Identify wolf : Ads hijacking festivals



With the help of govt of India (, global food processing powers are all set to control us! Be ready for more and more toxic dissonance!

We must identify wolf under sheep-skin. And we fail, be ready for the cunning attack.

There is a war going on in our minds. Native beliefs vs Marketed Beliefs. Marketed beliefs are coated with Native flavor so majority don’t even sense the war!

Marketing always use ‘Science’ or ‘Religion’ weapon to kill your native beliefs and make you faithful consumer of their products.

For example, see this 1960’s ad where Cigarettes are marketed as totally innocent! 🙂

Another example is: Replacing traditional festival food by processed food.

Cadbury chocolate is new form of mithai! 😀

Think about it! Do we really love being slavish consumer of unhealthy habits?

Stay away from toxic delusions. Cherish native beliefs. Celebrate local culture. If there are issues with local food sources, correct them! Alien processed food is never an alternative!


Mass Media, Speeches and Motivation : Underwhelmed Medium for Personal Trasnformation



When a movie Bhag Milkha Bhag was released, many of my friends got inspired from it started running!

Last Sunday, I asked them:

“So how many of you started running/exercising after watching Bhag Milkha Bhag? How many? ”

Oh, you started but…stopped within a week? hmmmm!

Remember, inspiration ignites from within. And only living and pure hearts can act as catalysts to ignite you from within. FAKE actors and VIRTUAL shows cannot create long lasting impact.

There was silence in the group 🙂  You must have watched below speech. Right? If not, watch it first.

Like this, so many movies came about system change (Recent Satyagraha), corruption and what not. They satisfied us, charged us for 3 hrs and then…as usual…routine…
Better, we spend precious life time with real people and reciprocate inspiration for each other’s life goals. Self-help books, society-help movies – they can never serve as primary inspirational source.

Mass mediums like Cinema, TV, Facebook are designed to govern mass psyche. Individual’s tendency to get governed by medium depends upon several things, not limited to individual’s capacity to learn/unlearn, ability to discriminate between right and wrong, ability to resist mental control etc. And this pool of abilities to avoid becoming puppet of mass mediums, is either get developed under real mediums or is born gifts by nature.
On the other hand, Self-talk-medium (Silence with self), Guru-medium, friend-medium, mentor medium are not to govern others but to uplift them towards deeper self-realization. Heart to heart connections. Thats where fakes fall short.

Media driven society : failing relations, ailing families


Why relations fail more often in society embracing mass media blindly?

“A large part of the problem is the glorification of false love through the media, which hold out insubstantial but glamorous relations as a never ending lure…The relationships portrayed by the media are a symbol of status rather than of emotional health or personal well-being. “

– Katz and Liu (1988, p. 329)

It’s important to gain the knowledge and skills to resist the power of mass media portrayals that promote unrealistic expectations of sex, love, and romance. If we fail, price is costly. Toll of civilization. Death of culture. Barbaric society. Animals in human form.

Night digital screen time and Extinct Good Night Sleep



If I tell you (and I did convey in past) that artificial light is killing us like slow poison, many of you, will call be primitive or fanatic 😀.

Well, here is the report from trusted sources from science.

Craze for smart phones, late night working, e-readers etc – read the consequences here. Wake up before it is too late. (Y)

Oh yes, if you are giving smart phones to kids for game playing! STOP it NOW! At least stop now!


Use of a light-emitting electronic book (LE-eBook) in the hours before bedtime can adversely impact overall health, alertness and the circadian clock, which synchronizes the daily rhythm of sleep to external environmental time cues, according to Harvard Medical School researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


E-Readers Foil Good Night’s Sleep

Light-emitting electronic devices keep readers awake longer than old-fashioned print

Use of a light-emitting electronic book (LE-eBook) in the hours before bedtime can adversely impact overall health, alertness and the circadian clock, which synchronizes the daily rhythm of sleep to external environmental time cues, according to Harvard Medical School researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. These findings of the study that compared the biological effects of reading an LE-eBook to a printed book are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on December 22, 2014.

