Why Recitation of Mahakavya? The speaker–listener neural coupling



Why reciting Ramayana or listening it from loved-ones (those who are interested in your growth and self-realization progress) is any-day better than Idiot box serials and movies depicting Ramayana? (Or Mahabharata or Purana)

Information to Action ratio determines potency of mind, its ability to filter garbage from sense inputs and execute set of information fueled in for own betterment.

In oral learning traditions, due to inherent nature of minds, guide/Guru/Awakener could activate brain areas of listeners/students/Shishya in such a way that students can activate their mind at highest potency level for converting all incoming info/knowledge in action/application/experiment. And this is proved by modern science too[1]. Oral ways occupy mind in conversation, give access to live stream of information from Guru’s mind and on the fly filtration too. Here, learning is a shared activity resulting in a transfer of information across brains, from teacher to student, from speaker to listener. And overall success depends on the speaker/teacher’s ability to influence listener/student’s thought process. Modern science’ limitation is they cannot go beyond brain mirroring. Mind-space, Atma-space are alien territory for them as of now and so full potential of this method is yet untapped in our times.

Prior to visual mediums, in writing traditions, this information to action ratio was still good so that most people had a sense of being able to control some of the contingencies in their lives. What people knew about had action-value. It was valuable for them to act in life. And this is because brain still tries to process read word by mapping it to most nearest sound in memory. In addition, action-value was important factor for any type of information served.

In our visually dominated information world (See, I have to use picture! 🙂 ), this sense of potency is gradually diminishing, precisely because the whole world became the context for news/information. Everything became everyone’s business. For the first time, we were sent information which answered no question we had asked, and which, in any case, did not permit the right of reply too. With this one way traffic most of the times, in terms of passive entertainment & information titbits , it is easy for mind act impotent due to unavailability of potent catalyst and/or absence of action-value. Even if there is a chance for communication, major non-verbal communication link remains broken in virtual communication.

In this chaotic times, it is important for us to give more focus and re-training of a confused impotent mind. Train your mind to act. Act boldly. Train your mind to filter noise from information with high action-value. Face to face learning is best; whichever way suits you.



Speaker–listener neural coupling underlies successful communication

Verbal communication is a joint activity; however, speech production and comprehension have primarily been analyzed as independent processes within the boundaries of individual brains. Here, we applied fMRI to record brain activity from both speakers and listeners during natural verbal communication. We used the speaker’s spatiotemporal brain activity to model listeners’ brain activity and found that the speaker’s activity is spatially and temporally coupled with the listener’s activity. This coupling vanishes when participants fail to communicate. Moreover, though on average the listener’s brain activity mirrors the speaker’s activity with a delay, we also find areas that exhibit predictive anticipatory responses. We connected the extent of neural coupling to a quantitative measure of story comprehension and find that the greater the anticipatory speaker–listener coupling, the greater the understanding. We argue that the observed alignment of production- and comprehension-based processes serves as a mechanism by which brains convey information.



Maareecha to Mass Medium : Neural Pathway Hijacking and Nano-pollution


“The eye may be window to the soul, but neuroscientists aim to get inside and measure the interior directly. Thereís also talk about moving some walls”


First thing that clicked to me while reading this, was Maareecha राक्षस!

स रावण वचः श्रुत्वा मारीचो राक्षसः तदा || ३-४२-१४
मृगो भूत्वा आश्रम द्वारि रामस्य विचचार ह |

“And on hearing Ravana’s words demon Maareecha then became a deer and indeed ambled freely in the frontage of Rama’s hermitage. [3-42-14b, 15a]

Did you ever read the description of Maareecha as deer? Let us go through it to realize importance of what I am trying to convey.

highly splendorous and fascinating deer

मनोहरम् दर्शनीयम् रूपम्

And with hundreds of silvery stipples of body he became an astonishing deer with pleasant looks and indeed moved chewing new grass-blades of trees.

What was his motive?

प्रलोभनार्थम् वैदेह्या – to delude Vaidehi!

It is actually the last weapon Ravana used!

