’s walls and the water in the pot becomes cooler.

Potable water is not pure water; it contains some minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium salts, suspended particles, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc among others.

During the course of usage, some of these calcium and magnesium ions in water tend to precipitate as insoluble carbonates and sulphates which gradually plug the pores and channels of the pot walls.

The suspended particles, dust collected inside and outside the pot during usage and some algal and moss growths also block these pores and discourage the development of wetness of the outer walls of the pot.

In the event of decreased net area of exposure, the rate of evaporation and the scope for loss of internal heat is drastically reduced.

That is why earthen pots lose their efficiency in keeping the water cool after being used for a few years.


Department of Chemistry

National Institute of Technology Warangal


So even if we clean their surface and give sun exposure, they are less efficient.

The Garbage Civilization



According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces more than 4 pounds of garbage per day. That’s more than double the amount produced in 1960, and it’s 50 percent more than the amount produced by Western Europeans.

And they have habit of blaming third world nations like Bharat for pollution?

Unfortunately, Indians now live life like an American, at least in cities. They also produce same amount of garbage. Creating ugly future for their kids.

I see Nation as an outcome of the culture. Since Indian metros prefer to live in culture of extreme consumerism, I see modern Indians cities as colonies of the United States whose culture is rapidly pervading in all layers of Indian urban society. So we, the city dwellers, are now equal partners in crimes.

Some of us argue: Well, I have started living life with minimal approach.

– We practice ‘being green’.
– We buy ‘non-CFC refrigarators’.
– We ‘car pool’ and cycle geared cycles.
– We avoid ‘eating out’ and splurgeing.

The vast majority in this country have no refrigarators, walk and rarely even own a cycle, and can never afford even 3 meals with dal-rice at home. Why is their simplicity not spoken of admiringly ?

The ‘carbon footprint’ is the smallest. We sit and pat each other’s back for our small gestures.

I cannot stand the words ‘green’ and ‘minimalism’ any more. With age my willingness to put up with idiocy has come down.

(With all my self concsious ‘environmental concsiousness’ I would consume 100 times more than the unassuming villager – of plastics, and if everything else. I would also ‘lecture’.)”

Think about it. Reduce. Recycle. Not as a token gesture but in reality!

Cells welcome viruses



We are groomed to consider Viruses and Bacteria as enemy. So idiotic form of science 

Virus is a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein. DNA or RNA is a packet of information exchanged among cells or live organism, just like data is exchanged between two computers using network and based on data exchange, computers act. Similarly, based on information exchange, cells act.

Packet of information is useless if there are no software programs written to interpret the data and commands. If software has bugs, wrong interpretation can happen and computer can give wrong output.

Similarly, virus is harmless if cells are programmed to interpret message correctly.

So where is the issue with Ebola or any other virus? They are harmless. Issue is with cells. Under stress, cells sometimes do not act as per programs. Or in other words, they raises false alarms by producing more specific DNA packets i.e. Viruses.

Culprit is not dead DNA strips generated by cells but cell level stress.

Solution is not to subside viral fever or take flu vaccines. Solution is to reduce cell level stress.


Read this: your body cells are actually helping viruses to let in and execute the code.

Viruses are dead messages. They have critical information about intra-cellular, intra-body environmental condition. And so cells do not see them enemy.

Correct viral infection medicine is not to purge dead messages but to reduce cellular, environmental stress i.e. Increase प्राण. Decrease physical and mental stress. Take immune booster natural medicines (lemon, turmeric etc) and you are good.


Co-option of Membrane Wounding Enables Virus Penetration into Cells


During cell entry, non-enveloped viruses undergo partial uncoating to expose membrane lytic proteins for gaining access to the cytoplasm. We report that adenovirus uses membrane piercing to induce and hijack cellular wound removal processes that facilitate further membrane disruption and infection. Incoming adenovirus stimulates calcium influx and lysosomal exocytosis, a membrane repair mechanism resulting in release of acid sphingomyelinase (ASMase) and degradation of sphingomyelin to ceramide lipids in the plasma membrane. Lysosomal exocytosis is triggered by small plasma membrane lesions induced by the viral membrane lytic protein-VI, which is exposed upon mechanical cues from virus receptors, followed by virus endocytosis into leaky endosomes. Chemical inhibition or RNA interference of ASMase slows virus endocytosis, inhibits virus escape to the cytosol, and reduces infection. Ceramide enhances binding of protein-VI to lipid membranes and protein-VI-induced membrane rupture. Thus, adenovirus uses a positive feedback loop between virus uncoating and lipid signaling for efficient membrane penetration.

