पुत्रगोष्ठी : Learn Zero Budget Vegetable Farming

This is my conversation with 5 years old son. His learning diary. Old posts can be read here : http://prachodayat.in/category/kathan-diary/ or on Facebook tag https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/kathandiary?source=feed_text

After a long break, we got a chance to visit our Gau shala this week. It was great feeling to see Ocra (lady-finger) grown up so fast and healthy in last 1 month’s rain! All of them are matured now. Flowering is started. Some of them have early fruits too! Wow!

This is one vegetable that is grown across India with heavy pesticide usage and here we have Zero Budget Ocra! Yes, there are insects and pests but Cow-dung and urine based treatment is enough!

Our farmer friend and Gau-palak explained us, how to make जीवामृत!

Ocra_1 Ocra_2 Ocra_3 Ocra_4

Jivamrut reference: http://palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarming.org/jiwamrita.aspx

पुत्रगोष्ठी: Rain and Prana Practicals(प्राण शिक्षा)

This is my conversation with 5 years old son. His learning diary. Old posts can be read here : http://prachodayat.in/category/kathan-diary/ or on Facebook tag https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/kathandiary?source=feed_text

This is most potent season of they year to demonstrate how Prana plays role of magician in our life. We can’t really see how Prana act. It is not physical so not deducible by logic or experiments. We can only experience. Our life is so fast and numb that it is difficult to even experience impact of Prana in our life. Breathing and Pranayama helps but the changes are withing. For kids, it is not possible to fathom the control Prana  has over all of us.

Monsoon is best season to educate kids about Prana.

  • Plant trees. Plant small plants. Plant grass! All of them will grow faster than other seasons. Especially,grass! All our monsoon vrata(s) involve grass of one or another kind in rituals. Play significant role to establish value and experience of Prana!
  • Show the liveliness and changing colors of mother nature. Rapid changes all around.
  • From Amavasya to Purnima and Purnima to Amavasya, observe how growing plants and their rasa act under the controlled of abundant prana due to rain!

We, father-son, act like crazy wanderer during this season. We try to observe every minute change in our daily route! From weeds to flowers to insects! All of them under our radar!

We generally don’t travel with camera or phone but sometimes, we do capture the fun.

This patch will be asphalt soon. 8 lane highway.
This patch will be asphalt soon. 8 lane highway.
Resting plane for drops.
Resting plane for drops.
Grazing heaven. Very few remained due to rampant urbanization.
Grazing heaven. Very few remained due to rampant urbanization.
Pure gold. Real gold.
Pure gold. Real gold.


पुत्रगोष्ठी : Why this red thread?


“પપ્પા , તમે પૂજામાં બાંધેલો આ લાલ દોરો કેમ લાંબા સમય સુધી રાખો છો? મમ્મી મારો દોરો થોડા સમયમાં કાઢી તુલસીમાતાને ચઢાવી દે છે ?”

“બેટા, ખુબ સરસ પ્રશ્ન છે ! જે લાલ દોરો બાંધીયે છે એને નાડાછડી , કલાવા કે મૌલી કહેવાય। એ માત્ર સનાતન  ધર્મ ચિન્હ માત્ર નથી પણ એમાં કેટ કેટલાય શુભ આશય રહેલા છે। .સાદી  ભાષામાં કહું તો। ..કોઈપણ પૂજા કરતી વખતે સંકલ્પ લેવાનો હોય છે। આ સૂત્ર મને એ સંકલ્પ યાદ કરાવે છે અને એના એક એક તાંતણા માં પૂજામાં આવેલ દેવોનો આશીર્વાદ રહેલો હોય છે કે જેથી સંકલ્પ સિદ્ધ થાય.જ્યાં સુધી સંકલ્પ પૂરો ન થાય ત્યાં સુધી હું એને રાખું છું !”

“સંકલ્પ એટલે ?”

“સંકલ્પ એટલે એક સ્વાર્થ રહિત એવો નિર્ણયકે જેના સિદ્ધ થવાથી પરિવાર / સમાજ /રાષ્ટ્ર /સૃષ્ટિ નું કલ્યાણ થાય ”

“પોતાના માટે સંકલ્પ  ના હોય ?”

“હોય ને ? કેમ તારે ફરીથી નાડાછડી બાંધવી છે ?”

“હા ! હું કેવા સંકલ્પ લઇ શકું ?”

