प्राणायाम without worshiping गणेश-हनुमान?

Like ‘Yoga’, ‘Pranayam’ is now a buzz word. 🙂 But who is exactly protecting प्राण? Who is प्राण ?
Without worshiping them, will you be able to learn Pranayam? 🙂 I doubt. It is mere rhythmic breathing, like physical aerobic exercise. There is really no control (protection) of prana without गणेश. And there is no प्राण,without हनुमान.
Without realizing and worshiping गणेश & हनुमान, control over प्राण is mere delusion or feel good factor.
One is प्राण protector (गण-पति :: पति = रक्षक protector)
Another is प्राण पुत्र (पवन पुत्र हनुमान) = अग्नि
It is प्राण & अग्नि who are vitally responsible for running our body. Their personification, गणेश & हनुमान, are life giver and life saver.
Visit any वैदिक shiv temple. You will find गणेश & हनुमान there.
जय हनुमान |जय गणेश|

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