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Mind Viruses

Television Soaps, FMCG Ads and Mini-Consultation on Reaching Hindus



Story base and story characters planning of daily soaps happen very diligently. It must connect to large section of targeted viewers.

Yesterday, I surfed TV channels after long time. I chose prime time. To my surprise, all daily soaps had either one Muslim character or entire plot was based on Muslim family.

Decade back, there was focus on Gujarat and Rajasthan. Before that Marathi families. Before that North Indians. I am talking about Hindi belt. Other language regions have same brainwashing going on since advent of TV.

Interesting conclusions one can derive:

1) Target of injecting modernism in the minds of Middle class Gujarati and Rajasthani is completed. Most of them no more respect cultural roots and prefer mindless fusions. They now consume at much higher speed than ever. Good market for FMCG, Gold, Diamonds, Clothing, Bollywood, Cricket.

2) Middle class Muslims are recent target. It also shows significant increase in Muslim population in urban area across the nation.
Think about it. Conversion to modernism is more deadly than inter-sect conversion.

They have been trying hard for 3 decades. It is called Urban Evangelism. Attract Hindus by modern means of living. (Side note: Swadesi movement by Rajiv dixit ji was big hurdle for meeting their agenda decided in 1980 )
Go back to 1980s to understand roots of Urban Evangelism. The

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, more commonly known as the Lausanne Movement, is a global Movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization. The stated vision is “the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world”.

Urban Evangelism, being middle step before converting globe to one single faith for vested interests of power and control, historic Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE) held in Pattaya, Thailand, in June, 1980. Outcome of this workshop is Consultation on Reaching Hindus. It was funded by world’s biggest FMCG companies.

Read the report here (http://www.lausanne.org/content/lop/lop-14) . You can very well see successful execution in our society. Indians are no more Hindus or Muslims. They are urban morons who mindlessly consume 🙂Their religion is to consume.

TV soaps and FMCG Ads are doing wonderful job of brainwashing 🙂 (Y)

Sponsored by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

LOP 14 – Christian Witness to Hindus

Lausanne Occasional Paper 14

Report of the Consultation on World Evangelization

Mini-Consultation on Reaching Hindus

held at Pattaya, Thailand  from 16-27 June, 1980

Sponsored by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization


Prefatory Note

This report, Christian Witness to Hindus, is one of a series of Lausanne Occasional Papers (LOPs) emerging from the historic Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE) held in Pattaya, Thailand, in June, 1980. The report was drafted by members of the “Mini-Consultation on Reaching Hindus,” under the chairmanship of Mr. Satkheerthi Rao, who also served as International Co-ordinator of the pre-COWE study groups on Hindus.

The major part of this report went through a draft and a revised draft, which involved all members of the mini-consultation. It was also submitted to a wider “sub-plenary” group for comment, but the responsibility for the final text rests with the mini-consultation and its chairman.

The report is released with the prayer and hope that it will stimulate the church and individual members in reaching this large segment of the population.


Copyright © 1980
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization


1. Historical Sketch and Contemporary Situation
a. The Hindu Population
b. The Hindu Religion
2. Biblical Framework for Hindu Evangelization
a. Preamble
b. Theological Perspective
c. Theological Blocks
d. Theological Bridges
3. Hindrances to Evangelization of Hindus
a. Socio-Cultural Issues
b. Economic Issues
c. Methodological Issues
4. Case Studies of God’s Action in Christian Ministry to Hindus
a. Family Head Responds Through Unusual Circumstances
b. Miraculous Healing Convinces Many
c. The Church’s Social Concern Softens the Community
d. Repeated Exposure to the Gospel Bears Fruit
e. Christian Witness and Worship Crosses Social Divisions
f. A Period of Teaching and Discussion Precedes Reaping in  High-Caste Community
g. Initial Contact Through Students
5. Strategic Planning For Evangelization of Hindus
a. Preamble and Principle
b. Rural Evangelism
c. Urban Evangelism
d. Ministry to Women
e. Student Evangelism
f. Diaspora
g. Social Concern
6. Resources and Tools for the Task
a. The Middle-Class Church
b. Mass Media
c. Weddings, Funerals, and Festivals
d. Dialogue
e. Seminars
f.  Diaspora
7. Commitment
a. Co-operation between Church and Para-Church Organisations
b. Mobilisation of the Church World-Wide for Prayer for Hindu People
8. Conclusion
a. The Hindu Quest
b. Love Dynamic
9. Closing Concern
Appendix A: Report Committee

Media And Entertainment : Real Burning War-Front



STAR network is now STAR pariwar. Your family is already digested by this monster! Your values and culture, gone! Beware and save as many you can from your family and friends. Ask them to boycott TV the passive entertainment monster. Spend more time with nature. Be active in local civic duties. Be vigilant citizen.