“We found the body’s natural circadian rhythms were interrupted by the short-wavelength enriched light, otherwise known as blue light, from these electronic devices,” said Anne-Marie Chang, corresponding author and associate neuroscientist at Brigham and Women’s Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders. “Participants reading an LE-eBook took longer to fall asleep and had reduced evening sleepiness, reduced melatonin secretion, later timing of their circadian clock and reduced next-morning alertness than when reading a printed book.”

Previous research has shown that blue light suppresses melatonin, impacts the circadian clock and increases alertness, but little was known about the effects of this popular technology on sleep. The use of light-emitting devices immediately before bedtime is a concern because of the extremely powerful effect that light has on the body’s natural sleep/wake pattern and how that may play a role in perpetuating sleep deficiency.


Recitation vs Television : Visual Leakages

Visual leakage


When you listen Ramayana, your mind has to put efforts in imagining the visuals. If you keep repeat listening, it will refine the visual perceptions. As you grow and refine your perceptions, you also get benefitted by invisible therapeutic healing of body and mind. You are involved. You are active.
The next best method is to engage mind with Ramayana is, live performance. In that case, there is still a scope of imagination and refinement as the scenes are not perfect.
The worse option is modern Television and movies. Ready-made scenes. Detailed scenes. Invisible memes. Conditioning for petty selfish motives. And you passively gallop all visual perceptions. As per this research (Concentrating attention on a visual task can render you momentarily ‘deaf’ to sounds at normal levels [1]), you remain deaf (and dumb too) while you are engrossed in rich and detailed visual scenes. This eliminates auditory inspiration and stimuli to mind. Major drawback – TV watcher misses valuable चित्त शुध्धि (purification of mental imprints due to karma/actions). He or she also miss opportunity of self-realization as there is no 1 to 1 relation between the narrator (who is often considered self-realized and matured person) and the listener which is natural in traditional Ramayana recitation/narration.



Why focusing on a visual task will make us deaf to our surroundings

Concentrating attention on a visual task can render you momentarily ‘deaf’ to sounds at normal levels, reports a new UCL study funded by the Wellcome Trust

Concentrating attention on a visual task can render you momentarily ‘deaf’ to sounds at normal levels, reports a new UCL study funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, suggests that the senses of hearing and vision share a limited neural resource. Brain scans from 13 volunteers found that when they were engaged in a demanding visual task, the brain response to sound was significantly reduced. Examination of people’s ability to detect sounds during the visual demanding task also showed a higher rate of failures to detect sounds, even though the sounds were clearly audible and people did detect them when the visual task was easy.

“This was an experimental lab study which is one of the ways that we can establish cause and effect. We found that when volunteers were performing the demanding visual task, they were unable to hear sounds that they would normally hear,” explains study co-author Dr Maria Chait (UCL Ear Institute). “The brain scans showed that people were not only ignoring or filtering out the sounds, they were not actually hearing them in the first place.”

The phenomenon of ‘inattentional deafness’, where we fail to notice sounds when concentrating on other things, has been observed by the researchers before. However, this is the first time that they have been able to determine, by measuring brain activity in real-time using MEG (magnetoencephalography), that the effects are driven by brain mechanisms at a very early stage of auditory processing which would be expected to lead to the experience of being ‘deaf’ to these sounds.