Low Vitamin B12 and Cognitive Aging



Do you ever get surprised when you see your colleagues and friends abruptly changing behavior once they cross 30s? Their cognitive responses to situations are much more disappointed when you compare them with same situations in their 20s. They take shortcuts. They do not accept challenges easily.

One of the prime reasons is declining ability to digest Vit B12. Low vitamin B-12 status is associated with more rapid cognitive decline.

As a well-wisher and being part of society, what should we do when we encounter rapid cognitive decline in our groups?

1) Inspire them to stop bad habits like smoking and drinking
2) Together, find out food grown organically using desi cow-dung and include it in regular diet [Research suggest that crops grown using cow-dung has more B12 content compare to crops grown using chemical farming]
3) Include ethically obtained desi gau ghee, butter milk and milk in diet


Low vitamin B-12 status and risk of cognitive decline in older adults

Background: Elevated total homocysteine (tHcy) concentrations have been associated with cognitive impairment, but it is unclear whether low vitamin B-12 or folate status is responsible for cognitive decline.

Objective: We examined the associations of cognitive decline with vitamin B-12 and folate status in a longitudinal cohort study performed from 1993 to 2003 in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Design: Cognitive function was assessed with the Mini-Mental State Examination on ≥3 occasions during 10 y and related to serum concentrations of vitamin B-12, holotranscobalamin (holoTC), tHcy, methylmalonic acid (MMA), and folate with the use of linear mixed models in 1648 participants who provided blood in 1995.

Results: Cognitive function declined abruptly at younger ages in some participants but remained intact in others until very old age. In multivariate regression analyses after adjustment for established risk factors, concentrations of holoTC (a marker of reduced vitamin B-12 status), tHcy, and MMA predicted cognitive decline, but folate did not. A doubling in holoTC concentrations (from 50 to 100 pmol/L) was associated with a 30% slower rate of cognitive decline (−0.137 to −0.083), whereas a doubling in tHcy (from 10 to 20 μmol/L) or MMA (from 0.25 to 0.50 μmol/L) was associated with >50% more rapid cognitive decline (−0.090 to −0.169) and (−0.104 to −0.169), respectively. After adjustment for all vitamin markers simultaneously, the associations of cognitive decline with holoTC and MMA remained significant.

Conclusions: Low vitamin B-12 status was associated with more rapid cognitive decline. Randomized trials are required to determine the relevance of vitamin B-12 supplementation for prevention of dementia.


Unstable Mind and Uncontrolled Vak : Parenting Disaster


All your thoughts, feelings and actions influence the unconscious mind of your child. I said, all. Whatever you present before your children, even when they are infants, makes its impression. Younger they are, long lasting impression is! In fact, the child begins to learn even before it is born. All the thoughts that enter the mind of the mother while the child is still growing within her womb, impinge upon the mind of the child.

Thus it is great responsibility for a married couple to bring forth souls, to provide what is needed for their physical and mental well-being, to prepare them for the society, and to encourage their spiritual evolution. These are mandatory duties of marriage parents.

When you understand that nature has given you this tremendous project, and you pursue the project diligently, the rewards are great the joys are intense.

But, can this be possible in a home and family where TV occupies most of evening hours, morning starts with FM radio’s half baked dimwit comments, food is served in haste, outside eating is norm and there is least care about child’s perception management?

Children learn from parents. Unless you set an example, there is no hope.
Sacrifice your bad habits for the future of the nation i.e. your child. Until your kid reaches friendship age i.e. teen, you are no 1 role model. Be a responsible parent.

संस्कृत गोवीथि : : गव्य ४४ (पुराण विशेष) :: गवायुर्वेद



If  we are reading Agni Purana and we don’t cover a chaper on गवायुर्वेद, it will be considered significant miss of learning! 🙂


अग्निपुराणम्/अध्यायः २९२

गोविप्रपालनं कार्य्यं राज्ञा गोशान्तिमावदे ।
गावः पवित्रा माङ्गल्या गोषु लोकाः प्रतिष्ठिताः ।। २९२.२ ।।

शकृन्‌मूत्रं परं तासामलक्षमीनाशनं परं ।
गवां कण्डूयनं वारि श्रृह्गस्याघौघमर्द्दनम् ।। २९२.३ ।।

