Midnight Munches to Irregular Meals : Memory Disorders to Cancer



5 years back, one young basketball player from local university died on the spot while doing his daily practice.

Many young players I meet, are not fit for long physical workout.

All of them have one thing common:

“Work hard, party harder. Addictions. Late night parties. Early morning eating after long talks. Tea after sports. Tea before sports. Late night movies with popcorns.”

Most of university students are zombies and mediocre.

One of many root causes is food habit. Timely regular meals is ignored. Eating anywhere, anytime is the fashion.

For married couple, after marriage, you will start observing indigestion issues in 1 or 2 years. Many of them even suffer from chronic issues like ulcers, IBS and cancer.

Reason? Observe following daily routine.



Sex after Meal. Exercise after sex. Bath after exercise. What a foolish way to spend life!! As per Ayurveda, at least 4 hrs between meal and sleep. At least 1 hr between exercise and bath. No exercise before and after sex!! When this is not followed, we stress double duty on Apana  Prana vayu. Since life-procreation is higher priority task, Apana for digestion is compromised and leads to indigestion. Indigestion is root cause of 99% sicknesses.

“Robust sleep/wake rhythms are important for health and cognitive function. Unfortunately, many people are living in an environment where their circadian system is challenged by inappropriate meal- or work-times.”

“An occasional late-night raid on turkey leftovers might be harmless but new research with mice suggests that making a habit of it could alter brain physiology.

Eating at times normally reserved for sleep causes a deficiency in the type of learning and memory controlled by the hippocampal area of the brain, according to findings in the journal eLife.”


Once the life rhythms are disturbed, cascading impact is unforeseen. Not only memory as this paper suggests, fatal consequence.


An occasional late-night raid on turkey leftovers might be harmless but new research with mice suggests that making a habit of it could alter brain physiology.

Eating at times normally reserved for sleep causes a deficiency in the type of learning and memory controlled by the hippocampal area of the brain, according to findings in the journal eLife.

Researchers from the Semel Institute in the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) became interested in the cognitive effects of eating at inappropriate hours because it is already known to have an impact on metabolic health, for example leading to a pre-diabetic state.

“We have provided the first evidence that taking regular meals at the wrong time of day has far-reaching effects for learning and memory,” says first author Dawn Loh from the UCLA Laboratory of Circadian and Sleep Medicine.

Misaligned feeding impairs memories

Robust sleep/wake rhythms are important for health and cognitive function. Unfortunately, many people are living in an environment where their circadian system is challenged by inappropriate meal- or work-times. Here we scheduled food access to the sleep time and examined the impact on learning and memory in mice. Under these conditions, we demonstrate that the molecular clock in the master pacemaker, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), is unaltered while the molecular clock in the hippocampus is synchronized by the timing of food availability. This chronic circadian misalignment causes reduced hippocampal long term potentiation and total CREB expression. Importantly this mis-timed feeding resulted in dramatic deficits in hippocampal-dependent learning and memory. Our findings suggest that the timing of meals have far-reaching effects on hippocampal physiology and learned behaviour.

Toxic Mouthwash, Microbes, Nitric Oxide and Blood Pressure



Solution for foul mouth smell is not mouthwash but healthy eating habit. Foul smell is an early sign of faulty GI track (digestive track).

But since we consider ourselves citizens of scientific age, and we trust TV ads as equal to science experiments, trusting superficial perception more over age-old practices, we use mouthwash

And what do we get in return?

We kill part of ourselves. We kill bacteria in mouth who help us in reducing nitrate metabolites from food into NO (nitric oxide). NO (nitric oxide) plays important role in maintaining blood vessel wall pressures. It keeps the blood pressure optimum. So far medical science was ignorant of this usage of NO. In the past 5 years, nitric oxide (NO) has become recognized as a major player in most physiological and pathophysiological processes. Not only blood pressure maintenance, NO plays important role in brain processes.

So when we kill bacteria in mouth, we kill one of the sources of NO (nitric oxide). This results in high blood pressure and related anomalies.

What is the solution?

1) Use natural mouth freshener if needed i.e. Paan without tobacco. Only after heavy meals. Not daily.
2) Do dant manjan (teeth cleaning) using powder prepared from cow dung ash. It is full of nitrogen metabolites i.e. food for bacteria which ultimately results in NO that keep blood pressure normal.
3) Mix sesame oil with dant manjan and use this paste to do gentle massage too teeth roots. Gargle sesame oil.
4) Gau milk, ghee, urine, gobar, chemical free jaggery, honey procured ethically from jungle – these all are rich sources of good bacteria and their food. When you include them in food, body always remain in healthy state.

