Arrogant Obsession for “Give me Proof!”

अतिन्द्रिय & अचिन्त्य
Give me proof of Gau mutra?
What proof? 😀
It is अचिन्त्य medicine. We don’t waste time in seeking proofs for अचिन्त्य.
अचिन्त्य = तर्कसे जानने योग्य नहीं…
Like herbs, mantra(s) are also अचिन्त्य power of healing.
अचिन्त्यो हि मणिमंत्रोषधिप्रभाव:।
Jewels, mantra, herbs = अचिन्त्य impact.
Don’t waste time in rational proofs. Have faith, that’s it.
अतीन्द्रियान् असंवेद्यान् पश्यन्त्यार्षेण चक्षुषा
ये भावान् वचनं तेषां नानुमानेन बाध्यते
आविर्भूतप्रकाशानाम् अनुपप्लुतचेतसाम्
अतीतानागतज्ञानं प्रत्यक्षान् न विशिष्यते |
अतिन्द्रिय or अज्ञेय hints are beyond gross senses. योगजन्य ज्ञान helps in deciphering these hints. And when some yogi deciphers and present to us, such hints are beyond अनुमान (logic).
For example, if some self-realized person says that it will rain tomorrow. We can at the best can wait for tomorrow and experience it. It is futile to engage in logical observation like “There are no clouds. How can it rain tomorrow?” “There is no weather forecast for tomorrow.”
It is futile to find logic in अतिन्द्रिय hints. Wait, believe and watch. 🙂 I always put intuition over intellect. They are more reliable. at least for me. 🙂

Pseudo Science of Scientific Methods


Today morning, I watched this video shared by facebook friend and it reminded me old note on the same topic.

Never in true science, fluke responses and generalizations are accepted as principles.

Entire modern medicine field runs on fluke responses called ‘Clinical Trials’ and we call them ‘Science’ 😀.

Each one of us is unique by birth. Each one of us unique by the environment we live in. Our bodily state of health and sickness are personalized and cannot be generalized.

Modern pharma does clinical trials in controlled environment and then generalize the treatment. Utterly unscientific way of healing body. But since there is Economics and Greed is involved, they sell pseudo science big way. And since we are helpless by our ignorance, we buy the pseudo treatments. Modern clinicians may use scientific techniques but in the way that they treat their patients they are still quacks.The modern clinician and the medical researcher base their opinions and conclusions almost exclusively on subjective observations and wishful expectations which are likely to be based on inaccurate historical perspectives and experimental experiences with members of another species.

On the other hand, Ayurveda works on principles. Vata is Vata. Pitta is Pitta, Kapha is Kapha. Common sense, research governed by subjective conclusions backed by strong objective signs. Personalized treatment. Treatment is inspired by Mother nature.

Due to our involvement with pseudo sciences, we indirectly are tangled in the karma bonding with all animals and humans upon whom clinical trials happened so far.

I think it is high time we reject pseudo sciences and embrace benefits of true science.


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