धन्वन्तरि कहते हैं – सुश्रुत ! राजा को गौओं का पालन करना चाहिये | अब मैं ‘गोशान्ति’ का वर्णन करता हूँ | गौएँ पवित्र एवं मंगलमयी हैं | गौओं में सम्पूर्ण लोक प्रतिष्ठित हैं | गौओं का गोबर और मूत्र अलक्ष्मी (दरिद्रता) – के नाश का सर्वोत्तम साधन है | उनके शरीर को खुजलाना, सींगों को सहलाना और उनको जल पिलाना भी अलक्ष्मी का निवारण करनेवाला हैं |


शब्द सिन्धु

स्थाने (sthaane) = rightly
स्थापय (sthaapaya) = please keep
स्थापयति (sthaapayati) = to put, to keep
स्थापयित्वा (sthaapayitvaa) = placing
स्थालिका (sthaalikaa) = (f) plate, dish
स्थावर (sthaavara) = not moving
स्थावराणां (sthaavaraaNaaM) = of immovable things
स्थास्यति (sthaasyati) = remains
स्थितं (sthitaM) = situated
स्थितः (sthitaH) = situated
स्थितधीः (sthitadhiiH) = one fixed in KRishhNa consciousness
स्थितप्रज्ञः (sthitapraGYaH) = transcendentally situated
स्थितप्रज्ञस्य (sthitapraGYasya) = of one who is situated in fixed KRishhNa consciousness
स्थिताः (sthitaaH) = are situated
स्थितान् (sthitaan.h) = standing
स्थिति (sthiti) = position
स्थितिं (sthitiM) = situation
स्थितिः (sthitiH) = situation
स्थिती (sthitii) = existing
स्थितौ (sthitau) = situated
स्थित्वा (sthitvaa) = being situated
स्थिर (sthira) = fixed
स्थिरराशि (sthiraraashi) = Fixed Signs
स्थिरं (sthiraM) = firm
स्थिरः (sthiraH) = still
स्थिरता (sthirataa) = steadiness
स्थिरबुद्धिः (sthirabuddhiH) = self-intelligent
स्थिरां (sthiraaM) = stable
स्थिराः (sthiraaH) = enduring
स्थिराङ्कः (sthiraa~NkaH) = (m) constant number/variable
स्थिरैः (sthiraiH) = with firm or strong (limbs)
स्थूल (sthuula) = (adj) strong, big
स्थूलः (sthuulaH) = (adj) fat


1 2 3


अकॄत्यं नैव कर्तव्य प्रााणत्यागेऽपि संस्थिते |
न च कॄत्यं परित्याज्यम् एष धर्म: सनातन: ||

The work which is not to be done (because it is bad) should not be done even if you have to loose your life. And the work which has to be done (because it is your duty) – should be continued to be done even if it costs your own life! This is the sanatana Dharma.

पठन -> मनन -> स्मरण -> आत्मसात


अग्निपुराणम्/अध्यायः २९२

गोविप्रपालनं कार्य्यं राज्ञा गोशान्तिमावदे ।
गावः पवित्रा माङ्गल्या गोषु लोकाः प्रतिष्ठिताः ।। २९२.२ ।।

शकृन्‌मूत्रं परं तासामलक्षमीनाशनं परं ।
गवां कण्डूयनं वारि श्रृह्गस्याघौघमर्द्दनम् ।। २९२.३ ।।

रोचना विषरक्षोघ्नी ग्रासदः स्वर्गगो गवां ।
यद्‌गृहे दुःखिता गावः स याति नरकन्नरः ।। २९२.४ ।।

परगोग्रासदः स्वर्गी गोहितो ब्रह्मलोकभाक् ।
गोदानात्‌कीर्त्तनाद्रक्षां कृत्वा चोद्धरते कुलम् ।। २९२.५ ।।

गवां श्वासात् पवित्रा भूस्पर्शनात्किल्विषक्षयः ।
गोमृत्रं गोमयं क्षीरं दधि सर्पिः कुशोदकम् ।। २९२.६ ।।

एकरात्रोपवासश्च श्वपाकमपि शोधयेत् ।
सर्व्वाशुभविनाशाय पुराचरितमीश्वरैः ।। २९२.७ ।।

प्रत्येकञ्च त्र्यहाभ्यस्तं महासान्तपनं स्मृतं ।
सर्वकामप्रदञ्चैतत् सर्व्वाशुभवीमर्द्दनम् ।। २९२.८ ।।