Inattentional Deafness: Visual Load Leads to Time-Specific Suppression of Auditory Evoked Responses

Due to capacity limits on perception, conditions of high perceptual load lead to reduced processing of unattended stimuli (Lavie et al., 2014). Accumulating work demonstrates the effects of visual perceptual load on visual cortex responses, but the effects on auditory processing remain poorly understood. Here we establish the neural mechanisms underlying “inattentional deafness”—the failure to perceive auditory stimuli under high visual perceptual load. Participants performed a visual search task of low (target dissimilar to nontarget items) or high (target similar to nontarget items) load. On a random subset (50%) of trials, irrelevant tones were presented concurrently with the visual stimuli. Brain activity was recorded with magnetoencephalography, and time-locked responses to the visual search array and to the incidental presence of unattended tones were assessed. High, compared to low, perceptual load led to increased early visual evoked responses (within 100 ms from onset). This was accompanied by reduced early (∼100 ms from tone onset) auditory evoked activity in superior temporal sulcus and posterior middle temporal gyrus. A later suppression of the P3 “awareness” response to the tones was also observed under high load. A behavioral experiment revealed reduced tone detection sensitivity under high visual load, indicating that the reduction in neural responses was indeed associated with reduced awareness of the sounds. These findings support a neural account of shared audiovisual resources, which, when depleted under load, leads to failures of sensory perception and awareness.

SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT The present work clarifies the neural underpinning of inattentional deafness under high visual load. The findings of near-simultaneous load effects on both visual and auditory evoked responses suggest shared audiovisual processing capacity. Temporary depletion of shared capacity in perceptually demanding visual tasks leads to a momentary reduction in sensory processing of auditory stimuli, resulting in inattentional deafness. The dynamic “push–pull” pattern of load effects on visual and auditory processing furthers our understanding of both the neural mechanisms of attention and of cross-modal effects across visual and auditory processing. These results also offer an explanation for many previous failures to find cross-modal effects in experiments where the visual load effects may not have coincided directly with auditory sensory processing.


Media And Entertainment : Real Burning War-Front



STAR network is now STAR pariwar. Your family is already digested by this monster! Your values and culture, gone! Beware and save as many you can from your family and friends. Ask them to boycott TV the passive entertainment monster. Spend more time with nature. Be active in local civic duties. Be vigilant citizen.


We are at war-front. Great war against perception-management.

The TV came on its own as an instrument of perception-management during past many war events. Instruments such as printed pamphlets, books, radio broadcasts, the telephone and the fax, the E-mail and the Internet are good for the hard aspects of psywar for alienating the people from their state and for discrediting the state in the eyes of its people and the world, but have only limited use for the soft aspect of projecting the power or group behind the psywar in an attractive light and creating a desire to emulate its culture, ways of life etc. It is here that the value of the TV as a medium comes. Through a sophisticated production and projection of programmes, one can create in the minds of the targeted audience, particularly the urban-based elite and youth, an uncritical admiration of the Western societies, soften their prejudices towards the West and evoke a desire to imitate them. Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.
Read last line with more emphasis ==> “Sections of the targeted audience lose faith in their own society and culture.” ==> This is time to hit hard on people’s psyche. Once they lose faith in their own society and culture, it is easy to mold them as controlled slaves. This is where TV plays monster role.


Do you know why more and more urban youth now castigate their own culture, calling their tradition savage and barbaric?

Read next paragraph carefully.

Writing in the “Washington Quarterly” of summer 1995, Gerald Segal, Senior Fellow, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, said: “It is only when Hong Kong-based consortia began satellite broadcasting of foreign and Chinese soap operas and international sports that the satellite broadcasts were watched by many millions of people on a regular basis. The fact that the BBC World Service TV was carried on the commercial satellite gave it greater penetration of the market, but persistent anecdotal evidence is clear that the viewers (in Asia) were picking up Western values mainly from the entertainment and only in passing from “talking heads” (talk shows) discussing human rights. It was “Baywatch”, “Dallas”, “Beavis and Butt-Head” or “Kung-Fu” episodes that were watched by most people and precisely because they were so much more attractive than more cerebral television, such programmes were more effective in undermining state retention of authority and control over values.”