Reference material:

Muni (मुनि ) to Immunity


Sanskrit word मुनि means anyone who is moved by inward impulses. Someone who is self-inspired. Someone who is performing duties intuitively.


Now let us understand Latin: Latin word Munis (early *moinis, moenis) has as its principal meaning someone who discharges his office/duty, somebody accomplishing a tasks also contained is the connotation present, gift. Related to it are im-munis (with its derivative im-munitas {immunity}, that is, the exemption from charge or duty.

So in our body, all active cells are Muni(s) or मुनि ((S). They are working as per self-inspiration based on cellular intelligence they carry from birth. Immunity is the process of retiring cells from their duties. Why do we need it?

We need it because their job is over. To maintain the integrity of the body, it is necessary to give them good bye. This process of good bye is a Immune response. This is called Innate immunity. Sometimes, when external conditions are not good, cells die prematurely or their processing is affected severely. So they broadcast messages for help or to alert others in cell community. We call it Viruses. Viruses are dead information. They are not मुनि. They are born to get uprooted once message is conveyed to other cells. We call it viral infection. When severe condition persists for cells, they die prematurely. We call it bacterial infection.

In short, integrity of organism is essential for Muni(s) or Body cell to perform tasks. To help them immune system perform immunity process.

So-called immune system knows which part of the body is self, and what is not-self. A self-marker or a suimarker is endowed to each self-element, an advantage not denied to an alien unit or cell present at the time of thymic maturation.

Philosophically, better the self-image, stable mind, focused actions lead to efficient self-marker system. Increase in auto-immune disorders is nothing but identity crisis. Children are not exposed to mother nature (overuse of antibiotics, cleaning agents, sterile environment, non-exposure to dirt, jungle, river etc) so they miss important synergy with nature and hence…identity crisis -> ASthama, Type 2 diabetes, IBD.

Even at wound location, dead cells, which were own-self few minutes back, are treated as non-self and treated like any other microbe/fungi/virus.

This is vital indication that Human immune system is not so much antimicrobial or antiviral as it is anti–non-self.

So much of brainwashing in last century about Microbes as enemy, virus as enemy, nature as enemy, is hurting our immunity (Self-identity) greatly.

Hence, plague of immune system disorders. Various levels of identity crisis.

Potent solution is: Self-realization by Meditation and concentration. This is possible when mind is calm and stable. Calm and stable mind is possible when you spend good amount of time with mother nature.

Experimental suggestions:

1) Spend at least sunrise and sunset time with mother nature.
2) Plan at least 1 trip to mountain, river, jungle for a week period during period of 1 year.
3) Develop interest in gardening, farming, tree plantation.

Psychological stress, Ama (Toxins) and Aging


I receive many queries related to premature aging. Reduced appetite, reduced sleep, grey hair, arthritis – All these issues manifest after 40. But you now see them even in age below 20.


In old age, we can understand, it is due to मन्दाग्नि (Mandagni – Low Fire) but how come they are now regular in young age?

Ama (आम) – Toxins – Something that is unripe. Unripe outcomes of biological process. it can be at the time of digestion, assimilation or purging. All three stages or any one of them, when not working as per laws of the body, accumulates toxins locally. That is आम.

These end products, being inadequately processed, have a macromolecular structure, which is bigger and grosser than those end products which might have produced if a complete processing would have taken place.

It happens naturally in old-age. It happens unnaturally in young age due to following habits:

Despite physically young and metabolically active, if you indulge in physical and mental activities just after having meal, you are disturbing active digestion process. This can result in Ama i.e. Toxins.

Irregular meal timings is another reason that disturbs fire-based processes in body.

Regular intake of food lacking hydration and fat (dry), cold food, stale food can also generate Ama.

Too many emotions out of balance. Extreme Kama, Krdha, Lobha, Moha, Irshya. Extreme lajja, shoka, abhimana, Udvega, Bhaya, Up-tapta (sad).

In many experimental studies, various types of physical and psychological stress are found to induce dysfunction of intestinal barrier, resulting in enhanced intake of potentially noxious material (e.g., antigens, toxins, and other proinflammatory molecule) from the gut lumen into the bloodstream [1] . This gives a very interesting proposition to see if these noxious materials play the role of ama as a progenitor to joint diseases as perceived in Ayurveda.

