Junk Food and Teen Age Suicides

Depression or any mental disorder is hurdle for peaceful family and peaceful society. Junk food increases chances of chaos in family and in society. No wonder why there is rise in teens attempting suicides. No surprise for rising divorce cases. Nothing abnormal if there are new psychiatric clinics. That is what society deserves when food is either junk or processed.

Junk Teen


Junk Food May Increase Depression Risk


A diet high in refined carbohydrates may lead to an increased risk for new-onset depression in postmenopausal women, according to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Consumption of carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels to varying degrees, depending on the type of food ingested. The more highly refined the carbohydrate, the higher its score on the glycemic index (GI) scale. The GI scale, which goes from 0-100, measures the amount of sugar found in the blood after eating. Refined foods such as white bread, white rice, and soda trigger a hormonal response in the body to reduce blood sugar levels. This response also may cause or exacerbate mood changes, fatigue, and other symptoms of depression.

The investigators found that progressively higher dietary GI scores and consumption of added sugars and refined grains were associated with increased risk of new-onset depression in post-menopausal women. Greater consumption of dietary fiber, whole grains, vegetables, and non-juice fruits was associated with decreased risk. This suggests that dietary interventions could serve as treatments and preventive measures for depression. Further study is needed to examine the potential of this novel option for treatment and prevention and to see if similar results are found in the broader population.

Parents’ teen age secures child’s future



Old note on parenting for teen age:

Right Age, Right Actions : No? Yes to Cervical cancer

This life is continuous uninterrupted journey. All our actions are recorded secretly (चित्रगुप्त या गुप्त चित्र) and passed on to next generation! Only selfish generation with think for self and never care about the future generations. Nothing but civilization blunder & societal suicide.

We are nothing but a link between past and future! Perform your duty well. Nurture your kids well so that they too can play their role efficiently.

Most important section of childhood is teen-age. Time when a kid is mature enough to know many things, developing layer upon layer on Ego in absence of right life-oriented education and a guide. This will turn them into yet another adult ready to be slave of master-slave system prevailing in the world.

We must act to break this chain. Read this research to realize importance of teen-parenting, role of resident Guru-centered schooling during teen age and


Adolescence and the next generation

Adolescent growth and social development shape the early development of offspring from preconception through to the post-partum period through distinct processes in males and females. At a time of great change in the forces shaping adolescence, including the timing of parenthood, investments in today’s adolescents, the largest cohort in human history, will yield great dividends for future generations.


Puberty marks a transition to adolescence and a life phase during which girls and boys acquire resources that are essential for becoming parents of the next generation. It also marks the beginning of reproductive life with a transition to functional gamete production. The preconceptional phase (that is, adolescence) varies markedly in length carrying implications for the acquisition of the social, financial and educational assets and nutritional, health and interpersonal risks that underlie intergenerational processes. The three months before conception is a time of male and female gamete maturation when parental exposures, including nutrition, obesity, substance use, stress, endocrine disruptors and physical activity may influence gamete structure and function. Periconception includes fertilization of the maternal and paternal gametes as well as the zygote and embryonic phases that are sensitive to the maternal nutritional and hormonal environment. There continue to be direct maternal effects antenatally mediated through the in utero environment and postnatally through nutrition (for example, breastfeeding) and the maternal–infant relationship. Direct paternal influences grow in the postnatal phase through the paternal–infant relationship and potentially through risk exposures, such as paternal tobacco use. Maternal and paternal health, behaviour as well as social and economic circumstances continue to have an indirect effect on offspring development in both antenatal and postnatal phases.



Toxic Advertisements and subtle memes



There is recent ad by TATA sky where Mr. Bacchan is doing some nautanki. Funny, isn’t it?

I see two hidden messages behind the ad.

1) It is this medium (and entertainment industry at large) who is controlling us like puppets.
2) Puppets are reflection of the creators. All puppets look same except when they are dressed differently. Similarly, TV, mass entertainment, passive entertainment kills our uniqeness as an individual and slowly injects popular planned generalized views about life. (Check the video. All puppets look same as Puppeteer Bacchan)

🙂 Do we really want this to happen with our precious unique life? What about our children? Future of the world? Do we want them to live like puppets of establishment?

Think about it.

Btw, The Internet commands our attention with far greater insistence than our television or radio or morning newspaper ever did. Do not surrender! Go, meet two new social contacts in real world before making 10 new friends here! (y) 🙂

Do frequent self-check: Am I one of those puppet in TATA sky ad? If yes, it is time to switch off 🙂

Doctor friend’s worry about generation next and Drugs



When I ask my friends keep their kids away from Bollywoodiyan entertainment, they laugh on me, ignore me and consider it harmless.