He further said: “When Rupert Murdoch, well-known for his outspoken criticism of Asian and especially communist authoritarians, dropped BBCWSTV from his Hong Kong-based STAR TV because China warned that its presence put at risk the entire venture, many saw the move as an uncharacteristic pre-emptive kowtow to communists. But, by removing the overtly political message and continuing to provide soap operas about conspicuous consumption and loose morals, STAR was actually beginning to do far more damage to the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Do not let perception-managing monsters control your values and ethos. Do you know who all are they? Check this:

Read more about PSYWAR here:

Screen Entertainment : Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction



Not all addictions are chemical. But surely, it is all about mental. Any pattern of behavior that leads to a pleasure, will be repeated by human minds. Positive reinforcement. This is technical addiction. Opium and TV act same as addictive agent.

When you watch TV or any passive entertainment medium, brain activity switches from the left brain to the right hemisphere. In fact, as per research, right brain is twice as active as the left. I call this a neurological anomaly.

The crossover of thoughts from left to right brain, releases endorphins, a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties. i.e. Capable of relieving pain.

11136718_401118426679738_6971567030182555780_n 11146236_401118493346398_5113086435427630449_n

So every time you watch Television, or kids watch it, or play video game or surf internet videos, flood of endorphins releases from the neural gates. Endorphins are same chemical that drug addicts consume for artificial pleasure.

All activities that releases endorphins are habit-forming i.e. prone for addiction.

This the reason why Opium addict and TV addict or Smoking addict or alcohol cannot break the habit easily.

So if you really want to develop addiction, daru, cigar or TV are not good habits. They accelerates your right brain chaos and left methodical brain becomes useless. This leads to vicious cycle of lethargy, procrastination, withdrawal symptoms.

Find out activity that uses both right and left brain. There should be balance of chemical communication between two parts of the brain. TV fails this criteria. Cinema too. Video games too. Epic failures.
So what to do?

Play. Go, play with children. Sports. Go play with friends. Any outdoor sport that demands rules following, methods to execute, timely decision, input processing and gut feeling (Both left and right brain usage), 30 minutes a day, is worth. Try it. My fav is kho-kho. Perfect game where one can use both left and right brain together.

And make sure while you are running, cycling, swimming or doing any physical activity in silo, you do not succumb to pleasure. Addiction of anything is not worth. Even if it is physical exercise. 🙂 I know they are better than watching TV which shutdowns all other areas of the brain but still…addiction is addiction 🙂 misuse of brain 😉 (Y)

Maareecha to Mass Medium : Neural Pathway Hijacking and Nano-pollution


“The eye may be window to the soul, but neuroscientists aim to get inside and measure the interior directly. Thereís also talk about moving some walls”


First thing that clicked to me while reading this, was Maareecha राक्षस!

स रावण वचः श्रुत्वा मारीचो राक्षसः तदा || ३-४२-१४
मृगो भूत्वा आश्रम द्वारि रामस्य विचचार ह |

“And on hearing Ravana’s words demon Maareecha then became a deer and indeed ambled freely in the frontage of Rama’s hermitage. [3-42-14b, 15a]

Did you ever read the description of Maareecha as deer? Let us go through it to realize importance of what I am trying to convey.

highly splendorous and fascinating deer

मनोहरम् दर्शनीयम् रूपम्

And with hundreds of silvery stipples of body he became an astonishing deer with pleasant looks and indeed moved chewing new grass-blades of trees.

What was his motive?

प्रलोभनार्थम् वैदेह्या – to delude Vaidehi!

It is actually the last weapon Ravana used!

Mass delusion creation is the last resort for राक्षस!



Fast-forward to the time of NOW. We have Maareecha all around in form of TV, Media, News channels, Bollywood and all mass entertainment mediums. Deluding us daily!

“The eye may be window to the soul, but neuroscientists aim to get inside and measure the interior directly. Thereís also talk about moving some walls”

Yes, the time ahead is interesting. While most of us will be groomed to remain zombies, there will be bombardment of electro-chemical-magnetic medications to manipulate your neural circuits. On the other hand, there is Big data. What you already did, is recorded massively. Aggregation of such data gives fair predictions of your future actions.

Nano-pollution : To hijack and control your perceptions.

So that, we all can see only Golden Deer and ignore monster behind it.