कृच्छ्रातिकृच्छ्रं पयसा दिवसानेकविंशतिं ।
निर्म्मलाः सर्व्वकामाप्त्या स्युर्गगाः स्युर्न्नरोत्तमाः ।। २९२.९ ।।

त्र्यहमुष्णं पिवेन्मूत्रं त्र्यहमुष्णं घृतं पिवेत् ।
त्र्यहमुष्णं पयः पीत्वाः वायुभक्षः परं त्र्यहम् ।। २९२.१० ।।

तप्तकृच्छ्रव्रतं सर्व्वपापघ्नं ब्रह्मलोकदं ।
शीतैस्तु शीतकृच्छ्रं स्याद्‌ब्रह्मोक्तं ब्रह्मलोकदं ।। २९२.११ ।।

गोमूत्रेणाचरेत्स्नानं वृत्तिं कुर्य्याच्च गोरसैः ।
गोभिर्व्रजेच्च भुक्तासु भुञ्जीताथ च गोव्रती ।। २९२.१२ ।।

मासेनैकेन निष्पापो गोलोकी स्वर्गगो भवेत् ।
विद्याञ्च गोमतीं जप्त्वा गोलोकं परमं व्रजेत् ।। २९२.१३ ।।

गौतैर्न्नृत्येरप्सरोभिविंमाने तत्र मोदते ।
गावः सुरभयो नित्यं गावो गुग्गुलगन्धिकाः ।। २९२.१४ ।।

गावः प्रतिष्ठा भूतानां गावः स्वस्त्ययनं परं ।
अन्नमेव परं गावो देवानां हविरुत्तमम् ।। २९२.१५ ।।

पावनं सर्व्वभूतानां क्षरन्ति च वदन्ति च ।
हविषा मन्त्रपूतेन तर्पयन्त्वमरान्दिवि ।। २९२.१६ ।।

ऋषीणामग्निहोत्रेषु गावो होमेषु योजिताः ।
सर्व्वेषामेव भूतानां गावः शरणमुत्तमं ।। २९२.१७ ।।

गावः पचित्रं परमं गावो माङ्गल्यमुत्तमं ।
गावः स्वर्गस्य सोपानं गावो धन्याः सनातनाः ।। २९२.१८ ।।

नमो गोभ्यः श्रीमतीभ्यः सौरभेयीभ्य एव च ।
नमो ब्रह्मसुताभ्यश्च पवित्राब्यो नमो नमः ।। २९२.१९ ।।

ब्राह्मणाश्चैव गावश्च कुलमेकं द्विधा कृतम् ।
एकत्र मन्त्रास्तिष्ठन्ति हविरेकत्र तिष्ठति ।। २९२.२० ।।

देवब्राह्मणगोसाधुसाध्वीभिः सकलं जगत् ।
धार्य्यते वै सदा सस्मात् सर्व्वे पूज्यतमा मताः ।। २९२.२१ ।।

पिवन्ति यत्र तत्तीर्थं गह्गाद्या गाव एव हि ।
गवां माहात्म्यमुक्तं हि चिकित्साञ्च तथा श्रृणु ।। २९२.२२ ।।

श्रृङ्गामयेषु धेनूनां तैलं दद्यात् ससैन्धवं ।
श्रृङ्गवेरबलामांसकल्कसिद्धं समाक्षिकं ।। २९२.२३ ।।

कर्णशूलेषु सर्वेषु मञ्जिष्ठाहिङ्गुसैन्धवैः ।
सिद्धं तैलं प्रदातव्यं रसोनेनैथ वा पुनः ।। २९२.२४ ।।

विल्वमूलमपामार्गन्धातकी च सपाटला ।
कुटजन्दन्तमूलेषु लेपात्तच्छूलनाशनं ।। २९२.२५ ।।

दन्तशूलहरैर्द्रव्यैर्घृतं राम विपाचितं ।
मुखरोगहरं ज्ञेयं जिह्वारोगेषु सैन्धवं ।। २९२.२६ ।।

श्रृङ्गवेरं हरिद्रे द्वे त्रिफला च गलग्रहे ।
हृच्छूले वस्तिशुले च वातरोगे क्षये तथा ।। २९२.२७ ।।