In short, Quality of the food + Intake method and timing + Mood + Compatibility with your nature and age play critical role in perfect digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Check your routine. Check life of avg urban teen-ager. You will realize reason behind early aging. If such habits continue for 3-4 generations, rapid aging becomes स्वभाव of the gene-pool.

Take care. Check your habits in mirror. Correct them. Whatever happened so far, cannot be reversed but you can certainly slow down further aging by eliminating toxins and not making their way again in the body.



[1] Stress and intestinal barrier function

The intestinal mucosa is continuously exposed to an immense load of antigens from ingested food, resident bacteria, invading viruses, etc. The single-cell epithelial layer lining the gut lumen (surface area ∼300 m2) has conflicting functions, playing a major role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and at the same time constituting the organism’s most important barrier between the internal and external environments. Under normal circumstances, the epithelium allows only minute quantities of intact antigens to cross into the mucosa, where they interact with the mucosal immune system to downregulate inflammation (known as oral tolerance). On the other hand, it is necessary for enteric pathogens to activate immune cells and initiate the inflammatory response required to clear the infection. In some disease conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, excessive penetration of antigens through the epithelial layer may result in inappropriate immune stimulation, leading to chronic gastrointestinal inflammation. The ability of the epithelium to control uptake of molecules into the body is denoted as the intestinal barrier function.


You, me and death of our biodiversity


You, me and death of our biodiversity

The possible link between biodiversity and human health has been tossed around for a while. We have been saying this loud for centuries! Re-read Ramayana and Mahabharata with this perspective. Amazing biodiversity and its impact on humans is discussed at great length!

What is वर्ण व्यवस्था? Nothing but results of rich biodiversity impact on humans. Still prefer to live in cementing box type so called luxury apartments? To remain connected with the roots, soil, her diversity is critically important!!


“We live at the crossroads of three global megatrends, three barreling and intertwined juggernauts of modernity. The first is the massive migration of humanity to the world’s cities. I grew up in a small town, walking deer trails beneath the shade of maples and oaks. Now I live with my kids in a city where the path beneath our feet is ever more likely to be paved. My story is our story. By 2050, two-thirds of all humans on Earth will live in cities.

The second is the loss of biodiversity. Species are disappearing, both from the places where we live and from the earth as a whole. If our hairy ancestors were to visit our cities and suburbs, they would wonder how the escalators work, but they would also question where the plants and animals have gone. What have we done with all the birds? Some, like the Carolina parakeet, are just gone. Others live on, but at a distance—geographically removed from our daily lives, far away from the majority of people.

And then there’s the third trend—the one that, at first glance, seems not to belong with the others. The prevalence of allergies and chronic inflammatory diseases among urban populations in developed countries has skyrocketed in recent years. Incidences of asthma, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and even depression (which can have an immune component) are on the rise.”

The parallels in geography and timing between urbanization, the loss of biodiversity, and the rise in immune-system problems raise an intriguing—and troubling—question. Could our distance from nature and our chronic immunological discontent be related? Some now say . . . yes.

Think Radically. Act Radically.


Letting Biodiversity Get under Our Skin

The Intestinal Microbiota ‘talk’ to gut bacteria to boost immune system


No infection is bad. Infection response is good or bad. Your survival depends upon how you respond. Killing microbes, killing worms is no way right response. As shared in this research, worms are actually having serious talk with our immune system. Our killing hampers communication and so there will be another spell of infection and the vicious cycle goes on,. Ideal response is to make this talk efficient and while the talk is going on, maintain bodily प्राण. And the response is based on our innate energy layer i.e. प्राणमय कोष (प्राणिक शरीर). Richer the प्राण, better the response.

Otherwise, no infection is bad. All infections have goal/purpose, designed by nature, to help the host organisms to emerge as more strongly typed identities (Self-realization, Ego, “I”-ness – whatever way you understand)

Since children are growing and their I-ness is developing, they frequently get infections.

Worms boost Immunity
Worms boost Immunity


Researchers have discovered how intestinal worm infections cross-talk with gut bacteria to help the immune system. Intestinal worms infect over 2 billion people across the world, mostly children, in areas with poor sanitation. But despite causing serious health problems, worms can actually help the immune system of its host as an indirect way of protecting themselves, say authors of the new report.


For last 100 years, we are groomed to treat non-self as enemy, mother nature as enemy and we are always engaged in unnecessarily war-like responses i.e antibiotics and vaccines.



The Intestinal Microbiota Contributes to the Ability of Helminths to Modulate Allergic Inflammation.