Imagine; someone pinches you so hard that it leaves imprints with you, scar on your skin and a loud scream memory.

Now, imagine, if there is no pinch, no scream and still there are powerful imprints on your mind and memory. Call them neuro-manipulations. Sustain, if you can. Time has arrived for nano-pollution, like neuro-manipulation of your relatively raw & gullible intelligence.

What would happen if my neurons are manipulated?

Take for example : Visual pathway i.e. series of brain segments interpreting input signals and creating visual experience for you. If somehow, this highway is highjacked, then it is possible to give you controlled experience.

How to combat? Candle light march? 😉

Take back control. Do not get trapped in slavish manipulations.Greed, anger and lust : Identify them beforehand. Before it is too late.



Read here :


We are at war : Psychological Warfare

A friend asked, why we must bother about positive or negative perception management? Indian Media and Social Media could have ignored Kejriwal’s dangerous anti-India stand. Instead, we glorified it, mocked it and created huge issue. This is how perception management works. At the same time, govt should take strict actions against such elements. Not taking actions sends wrong signal, here and worldwide.
The great perception : kejriwal hates modi
The great perception : kejriwal hates modi
[Note Written on October 6, 2014]
In the era of perception-management, mass media plays critical role, for and against the society.The term known is Psywar or psychological warfare. We are at war with troubling nation and since

“States not having the required capability for perception-management and for countering the perception management capabilities of not only other States, but also groups posing a threat to their national security and economic well-being, tend to become soft and vulnerable to external forces seeking to undermine the morale and culture of their people and the authority of their Governments.”

Accept it – India is a weak state as far as perception-management is concerned. Knowingly or unknowingly, entertainment industry is being used by Anti-Indian forces to manage popular perceptions.

“The Nazi forces were defeated not only by the superior military might of the Allies, but also by their better propaganda machine and, more particularly, by the British radio broadcasts, which sapped the will of the German people to continue fighting.”

“In October 1993, when the Kashmiri extremists occupied the Hazratbal shrine, the BBC telecast a report alleging that the Indian army had launched an operation Blue Star type raid of the shrine as a result of which it had caught fire. It never corrected this blatantly false report.


In May 1995, after the burning-down of the Charar-e-Sharif holy shrine in Kashmir by the extremists, the BBC, while telecasting the news, showed visuals of Russian-made tanks, apparently to create an impression in the minds of the Muslim viewers that the shrine probably caught fire because of the use of the tanks by the Indian army. When the Government of India protested and pointed out that the same visuals had some days earlier been shown while telecasting the fighting between Russian troops and Muslim extremists in Chechnya, the BBC telecast a correction only in its Asian service and not to the rest of the world. It admitted that the visuals were from Chechnya and not Kashmir and attributed the mistake to a technical mix-up”

Even Today, for example, go to BBC hindi website and you will find daily anti-Indian rants. Some sheer deliberate lies. And believe me, you will find Indians supporting these lies under the label of ‘Being liberal’.

And when you point out deliberate and factually wrong representation of situation in recently released movie, the gullible being liberal Junta, will consider your inputs as communal rants. It is unfortunate but true.

Protecting national interests is like protecting our body from all life-ending situations. One should develop deftness of mind (The hindi word is दक्षता) to sniff anti-national views and make sure to immune friends and families for not falling for prey.

Every time there is mass hysteria generated by Media, I share this paper. I shared it before during Nirbhaya rape case. Then when Movie Haider was released. And now when anti-India elements raising doubts on Indian Army. Govt’s inaction to manage perception always acts against them.


How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf

“If I wanted to lie, or if we wanted to lie, if we wanted to exaggerate, I wouldn’t use my daughter to do so. I could easily buy other people to do it.”
–Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Ambassador to the United States and Canada

Every big media event needs what journalists and flacks alike refer to as “the hook.” An ideal hook becomes the central element of a story that makes it newsworthy, evokes a strong emotional response, and sticks in the memory. In the case of the Gulf War, the “hook” was invented by Hill & Knowlton. In style, substance and mode of delivery, it bore an uncanny resemblance to England’s World War I hearings that accused German soldiers of killing babies.