त्रिफला घृतमिश्रा च गवां पाने प्रशस्यते ।
अतीसारे हरिद्रे द्वे पाठाञ्चैव प्रदापयेत् ।। २९२.२८ ।।

सर्वेषु कोष्ठरोगेषु तथा शाखागदेषु च ।
श्रृङ्गवेरञ्च भार्गीञ्च कासे श्वासे प्रदापयेत् ।। २९२.२९ ।।

दातव्या भग्नसन्धाने प्रियङ्गुर्लवणान्विता ।
तैलं वातहरं पित्ते मधुयष्टीविपाचितं ।। २९२.३० ।।

कफे व्योषञ्च समधु सपुष्टकरजोऽस्रजे ।
तैलाज्यं हरितालञ्च भग्नक्षतिश्रृतन्ददेत् ।। २९२.३१ ।।

माषास्तिलाः सगोधूमाः पशुक्षीरं घृतं तथा ।
एषां पिण्डी सलवणा वत्सानां पुष्टिदा त्वियं ।। २९२.३२ ।।

बलप्रदा विषाणां स्याद् ग्रहनाशाय धूपकः ।
देवदारु वचा मांसी गुग्गुलुहिङ्गुसर्षपाः ।। २९२.३३ ।।

ग्रहादिगदनाशाय एष धुपो गवां हितः ।
घष्टा चैव गवां कार्या धूपेनानेन धूपिता ।। २९२.३४ ।।

अश्वगन्धातिलैः शुक्लं तेन गौः क्षीरिणी भवेत् ।
रसायनञ्च पिन्याकं मत्तो यो धार्य्यते गृहे ।। २९२.३५ ।।

गवां पुरीषे पञ्चम्यां नित्यं शान्त्यै श्रियं यजेत् ।
वासुदेवञ्च गन्धाद्यैरपरा शान्तिरुच्यते ।। २९२.३६ ।।

अश्वयुक्‌शुक्लपक्षस्य पञ्चदश्यां यजेद्धरिं ।
हरिरुद्रमजं सूर्य्यं श्रियमग्निं घृतेन च ।। २९२.३७ ।।
दधि सम्प्राश्य गाः पूज्य कार्य्यं वह्निप्रदक्षिणं ।
वृषाणां योजयेद् युद्धं गीतवाद्यरवैर्वहिः ।। २९२.३८ ।।

गवान्तु लवणन्देयं ब्राह्मणानाञ्च दक्षिणा ।
नैमित्तिके माकरादौ यजेद्विष्णुं सह श्रिया ।। २९२.३९ ।।

स्थणअडिलेव्जे मध्यगते कदिक्षु केशरगान् सुरान् ।
सुभद्राजो रविः पूज्यो बहुरूपो बलिर्वहिः ।। २९२.४० ।।

खं विश्वरूपा सिद्धिस्च ऋद्धिः शान्तिश्च रोहिणी ।
दिग्धेनवो हि पूर्वाद्याः कृशरैश्चन्द्र ईश्वरः ।। २९२.४१ ।।

दिक्‌पालाः पद्मपत्रेषु कुम्भेष्वग्नौ च होमयेत् ।
क्षीरवृक्षस्य समिधः सर्षपाक्षततण्डुलान् ।। २९२.४२ ।।

शतं शतं सुवर्णञ्च कांस्यादिकं द्विजे ददेत् ।
गावः पूज्या विमोक्तव्याः शान्त्यै क्षीरादिसंयुताः ।। २९२.४३ ।।

शालिहोत्रः सुश्रुताय हयायुर्वेदमुक्तवान् ।
पालकाप्योऽङ्गराजाय गजायुर्वेदमब्रवीत् ।। २९२.४४ ।।

इत्यादिमहापुराणे आग्नेये शान्त्यायुर्वेदो नाम द्विनवत्यधिकद्विशततमोऽध्यायः ।।

संस्कृत गोवीथि : : गव्य १४ (हनुमान विशेष)