Mass delusion creation is the last resort for राक्षस!



Fast-forward to the time of NOW. We have Maareecha all around in form of TV, Media, News channels, Bollywood and all mass entertainment mediums. Deluding us daily!

“The eye may be window to the soul, but neuroscientists aim to get inside and measure the interior directly. Thereís also talk about moving some walls”

Yes, the time ahead is interesting. While most of us will be groomed to remain zombies, there will be bombardment of electro-chemical-magnetic medications to manipulate your neural circuits. On the other hand, there is Big data. What you already did, is recorded massively. Aggregation of such data gives fair predictions of your future actions.

Nano-pollution : To hijack and control your perceptions.

So that, we all can see only Golden Deer and ignore monster behind it.

Imagine; someone pinches you so hard that it leaves imprints with you, scar on your skin and a loud scream memory.

Now, imagine, if there is no pinch, no scream and still there are powerful imprints on your mind and memory. Call them neuro-manipulations. Sustain, if you can. Time has arrived for nano-pollution, like neuro-manipulation of your relatively raw & gullible intelligence.

What would happen if my neurons are manipulated?

Take for example : Visual pathway i.e. series of brain segments interpreting input signals and creating visual experience for you. If somehow, this highway is highjacked, then it is possible to give you controlled experience.

How to combat? Candle light march? 😉

Take back control. Do not get trapped in slavish manipulations.Greed, anger and lust : Identify them beforehand. Before it is too late.



Read here : http://repository.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1006&context=neuroethics_pubs


Indian Art of Story Telling : Instructors For The World


Do you care to read Panchtantra/Ramayana/Mahabharata for your children? If you won’t, your children will miss important brain circuits’ development via recursive tales of ethics and dharma and you will be known as most stupid parents of 21st century!


If you don’t care about this part of history (Science of Tales and Fables), you will not only miss chance to reaffirm glorious past in mind and strive to reach at such summit again but you will also miss potential self-development (Physical, material and mental) which would have been possible by reading mighty poems and tales.


Hindu achievements in ethico-didactic poetry branch of literature establish once for all their intellectual superiority. It is this part of their literature that has made its way to the remotest corners of the Europe and America.

The King of Persia, Khusro Nausherawan (531-579 AD) sent his physician, Barzoi, to India in order to translate the fables of the Panchtantra from Sanskrit to Pahlavi.

The indigenous complex Bharatiya story telling, tale within tale, is greatest invention in the field of literature, connecting, rather dull bunch of words to science of brain and mind.

The indigenous complex Bharatiya story telling, tale within tale, is greatest invention in the field of literature, connecting, rather dull bunch of words to science of brain and mind.

**** Attention for pregnant women *****:
In last trimester, maximum focus is on brain development and weight gain. In brain, new neural connections formation is happening rapidly. During this time, read Mahabhrata and Ramayana loud. Your child in the womb will get engaged in recursive tales of Maha-kavyas. This will help them to develop razor sharp memory and intellect. i.e. मेधा बुध्धि.

Why reading Ramayana and Mahabharata during pregnancy?

Many friends make fun of me or ignore my advice when I suggest them to read Mahabharata or Ramayana during pregnancy. At least for last 3-4 months of pregnancy.


Last 3 months are when brain formation happens rapidly. Last 3 months are when senses are developing to the perfection. Last 3 months are when child’s senses start their initial communication with the world.

So what?

I don’t want my child to become religious fanatic! I want him/her to be secular! 😀 सर्व धर्म समभाव!


This is nothing but utterly screwed ignorance.

Ramayana and Mahabharata are not mere stories! They are stories within stories within stories!! Like Movie inception or like movie Interstellar!

When your child in womb is introduced to such recursive tales, it stretches developing brain to the level best! Brain’s success depends upon how many connections neurons can make with each other. Recursion of tales, as it is there in most of Hindu scriptures, helps in brain development. Better the brain is developed, better it can support the mind. (Modern medicine says that mind is an outcome of brain but as per Hindu scriptures, mind is separate entity, supported by physical body i.e. brain)


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