Life : So brief. And yet, we spend it mindlessly



प्रोच्च-वृक्ष-चलत्-पत्र-लम्बाम्बु-लव-भङ्गुरे ।
आयुषि ईशान-शीताम्शु-कला-मृदुनि देहके ॥

is so brief
it’s like
the tip of a leaf trembling on a treetop
where a drop of water clings and quivers
is as brief
as a beam of the crescent moon that glints from IshAna.shiva’s crest.

– श्री राम / योग वशिस्थ

So brief. And yet, we spend it in most useless manner.

Human life: Kala chakra and 100 years of decay

Human life is of 100 years. With every decade progressing, you start losing something. It is inevitable. It is part of the design. You can only slow it down. But it will go on. Decay is natural. Unfortunately, in our age, instead of natural decay or slowed down, it is accelerated.
“बाल्य, वृद्धि, छवि, मेधा, त्वक्, दृष्टि: शुक्र, विक्रमी, बुध्धि: कर्मेन्द्रिय” – शांग्रधरसंहिता
By the end of
– first decade, childhood will perish
– second decade, growth of body will see pinnacle
– third decade, luster of body will achieve best state and starts reducing
– 4th, मेधा or intellect reached possible perfection in this body and starts decaying
– 5th, skin observes wrinkles
-6th – vision becomes blur
-7th – shukra reduces (not sperm! Shukra is something different and more than re-productivity!). It is more related to immunity.
– 8th decade – strength and risk taking ability is gone
-9th – buddhi or analytical power is vanishing
– 10th – senses give up (वाक्, हाथ, पैर, गुदा और लिंग)
That is when complete 100 years are lived.


Life cycle
Life cycle
Sadly, we invite old age earlier. Not only our habits but our environment. Acceleration of decay. Skin, vision, shukra and strength – all goes together by mid-30s. 🙁
If any of these symptoms are surfaced prematurely, there should be solution in Ayurveda. This is the area of research where more focus and attention is needed.
Contemplate. Introspect. Where do we stand? Take action. Slow down.
It is my humble view : We all deserve 100 years+.
गणेश साधना helps. How and why – cannot answer. Do and experience.
PS: I find मेधा and बुध्धि non-translatable words.

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