We are at war-front. Great war against perception-management.

The TV came on its own as an instrument of perception-management during past many war events. Instruments such as printed pamphlets, books, radio broadcasts, the telephone and the fax, the E-mail and the Internet are good for the hard aspects of psywar for alienating the people from their state and for discrediting the state in the eyes of its people and the world, but have only limited use for the soft aspect of projecting the power or group behind the psywar in an attractive light and creating a desire to emulate its culture, ways of life etc. It is here that the value of the TV as a medium comes. Through a sophisticated production and projection of programmes, one can create in the minds of the targeted audience, particularly the urban-based elite and youth, an uncritical admiration of the Western societies, soften their prejudices towards the West and evoke a desire to imitate them. Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.
Read last line with more emphasis ==> “Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.” ==> This is time to hit hard on people’s psyche. Once they lose faith in their own society and culture, it is easy to mold them as controlled slaves. This is where TV plays monster role.


Do you know why more and more urban youth now castigate their own culture, calling their tradition savage and barbaric?

Read next paragraph carefully.

Writing in the “Washington Quarterly” of summer 1995, Gerald Segal, Senior Fellow, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, said: “It is only when Hong Kong-based consortia began satellite broadcasting of foreign and Chinese soap operas and international sports that the satellite broadcasts were watched by many millions of people on a regular basis. The fact that the BBC World Service TV was carried on the commercial satellite gave it greater penetration of the market, but persistent anecdotal evidence is clear that the viewers (in Asia) were picking up Western values mainly from the entertainment and only in passing from “talking heads” (talk shows) discussing human rights. It was “Baywatch”, “Dallas”, “Beavis and Butt-Head” or “Kung-Fu” episodes that were watched by most people and precisely because they were so much more attractive than more cerebral television, such programmes were more effective in undermining state retention of authority and control over values.”

He further said: “When Rupert Murdoch, well-known for his outspoken criticism of Asian and especially communist authoritarians, dropped BBCWSTV from his Hong Kong-based STAR TV because China warned that its presence put at risk the entire venture, many saw the move as an uncharacteristic pre-emptive kowtow to communists. But, by removing the overtly political message and continuing to provide soap operas about conspicuous consumption and loose morals, STAR was actually beginning to do far more damage to the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Do not let perception-managing monsters control your values and ethos. Do you know who all are they? Check this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=201753596616223

Read more about PSYWAR here: http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/paper39

Screen Entertainment : Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction



Not all addictions are chemical. But surely, it is all about mental. Any pattern of behavior that leads to a pleasure, will be repeated by human minds. Positive reinforcement. This is technical addiction. Opium and TV act same as addictive agent.

When you watch TV or any passive entertainment medium, brain activity switches from the left brain to the right hemisphere. In fact, as per research, right brain is twice as active as the left. I call this a neurological anomaly.

The crossover of thoughts from left to right brain, releases endorphins, a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties. i.e. Capable of relieving pain.

11136718_401118426679738_6971567030182555780_n 11146236_401118493346398_5113086435427630449_n

So every time you watch Television, or kids watch it, or play video game or surf internet videos, flood of endorphins releases from the neural gates. Endorphins are same chemical that drug addicts consume for artificial pleasure.

All activities that releases endorphins are habit-forming i.e. prone for addiction.

This the reason why Opium addict and TV addict or Smoking addict or alcohol cannot break the habit easily.

So if you really want to develop addiction, daru, cigar or TV are not good habits. They accelerates your right brain chaos and left methodical brain becomes useless. This leads to vicious cycle of lethargy, procrastination, withdrawal symptoms.

Find out activity that uses both right and left brain. There should be balance of chemical communication between two parts of the brain. TV fails this criteria. Cinema too. Video games too. Epic failures.
So what to do?

Play. Go, play with children. Sports. Go play with friends. Any outdoor sport that demands rules following, methods to execute, timely decision, input processing and gut feeling (Both left and right brain usage), 30 minutes a day, is worth. Try it. My fav is kho-kho. Perfect game where one can use both left and right brain together.