On October 10, 1990, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a hearing on Capitol Hill which provided the first opportunity for formal presentations of Iraqi human rights violations. Outwardly, the hearing resembled an official congressional proceeding, but appearances were deceiving. In reality, the Human Rights Caucus, chaired by California Democrat Tom Lantos and Illinois Republican John Porter, was simply an association of politicians. Lantos and Porter were also co-chairs of the Congressional Human Rights Foundation, a legally separate entity that occupied free office space valued at $3,000 a year in Hill & Knowlton’s Washington, DC office. Notwithstanding its congressional trappings, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus served as another Hill & Knowlton front group, which — like all front groups — used a noble-sounding name to disguise its true purpose.80

Only a few astute observers noticed the hypocrisy in Hill & Knowlton’s use of the term “human rights.” One of those observers was John MacArthur, author of The Second Front, which remains the best book written about the manipulation of the news media during the Gulf War. In the fall of 1990, MacArthur reported, Hill & Knowlton’s Washington switchboard was simultaneously fielding calls for the Human Rights Foundation and for “government representatives of Indonesia, another H&K client. Like H&K client Turkey, Indonesia is a practitioner of naked aggression, having seized … the former Portuguese colony of East Timor in 1975. Since the annexation of East Timor, the Indonesian government has killed, by conservative estimate, about 100,000 inhabitants of the region.”81

Bugged by Information-trivia

Trivia mania
Trivia mania

“A preliminary census report indicates that for the first time in our nation’s history female anthropologists out-number male professional golfers.”

This is US version of statistical garbage. What is the use of above information? We have plenty of local garbage running 24×7. Let me share few examples here :

0) Sachin has so far scored 99 centuries (51 in Tests & 48 in ODIs) and 53 of them have been in a winning cause.

1) Has fourth-innings batting lost its terrors? : the norm had been one in roughly 50 innings for the preceding 20 years, but between 2006 and 2010 the ratio was once every 33 innings, with 34 hundreds being scored in 1127 innings.

2) In 2011 Harbhajan has taken 17 wickets in as many games, at 41.29, while in nine games in the World Cup, he gave away 43.33 per wicket.

3) Sachin Tendulkar v James Anderson : He is among bowlers who’ve dismissed Tendulkar more than three times in Tests since Jan 2002


When statistics met computing power during last 50 years, volume of information garbage increases. Sports program/matches viewers are easiest targets. We are more interested in how many times Sachin got out in second innings, against Asian countries on Asian pitches but we want to remain blissfully ignorant about how many street lights not working in area or how much money your civic leaders used for your vicinity.

I don’t say that all statistical data is useless. If we learn that one out of 5 patients died due to medical negligence in private hospitals and reason for negligence is Doctor’s carelessness or lack of knowledge, we(We = The people, people representatives) can use this information take action. Will ‘how much profit Salman’s stupid movies made’ or ‘how many times Sachin or Dravid got out on first ball of second innings’ ever change anything in around you? How will this information help you in life except giving you momentary entertainment tickles?

And we want better Nation? Joke!
And we want corruption free Nation?Big joke!
And we want Developed Nation? LoL!

We have no right to participate in any movement against corruption. We have no right to speak against govt’s crimes! We have no rights speak against inflation! We are equally responsible for all chaos by indulging continuously in hopeless personal entertainment and information garbage… Corrupt power never excuse anyone, not you, not me, none. Either do your duties on the field otherwise forget Nation and live in your personal cocoon and be ready to get crushed when your turn comes. Go and watch your favorite TV commentators and their garbage information flood, take part in useless information exchanges and serve as guinea pig of information market.राष्ट्रको राम भरोसे छोड दो| 🙂

** Picture is copyright property of The New Yorker. Searched in Google Image search.

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