A dear friend felt all ok enjoying this song with his daughter

” चले गए.. सब खाना खाके दारु पिके चले गए सब खाना खाके दारु पिके चले गए सब खाना खाके दारु पिके चले गए चले गए.. चले गए.. चले गए [सब खाना खाके दारु पिके चले गए]” (Mind you guys! This repeat of words is most powerful mind programming!! Kids are easy prey!)

As if subconscious mind programming never happens! 😀

I have warned in past how I have observed and heard about increasing incidents of drugs in school goers around and in Vadodara! But seems society is sleeping ! 🙁 Parents are as always weak and helpless due to their own career struggles.Grand parents are busy in their own entertainment dosages!

Read this sad event from a doctor friend Louis George!

I’ve always known that we have a drug problem in our cities, but, yesterday, I saw something that worried me more than usual.
I was cycling through a side lane with my son at around 4 pm, when we were overtaken by a young “freakkan” on a scooter. He was in a hurry and had cut a little too close for comfort, to my son.
The reason for this became obvious a few seconds later.
He was heading for 3 girls in school uniform, in their early teens.
In a smooth movement, he extended his left arm partially to the side and the girl at the front did the same with her left hand. He must have been doing around 30kmph. They did what looked like a subdued, low energy high five, and both these kids continued to move in their respective directions without breaking stride or slowing down.
When I saw him head towards them at first, I expected a “molestation”. But after I saw what happened, my next thought was that it was a love letter being passed. It took me 2 secs to realise what actually happened.

That was a small scale drug deal that I’d just witnessed.
That was no love letter. No one writes love letters anymore, anyway. You’ve got instant messaging.

There was no smile, no expression on her face, of familiarity. Just the fluid practiced motion, of a quick transaction. They’ve done this before. Several times. That much was obvious. I looked directly at her, and made sure that she knew I noticed. She averted her gaze, turning back towards her friends and carrying out a loud fake conversation about something else, as we pedalled past them. Her friends were quite obviously in on it too.
I didn’t sleep too well, because of this. And had to write it down at 2am in the morning.
I’m not going to turn this into a personal crusade against drugs. I don’t want to end up threatened or beaten up by the gangs. I just wanted to spread awareness of what is going on, and how deep the rot goes in our neighbourhoods.

If 3 teenage girls in school uniform can carry out a drug purchase in broad daylight, in a reasonably busy side lane, and have no fear about the whole process, we’re in a lot of trouble. Our society is failing it’s children. Look after your own.

This problem isn’t limited to rich boys in posh schools anymore,like it was in my school days. It is a lot more widespread. It has crossed income, gender and age barriers. Media has trivialised drug use to that level. Take care of your own children.

Modern life, Precocious puberty, Juvenile Crime and Cancer



What to talk about those parents who subscribe their children to Computer, Mobile, Video games, as early as age of 5 or 6? What to talk about schools who teach by screens from kindergarten?


Is there any relation among Food, Mind, Body, Child Development and Sexual assault crimes?

1.A) Researches show that fast food/Toxic Food/GM food/Chemical milk triggers early puberty (Precocious puberty)
1.B) Researches show that excessive screen entertainment (TV/Movies/Video Games/Mobiles) accelerate puberty.
2) Researches also show that precocious puberty triggers violence, drugs use and excessive sexual activities in children.
3) Researches also show that effects of precocious puberty on delinquency are direct, without any other factors involved (like social class, family and race).

Precocious puberty tangles growing brain in sex related imaginings very early in life. This leads to potential development deficit. For more insights, this is worth researching subject.

Overuse of screen entertainment/interaction (TV/Movies/Video Games/Mobiles) accelerate puberty. Light and radiation from television screens and possibly even computer screens disturbs the production of melatonin, believed to be the hormone that can prevent early onset of puberty. With accelerated puberty, you reduce your child’s childhood and make them dumb adults, burden for society!

1) Early puberty is believed to put girls at higher risk of sexual abuse
2) Precocious puberty triggers violence, drugs use and excessive sexual activities in children.
3) Early-Onset Puberty Puts Girls at Risk of Medical Problems like breast cancer
4) Early sexual maturation in boys can be accompanied by increased aggressiveness due to the surge of hormones that affect them. Because they appear older than their peers, pubescent boys may face increased social pressure to conform to adult norms; society may view them as more emotionally advanced, despite the fact that their cognitive and social development may lag behind their appearance.
5) Studies have shown that early maturing boys are more likely to be sexually active and are more likely to participate in risky behaviors.

On the contrary, CEOs of Silicon Valley IT companies, send their children to technology-free schools!

A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute


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