  • The microbiota contributes to helminth-induced modulation of allergic asthma
  • Cecal microbial communities are altered in helminth-infected mice
  • Helminth infection increases microbial-derived short chain fatty acids
  • GPR41 mediates helminth-induced Treg cell suppressor function


Intestinal helminths are potent regulators of their host’s immune system and can ameliorate inflammatory diseases such as allergic asthma. In the present study we have assessed whether this anti-inflammatory activity was purely intrinsic to helminths, or whether it also involved crosstalk with the local microbiota. We report that chronic infection with the murine helminth Heligmosomoides polygyrus bakeri (Hpb) altered the intestinal habitat, allowing increased short chain fatty acid (SCFA) production. Transfer of the Hpb-modified microbiota alone was sufficient to mediate protection against allergic asthma. The helminth-induced anti-inflammatory cytokine secretion and regulatory T cell suppressor activity that mediated the protection required the G protein-coupled receptor (GPR)-41. A similar alteration in the metabolic potential of intestinal bacterial communities was observed with diverse parasitic and host species, suggesting that this represents an evolutionary conserved mechanism of host-microbe-helminth interactions.


Immune System ‘Remember’ germs to which we’re never been exposed


Vaccines are not necessary, admits mainstream study.

It’s established dogma that the immune system develops a “memory” of a microbial pathogen, with a correspondingly enhanced readiness to combat that microbe, only upon exposure to it — or to its components though a vaccine. But a discovery by Stanford University School of Medicine researchers casts doubt on that dogma.

“Mark Davis and his colleagues found that key immune cells in our bodies have “memories” of microbes they‘ve never encountered.”

Damn! Entire vaccine industry is running on false Dogma!

And when we talk about पितृ legacy, different from genes, and suggest पितृ तर्पण, we are fanatic superstitious morons! 😀

Remember one thing: We inherit many forms of inheritance. Genes are just one of them. Apart from genes, we inherit – memories, minding process, social patterns, विकृति (s), संस्कार (s), प्रकृति and the list goes on


Immune systems of healthy adults ‘remember’ germs to which they’ve never been exposed, Stanford study finds

In a path-breaking study published online Feb. 7 in Immunity, the investigators found that over the course of our lives, CD4 cells — key players circulating in blood and lymph whose ability to kick-start the immune response to viral, bacterial, protozoan and fungal pathogens can spell the difference between life and death — somehow acquire memory of microbes that have never entered our bodies.

Several implications flow from this discovery, said the study’s senior author, Mark Davis, PhD, professor of microbiology and immunology and director of Stanford’s Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection. In the study, newborns’ blood showed no signs of this enhanced memory, which could explain why young children are so much more vulnerable to infectious diseases than adults. Moreover, the findings suggest a possible reason why vaccination against a single pathogen, measles, appears to have reduced overall mortality among African children more than can be attributed to the drop in measles deaths alone. And researchers may have to rethink the relevance of experiments conducted in squeaky-clean facilities on mice that have never been exposed to a single germ in their lives.

“It may even provide an evolutionary clue about why kids eat dirt,” said Davis. “The pre-existing immune memory of dangerous pathogens our immune systems have never seen before might stem from our constant exposure to ubiquitous, mostly harmless micro-organisms in soil and food and on our skin, our doorknobs, our telephones and our iPod earbuds.”

CD4 cells are members of the immune club known as T cells. CD4 cells hang out in our circulatory system, on the lookout for micro-organisms that have found their way into the blood or lymph tissue.

In order to be able to recognize and then coordinate a response to a particular pathogen without inciting a Midas-touch overreaction to anything a CD4 cell bumps into (including our own tissues), our bodies have to host immensely diverse inventories of CD4 cells, each with its own narrow capacity to recognize one single pathogenic “body part” or, to be more scientific, epitope — and, it’s been believed, only that epitope. Contact with that epitope can cause a CD4 to whirr into action, replicating rapidly and performing the immunological equivalent of posting bulletins, passing out bullets and bellowing attack orders through a bullhorn to other immune cells. This hyperactivity is vital to the immune response. (It is CD4 cells that are targeted and ultimately destroyed by HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS.)

Art of Surfing in Microbial Sea: Balance


Infectious means easily spread. Many sicknesses are called Infectious. And we blame bacteria and viruses for it! 😉 🙂

Balance is the key
Balance is the key

In reality, you will be afflicted only when your body is not in balanced state. Read this view.

Skimboarding or Surfboarding is an interesting board-sports for those who live near sea.