“વ્યક્તિગત સંકલ્પ જેમકે હું ક્યારેય ટીવી નહિ જોવ। ..હું શરીર ને યોગ્ય ખોરાક માત્ર ભૂખ લાગી હોય ત્યારે જ ખાઈશ। હું હંમેશા ગૌ સેવા કરીશ વડીલની સેવા કરીશ ..વગેરે વગેરે ”

“તો ચાલો ઘરે..આજે હું સંકલ્પ લઇ જ લઉં !”

— ઘરે આવીને —

“પપ્પા। ..હું સંકલ્પ લઉં છું કે હું ટીવી નહિ જોવ! હવે બાંધો નાડાછડી !”

“તથાસ્તુઃ  બેટા ! ખુબ સુંદર  !”

સંસ્કૃતિ રક્ષણ ત્યારે જ થશે કે જયારે આપણામાં એ જીવંત હશે અને આવનારી  પેઢી એની નોંધ લઇ એનું મહત્વ સમજશે !

“Pappa! This read thread that we tre during pooja..you never remove it for long! Mom removes my thread after sometime!”

“Great question beta! The red thread you see is called Kalava or Mauli. It has deeper meanings in our ritualistic dharma but I will tell you in simple terms. Whenever we perform pooja, we take some vow to observe in life. This thread reminds me it and I keep it until I achieve the vow decided in life.”


“Vow is either selfless goal or habit that we wish to follow in life for the benefit of family, society , nation or the universe!”

“Can’t it be for self?”

“Yes..sure. Do you wish to tie it again?”


“Yes, it can be. It can be related to some habits that can help us improve our life and align life to ultimate goal of life.”

“Let’s go home. I will tie and and take a vow!”

— After reaching home—

“Pappa! I take a vow that I will never watch TV. Now tie the thread!”

“Wonderful! As you wish!”

Culture thrives only when the tenets are alive in our life, demonstrated well so that next generation not only notices it but also adopt it wholeheartedly!


पुत्रगोष्ठी : Rainy Exploration


When schools are closed, when peers are inside home, we decided to explore & play in rain!

  • We observed how ducks moved to pond from canal as ponds are now full.
  • Roadside is covered by green lush weeds.
  • There is nothing like sailing in streets clogged by rain water!
  • Farm lands are full of water
  • Birds are enjoying rain sitting on trees

“પપ્પા..જુઓ પેલી બતક!કેનાલમાં રહેતી હતી..હવે તળાવમાં આવી ગઈ!”

“હા..કુદરતી ઘર એમને બહુ ગમે…”

“બતકને ક્યાં ગમે એ કેવી રીતે ખબર પડે?”

“હા હા..અહી તળાવમાં એમને સારો ખોરાક મળી રહે એટલે કદાચ વધારે ગમતું હશે. પશુ-પક્ષી માટે જીવનનું સર્વોચ્ચ લક્ષ્ય એટલે ખોરાક વ્યવસ્થા! અને જો આપણું જીવન પણ એના માટે જ મર્યાદિત રહે તો આપના અને એમનામાં શું ફરક?”

“તો આપણે બીજું શું કરવાનું?”

“આપણને મળેલ બુદ્ધિ અને વિચારશક્તિનો યોગ્ય ઉપયોગ. એ કરીએ તો આપણે મનુષ્ય. એ ઉત્તમ રીતે કરીએ તો આપણે દેવ! અને જયારે કર્મમાં સંપૂર્ણતા સાર્થક થાય એટલે ભગવાનનું પ્રતિબિંબ!”


“Pappa..look at here! Ducks have migrated from canal to pond!”

“Yes..they love natural habitat over artificial.”

“How can we determine that they love pond over canal?”

“:) they have more access to food in pond over canal. For animals and birds, life’s ultimate goal is to manage food for self. That is it. And if we too limit life to same goal, there is no difference between us and them.”

“What else do we need to do?”

“We are gifted free-will and intellect. Use it wisely for self and society. If we excel in it, we are Deva(s). If there is absolute perfection in our actions, we are God’s reflection.”



पुत्रगोष्ठी : Magnetic cloud and alternate transport


(બાઈક પર જતા જતા ..એક ધુમાડો કાઢતી દાનવ ટ્રક પાછળ)

“પપ્પા..આ આપણે જે બાઈક અને કાર ચલાવીએ છે એ કેટલો ધુમાડો કાઢે..બીજો કોઈ સારો રસ્તો નથી?”

“અમારી પાસેતો નથી…તું શોધીશ?”

“હું? પણ મને કેવી રીતે આવડશે?”

“હું મદદ કરીશ..”