शब्द सिन्धु

अद् (ad.h) = to eat
अददत् (adadat.h) = gave
अदम्भित्वं (adambhitvaM) = pridelessness
अदर्शः (adarshaH) = mirror
अदक्षिणं (adakShiNaM) = with no remunerations to the priests
अदाह्यः (adaahyaH) = unable to be burned
अदिती (aditii) = the mother of the gods
अदृष्ट (adRishhTa) = Unseen, fortune, luck
अदृष्टपूर्वं (adRishhTapuurvaM) = never seen before
अदेश (adesha) = at an unpurified place
अद्भुत (adbhuta) = the sentiment of marvel
अद्भुतं (adbhutaM) = wonderful
अद्भूतं (adbhuutaM) = wonderfull
अद्य (adya) = today
अद्रोहः (adrohaH) = freedom from envy
अद्वासन (advaasana) = the prone posture
अद्वितीयः (advitiiyaH) = the inseparable or the non-dual
अद्वेष्टा (adveshhTaa) = nonenvious
अद्वैत (advaita) = non-duality of the universal spirit
अधः (adhaH) = (indeclinable) below
अधन (adhana) = one without money
अधम (adhama) = inferior
अधमां (adhamaaM) = condemned
अधमाधम (adhamaadhama) = the worst among the inferior
अधर (adhara) = Lip
अधरः (adharaH) = (m) lips
अधरात् (adharaat.h) = from below
अधर्म (adharma) = breach of duty
अधर्मं (adharmaM) = irreligion
अधर्मः (adharmaH) = irreligion
अधर्मचारी (adharmachaarii) = adj. impious
अधर्मस्य (adharmasya) = of irreligion


1 2 3

Few simple but profound sentences. Learn them by heart. Use them in your daily routine.

  • अर्थमूलौ हि धर्मकामौ ।
  • अर्थस्य पुरुषो दासो दासः त्वर्थो न कस्यचित् ।
  • अर्थार्थी जीवलोकोऽयम् ।
  • अर्थो हि लोके पुरुषस्य बन्धुः ।
  • अर्धो घटो घोषमुपैति नूनम् ।
  • अर्धो वै एष आत्मनो यत्पत्नी ।
  • अलक्ष्मीराविशत्येव शयानमलसं नरम् ।
  • अल्पक्लेशं मरणं दारिद्र्यमनल्पकं दुःखम् ।
  • अल्पविद्या भयङ्करी ।
  • अवश्यमेव भोक्तव्यं कृतं कर्म शुभाशुभम् ।
  • अव्यवस्थितचित्तस्य प्रसादोऽपि भयङ्करः ।
  • अशान्तस्य मनो भारम् ।
  • अश्नुते स हि कल्याणं व्यसने यो न मुह्यति ।
  • अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते ।
  • अहिंसा परमो धर्मः।


यस्य त्वेतानि चत्वारि वानरेन्द्र यथा तव || ५-१९८
धृतिर्दृष्टिर्मतिर्दाक्ष्यं स कर्मसु न सीदति |

198. vaanarendra = O best among Vanaras! yasya = whoever; dhR^itiH = ( has) courage; dR^ishhTiH = vision; matiH = intellect; daakshyam = skill; etaani = (all) these; chatvaari = four (virtues); tava yathaa = like you; saH = that (him); na siidati = will not fail; karmasu = in (any) tasks.

“O best among Vanaras! Whoever has the four qualities of courage, vision, intellect and fitness, all these four virtues like you, such a person will not fail in any task.”


॥ श्रीहनुमत्ताण्डवस्तोत्रम् ॥

वन्दे सिन्दूरवर्णाभं लोहिताम्बरभूषितम् ।
रक्ताङ्गरागशोभाढ्यं शोणापुच्छं कपीश्वरम्॥

भजे समीरनन्दनं, सुभक्तचित्तरञ्जनं, दिनेशरूपभक्षकं, समस्तभक्तरक्षकम् ।
सुकण्ठकार्यसाधकं, विपक्षपक्षबाधकं, समुद्रपारगामिनं, नमामि सिद्धकामिनम् ॥ १॥

सुशङ्कितं सुकण्ठभुक्तवान् हि यो हितं वचस्त्वमाशु धैर्य्यमाश्रयात्र वो भयं कदापि न ।
इति प्लवङ्गनाथभाषितं निशम्य वानराऽधिनाथ आप शं तदा, स रामदूत आश्रयः ॥ २॥

सुदीर्घबाहुलोचनेन, पुच्छगुच्छशोभिना, भुजद्वयेन सोदरीं निजांसयुग्ममास्थितौ ।
कृतौ हि कोसलाधिपौ, कपीशराजसन्निधौ, विदहजेशलक्ष्मणौ, स मे शिवं करोत्वरम् ॥ ३॥