Board is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming, breaking wave, and ride it back to shore. Never done it but must be thrilling and mind bending. To balance the self, we have only one alternative, to balance self as per pattern of the wave. We can not control the wave.

Our environment is ocean of bacteria and viruses. Mother nature does not like vaccum. Place your hand anywhere and you will be in contact with millions and billions bacteria and viruses. Infection is a vacuum filling activity by mother nature. Like a giant wave to face when you are doing Skimboarding. You cannot anyway kill all the bacteria like you cannot change the pattern of the wave. One wave will go and another will come (Modern medicine calls it resistant bacteria 🙂 ). Similarly, antibiotics will wipe out one set of microbes and another will take the place.

Like a Skimboarders @ sea, we must learn to balance self in this sea of bacteria. That is the essence of immunity. Killing bacteria is short-sighted solution. Those who cannot envision ocean can only try to control and bend wave. 🙂 My two years old son do it often 😉

Think about it. (Y)

Collapsing Immune System: Juvenile Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes

As I write here, group of doctors in my city are discussing Type 1 Diabetes in National level conference.

Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and was previously known as juvenile diabetes. It is rapidly increasing immune system disorder. You might not imagine but it is really painful life situation for a kid and entire family.

While we are promoting so called ambitious ‘Make in India’ slogan of Prime Minister, we should note that the autoimmune form of diabetes that begins in childhood and requires insulin injections (juvenile or Type 1 diabetes) has been doubling in incidence about every twenty years across the industrialized world. So we are not left behind. I expect more cases in upcoming 5 years.

The average age of diagnosis used to be about nine. Now it is around six, and some children are becoming diabetic when they are three. Some get is from their mother.

What is the root cause?

Doctors don’t know all the factors that lead to type 1 diabetes. But they do know that it is due to environment. Depressive environment, highly sterile environment (Too much use of floor cleaner, dettol soaps, repellent liquids etc) , overuse of antibiotics, pesticides in food, urea in milk (Yes! Milk you get from dairy has urea substance sometimes), lack of exposure to nature, 24×7 air conditioning, lack of probitoc food in diet (Jaggery, curd, butter milk, ghee, milk) – these are some environmental reasons that can cause extreme stress for immune system and triggers the immune system to mistakenly attack the pancreas and destroy the beta cells of the pancreas to the point where they can no longer produce sufficient insulin.

For modern medicine, insulin injections is the only solution.

For Ayurveda, changing environment is the solution. Take care.

1) Expose your kids to mud, soil, sand and plants . Develop terrace garden and let the kids manage it under your supervision.
2) Plan trips to Jungle during months of winter
3) Include pro-biotic natural food in diet (And not the factory made butter milk, curd and supplements)
4) Stop your obsession of being at sterile home. (As Dettol and Lifebouy Ads educate you falsely). Floor cleaning using warm water is enough. Rubbing hands with water for 30-45 seconds is enough. We don’t need chemicals to clean hands. Or use soil or gau dung ash.
5) Maintain cheerful ambiance at home. Do not quarrel in front of kids.
6) Have proper ventilation at home. Let there be fresh air and sunlight
7) Avoid antibiotics if not needed

Rural India: Attack on Immunity of Bottom of The Pyramid

Mass level brainwash
Mass level brainwash

Our immune system is like our brain – we have to exercise it and expose it to a healthy environment (germs and all) so that it matures properly. Meanwhile, antibacterial products like cleaners, soaps, toothbrushes, dishwashing detergents, and hand lotions keep multiplying and we buy them believing that they’ll protect our families from dangerous germs (dangerous? Ha ha). These MNCs have recently invaded Indian village space by learning filthy bottom of the pyramid theories [Picture is evidence. Ad on food in Mahakumbh]. Usage of these so called modern cleaners will increase and infectious disease epidemic will increase too over the period of time.

You are forced to believe and use cleaners while American Medical Association prescribes to their citizens that : “If your family is generally healthy, then according to the American Medical Association, regular washing of hands with soap and water is all that is required to get rid of germs.”

Living in company of too many antibacterial @ Home means to sensitise immune system to any irritant that comes in our way. More allergies, more diseases.Using cleaners containing antimicrobial chemicals would actually kill the germs in your house, and although this sounds like a better idea, studies show that there is no demonstrated health advantage to using these types of cleaners.

Go Back to Basics. The surfactants in cow dung ash, mitti, old traditional soaps help lift the dirt off surfaces, while a little scrubbing and good rinsing will carry the dirt (and any microbes) away. And mitti will keep your immune system wise and mature forever 🙂.

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