“બીજી કઈ કઈ રીતે વાહન ચાલી શકે પપ્પા?”

“પાણીથી ..ચુંબકથી..”

“ચુંબકથી?પેલું બાના ડબ્બામાં છે એના થી?”


“ચાલો ઘરે! આજે જ શોધી કાઢીએ ચુંબકની કાર!!”

“હા હા!! આજે જ?”

“હા ! ચાલો ચાલો બાઈક વળાવી લો!”

(On bike, behind a demon truck emitting black smoke)

“Pappa, there is no alternative to this smoke generating cars and bikes?”

“Not with our generation. Will you find out?”

“Me? I don’t really know anything.”

“I will help.”

“Give me hints.”

“You can drive vehicle by water..by magnet.”

“Magnet? The one that grand-ma has in her box?”


“Really? Take U-turn. Let’s go home and experiment!”

We came home and had good session on magnetic field. We ran a demo car too!

पुत्रगोष्ठी: Dreams and Birthday


“પપ્પા , આજે તો મને સપનું આવ્યું હતું !”
“ઓહો ! શું વાત કરે છે ? સપનું?”
“હા ! સપનું !”
“શું જોયું સપનામાં?”
“મને એવું સપનું આવ્યું કે આજે તમારો જન્મ થયો છે !”
“જન્મ થયો છે કે જન્મ -દિવસ છે ?”
“ના ના! તમારો જન્મ થયો છે ! તમે બચ્ચું થઇ ગયા છો !”
“હા હા !જોરદાર।..સમયયાત્રા ! માત્ર શરીરથી નવો જન્મ નથી થતો બેટા! આપણા મનના વિકાસ થવાથી પણ નવો જન્મ થયો કહેવાય..”
“એટલે ?”
“એટલેકે તું અત્યારે 5 વર્ષનો છે..જે વર્ષે તને સામાજિક વ્યવહાર , સ્વધર્મ અને સમષ્ટિ ના કલ્યાણ.માટેના આપ્ત કર્મ ની સમજ આવશે…ત્યારે તારો બીજો જન્મ ! કદાચ આ અષાઢી બીજ ખાસ છે….અને તારું સ્વપ્ન પણ। ..”

“Pappa! I saw a dream today!”

“Wow! Really? Dream and you?”

“Yes, yes! Dream!”

“What did you observe in dream?”

“I saw that you were born in my dream!”

“Was it about my birthday or my birth?”

“Your birth! Like tiny little kid!”

“Ha ha!Amazing to know that you had time-travel! Remember beta, we don’t only reborn with a body. We also get new birth when our mind-set/tendecies improve to the next level. From animal to human to deva, in between several intermediate stages.”

“Like? I did not get you.”

“Like…you are 5 years old. Silly, only concerned about play. But when you will realize your own duties towards the sustenance of the world, you will be known as reborn! This Ashadh month’s dwitiya is special for me…and your dream too! Thank you for sharing it!”



पुत्रगोष्ठी: Rain Water Management

Screenshot from 2018-07-14 10-21-32

I used to write about daily trips to mother nature and  conversation with my son @ Facebook. I will continue doing so here. You can find old notes on Facebook with this tag #KathanDiary . Whenever time permits, I will move them here. I believe, conversations with kids play larger role of education than any school or teacher. Recording my journey for the access of like-minded parents.

So, Today there was rain-break so we took a chance to explore changes in our regular canal road. One of the things we observed was : Water flow. We tracked it. Water from neighboring farm lands was flowing in specific direction.

From farms to small rivulets to medium size canals to the pond! The journey did not stop here. Pond was almost full. Water was flowing somewhere from this pond. We further tracked it and found network of storm water drainage/canal! As we followed, we found two ponds are connected. As soon as small pond is overflowed, water flows to bigger pond and so on. We tracked 10 kms of canal network. We will further explore it, where exactly it ends!

We noted few points:

  • Rain water drainage connecting two ponds is cemented! Utterly foolish idea! This way, we reduce scope of water to get observed by soil! Post-monsoon, this will create mosquito havoc!
  • At several places, gutter were linked to this sacred monsoon water flow! Pathetic!
  • Instead of developing beautiful green patches around canals, they were encroached and were covered! Dark hell passing from neighborhood!

We also discussed how important this network of ponds is. How it can distribute rain water to area where rain-fall was limited. We hope, smart city dreamers realize value of rain water network.

Our next project is to identify all dead or alive ponds in city. Are they connected? How dirty or cleaned they are? Are their banks are cemented or natural?

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