सुशब्दशास्त्रपारगं, विलोक्य रामचन्द्रमाः, कपीश नाथसेवकं, समस्तनीतिमार्गगम् ।
प्रशस्य लक्ष्मणं प्रति, प्रलम्बबाहुभूषितः कपीन्द्रसख्यमाकरोत्, स्वकार्यसाधकः प्रभुः ॥ ४॥

प्रचण्डवेगधारिणं, नगेन्द्रगर्वहारिणं, फणीशमातृगर्वहृद्दृशास्यवासनाशकृत् ।
विभीषणेन सख्यकृद्विदेह जातितापहृत्, सुकण्ठकार्यसाधकं, नमामि यातुधतकम् ॥ ५॥

नमामि पुष्पमौलिनं, सुवर्णवर्णधारिणं गदायुधेन भूषितं, किरीटकुण्डलान्वितम् ।
सुपुच्छगुच्छतुच्छलंकदाहकं सुनायकं विपक्षपक्षराक्षसेन्द्र-सर्ववंशनाशकम् ॥ ६॥

रघूत्तमस्य सेवकं नमामि लक्ष्मणप्रियं दिनेशवंशभूषणस्य मुद्रीकाप्रदर्शकम् ।
विदेहजातिशोकतापहारिणम् प्रहारिणम् सुसूक्ष्मरूपधारिणं नमामि दीर्घरूपिणम् ॥ ७॥

नभस्वदात्मजेन भास्वता त्वया कृता महासहा यता यया द्वयोर्हितं ह्यभूत्स्वकृत्यतः ।
सुकण्ठ आप तारकां रघूत्तमो विदेहजां निपात्य वालिनं प्रभुस्ततो दशाननं खलम् ॥ ८॥

इमं स्तवं कुजेऽह्नि यः पठेत्सुचेतसा नरः
कपीशनाथसेवको भुनक्तिसर्वसम्पदः ।
न शत्रुतो भयं भवेत्कदापि तस्य नुस्त्विह ॥ ९॥

नेत्राङ्गनन्दधरणीवत्सरेऽनङ्गवासरे ।
लोकेश्वराख्यभट्टेन हनुमत्ताण्डवं कृतम् ॥ १०॥

इति श्री हनुमत्ताण्डव स्तोत्रम्॥


Encoded and proofread by Madhavi U mupadrasta at gmail.com

Season Driven Pregnancy Planning

This is very critical note.

Image: http://www.sutrajournal.com/the-six-seasons-part-three-by-freedom-cole http://www.sbs.com.au/topics/sites/sbs.com.au.topics/files/gettyimages-154948162_small.jpg

In sane dharma driven society, all activities are planned based on ऋत| All stages of life , all stages of year – they were respected while planning any new step in life.

मुहूर्त for Marriage is not mere some auspicious day but a perfect date to plan गृहस्थी! Based on innate nature of the male and female planning to marry, which is being reflected in their Kundali(s), perfect date is planned. A date that respects stages of would-be पति-पत्नी. A date that respects season of the year. A date that can help them to planned best progeny. Now this date is only used for Honeymoon planning! And sadly, most births happen by accident, without मुहूर्त, without desire to invite soul in best physical body!

The best way to reduce a child’s chances of developing asthma might be making sure Mom had enough vitamin D during the second trimester, a new study from the University of Kansas shows.

Solution? Go back to roots. Respect seasons. Identify वसंत’s love from वर्षा’s lust.

In this research, it is shown how sunlight exposure in specific trimester affects immunity of the child.

This is very easy to observe. Most pregnant mothers in higher middle class and elite class, spend their time in controlled AC home/office during pregnancy with MINIMAL exposure to the sun. In slums, it is forced non-exposure to the sun.

Auto-immune disorders are inevitable in such situations. 🙁

In short, The Sun, our प्राण-powerhouse, our father, is taking care of Mother Earth’s womb. And we must get exposure to it, to replenish our daily प्राण requirements. For pregnant mothers, it becomes critical because they are shaping one more universe in their womb.


If you don’t have asthma, maybe it’s because Mom experienced a sunny second trimester, health economist finds


The best way to reduce a child’s chances of developing asthma might be making sure Mom had enough vitamin D during the second trimester, a new study from the University of Kansas shows.

The most cost-effective way to get Mom more vitamin D could be as simple as health recommendations that consider the benefits of soaking up a little more sun, a practical and cost-effective way to get a dose of D.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 12 of us in the U.S. suffers from asthma.