And make sure while you are running, cycling, swimming or doing any physical activity in silo, you do not succumb to pleasure. Addiction of anything is not worth. Even if it is physical exercise. 🙂 I know they are better than watching TV which shutdowns all other areas of the brain but still…addiction is addiction 🙂 misuse of brain 😉 (Y)

Indigestion of mind and Toxic Mental Stool


12 types of mental stool that will arise in your mind for sure. Purge them as soon as they develop in your mind-space (मानसिक शरीर)

शोकः क्रोधश्च लोभश्च कामो मोहः परासुता।
ईर्ष्या मानो विचिकित्सा कृपासूया जुगुप्सता॥
द्वादश्ौते बुद्धिनाशहेतवो मानसा मलाः।

– इति कालिकापुराणे १८ अध्यायः

Mental Indigestion
Mental Indigestion

Solution is in get rid off mental indigestion. Continuous fine tuning of indriya and sensory perception captured by them, detecting indigestion of thoughts in early stage and divert mind for better alternatives.

सतताध्ययनं वाद- परतन्त्रावलोकनं तद्विद्याचार्यसेवा इति बुद्धि मेधाकरो गण| – सुश्रुत चिकित्सा

Continuous स्व-अध्यन (स्वाध्याय ), hearing moral tales (Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwat) and company of good teachers (सत्संग) helps in fine tuning intellect to avoid indigestion of mind.

Malala and others : Products of Western Icon Producing Factory

Latest West promoted Icon
Latest West promoted Icon

Nov 22, 2015: “I relate to Indian culture the most”: Malala Yousafzai

Sept 06, 2016: “”The Kashmiri people, like people everywhere, deserve their fundamental human rights… They should live free of fear and repression,” Malala said.

Surprised, right? How come her stand changed within one year? 🙂 Was it her opinion or she was groomed to spread opinions based on changing geopolitical landscape?

Ever wondered why suddenly icons like Malala rise to the fame? Why? Vested interests?

Western corporate/govt(s) knows very well: “How to use the opportunity?” and “How to fool the world by exploiting popular sentiment?”

They also know, how to create opportunity. Was this deliberate opportunity created? Not sure. May be genuine but the way event is received, I smell it differently.

But I will use this opportunity to share something from history 🙂 so that we can understand why Malala is glorified and how geopolitics and business opportunities are served by these popped-icons.

Read this to understand show business of social icons.


Show business of illnesses
Show business of illnesses

Here is something from the past.

When society or Nation is paralyzed by show off and glaring entertainment industry, it is very easy to deceive them.

Here are two examples showing how diseases are glorified and hype is created about them.
First example is about Catherine Variety Sheridan.
Entertainment industry has only one purpose – sell themselves. In 1928, great depression was the theme. So in the winter of 1928, with the city teetering on the abyss of the Depression, a drama was planned by a group of men in show business—producers, directors, actors, entertainers, and film-theater owners—the Variety Club of Boston.

Drama goes like this:

A woman had abandoned her child at the doorstep of the Sheridan Square Film Theater. A note pinned on the child read:

“Please take care of my baby. Her name is Catherine. I can no longer take care of her. I have eight others. My husband is out of work. She was born on Thanksgiving Day. I have always heard of the goodness of show business and I pray to God that you will look out for her.”

The cinematic melodrama of the episode, and the heartfelt appeal to the “goodness of show business,” made a deep impression on public psyche. The Catherine Sheridan story was widely reported in the press and brought more media exposure to the club than its members had ever envisioned.

Classic example of exploiting sentimental genes of mass! Club gained their much needed publicity in depression era! Post world war, movie making became boom industry and the club had a great time seducing people by entertainment.
Another example is: The Jimmy Fund
Same variety club and cancer researcher Farber, in 1948, felt that Cancer needs more publicity. They started search for Cancer Mascot. Task was difficult because cancer treated children were all dehydrated and nauseated from chemotherapy. Children barely able to hold their heads and bodies upright, let alone be paraded publicly as optimistic mascots for cancer treatment. Looking frantically through the patient lists, Farber found Einar Gustafson who was not suffering from cancer!! Einar was rechristened as Jimmy. Jimmy was aired on Radio in then Oprah type talk show.

Broadcast lasted eight minutes. Jimmy spoke twelve sentences and sang one song. The word swell was used five times. Little was said of Jimmy’s cancer! Rest of the time was given to Baseball superstars whom Jimmy dreamt of meeting personally.
The public response was staggering. Flood of money! Flood of publicity!
A disease needed to be transformed politically before it could be transformed scientifically. And that is how we are still introduced to new illnesses.

So when you next time see Aamir Khan or Salman Khan talking about social welfare, do not pay much attention. They are paid to promote issues. They are paid to deceive you and gain sympathies. We don’t need Bollywood to teach us charity lessons. It is common sense. It is public sense.

Courtesy: Book Emperor of all maladies by Siddharth Mukherjee discussed show business of diseases in one the chapters.



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