“Our health system spends billions and billions treating asthma, and there’s lots and lots of opportunity costs,” said David Slusky, assistant professor of economics. “Pain and suffering, loss of productivity and premature death — asthma has all of those.”

When resources are being used inefficiently, that’s when Slusky and his fellow economists like to step in.

They knew about a recent medical hypothesis by Scott Weiss and Augusto Litonjua, both of whom are physicians with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and professors at Harvard Medical School. Weiss and Litonjua hypothesize that vitamin D levels in the second trimester of pregnancy influence the probability that a fetus will develop asthma later in life.

Slusky and colleagues Nils Wernerfelt of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Richard Zeckhauser of Harvard’s Kennedy School put the medical hypothesis to the test using an economist’s tools, such as survey and health data.

“This is the golden age in the way that data about hospital discharges, insurance claims, birth certificates and death certificates are more and more available and more and more set up for researchers,” Slusky said. “And that allows economists to get really large sample sizes with not a lot of cost.”

Using data from hospital discharges in two states and from a national survey, Slusky and his colleagues looked at where and when asthmatics were born.

Then the economists looked at the measurements of sunlight in the birth locations when the asthmatics’ mothers would have been in their second trimesters.  Sunlight is where Americans get more than 90 percent of our vitamin D.

गव्य सिध्धि : Ability to understand eternal cycles

10559828_396047040520210_8460467071876257158_n 11071514_396046610520253_2298575245869509757_n 11079650_396046593853588_448751303369173254_n
Gavya is a Sanskrit word. It has multiple meanings. It is actually a bridge between different forms of Gau.
Gau means Cow. Gau means senses. Gau means mother Earth. Gavya is their prasad. One produces and another consumes. Cycle goes on forever.
Panchgavya is elixir from Gau, for Gau (Human senses and Mother Earth). Result again is Gavya (Seva from Humans and produce from Mother earth) from gau, for Gau (Cow).
Method of preparation
Panchagavya, an organic product has the potential to play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in plant system. Panchagavya consists of nine products viz. cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, Tender coconut and water. When suitably mixed and used, these have miraculous effects.
Cow dung – 7 kg
Cow ghee – 1 kg
Mix the above two ingredients thoroughly both in morning and evening hours and keep it for 3 days
Cow Urine – 10 liters
Water – 10 liters
After 3 days mix cow urine and water and keep it for 15 days with regular mixing both in morning and evening hours. After 15 days mix the following and panchagavya will be ready after 30 days.
Cow milk – 3 liters
Cow curd – 2 liters
Tender coconut water – 3 liters
Jaggery – 3 kg
Well ripened poovan banana – 12 nos.
Read more: http://agritech.tnau.ac.in/org_farm/orgfarm_panchakavya.html
We all have Vishnu seated in us. We must perform duties in his form. Being Gopati.

Role of latency in health : Why Viral Infections?


Incubation period is the time elapsed between triggering event time, and when symptoms and signs are first apparent.


Kuru is an incurable degenerative neurological disorder endemic to tribal regions of Papua New Guinea. Incubation period is around 14 years! Cancer cases also exhibit long latency / Incubation time – 1 year to 11 years.

So if someone tests new drug or farm chemicals for 2-3 months or couple of years and conclude safety, it is nothing but utter neglect of nature’s law i.e. Latency or incubation.

That is where common sense helps.



There is a type of virus called latent virus – A nonactive virus which is in a dormant state within a cell. Herpes virus is latent in cells of the nervous system.

“Latency” means that the virus, once burrowing into some cells of yours, goes into hibernation for a while, just lurking near your own cellular DNA, but not yet replicating itself. At some later point, something triggers the dormant virus out of latency and it reactivates. After going through a couple of rounds of replication the by now larger number of viral particles burrow in and go latent again.

This is classic example that Virus is impotent to cause illness. It is internal environment of the cell and external environmental conditions that triggers prolific replication of specific message i.e. Virus.

Such events (benign viral infections triggered naturally and not due to stress) in children are necessary. They indicate their development. Only when environment is sterile or controlled or artificial, such event lapses and later in adult life, they become autoimmune disorders. If kids are not afflicted by Herpes Zoster in age below 10, next reactivation in adult life is severe and may lead to death in some cases.

So it is important for growing kids to play in the laps of mother nature. Living life in natural environment triggers all developmental milestones on time. Artificial urban environment, over-use of chemicals to clean the homes mar the development.

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