Ganesha Utsav, Center of body, Microbes And Health

In Sanatana dharma, one God has several forms described in scriptures. As per worshipper’s need, different form is prescribed for worship.


As per scriptures, देह-मध्य is where मूलाधार or abode of गणेश is. For humans, it is near GUT. For animals, in heart. For birds, in stomach. For trees, it is roots. For all living and non-living beings, देह-मध्य varies and so place of गणपति. Based on the place or the host, गणपति’s name, form, color, vehicle and decoration changes. So there are infinite forms of गणपति based on variations in प्राण combinations of each object (living or dead) has.

First and foremost thing we can do to Ganesh Pooja in human form is to maintain proper posture. 🙂 Right posture means stability of प्राण in देह-मध्य.

Second, we can keep our GUT clean. Modak made from Desi Cow ghee helps here in this season. 🙂

देह-मध्य शुचिता (cleansing of center of the body) is important.

Some of us worship Vinayaka, some worship Lambodara, some worship महागणपति.

महागणपति is depicted with pomegranate in hand. Like Modak, it is indicating vital food of the season.

Ucchistha Ganapati
Ucchistha Ganapati

There are three harvesting seasons for pomegranate in India.
1) November-March (Mrig bahar)
2) February-May (Hasta bahar)
3) June – August (Ambe Bahar – flowering happens along with Mango flowering)

In Maharashtra, farmers follow third harvest season. So when this time of the year they celebrate Ganesh Festival, pomegranate is vital part of food and life in all households.महागणपति form prescribes us to eat pomegranate in this season. It is no wonder that Maharashtra celebrates Ganesha with pomegranate.


All Sanatana Dharma symbols give hints related to three worlds 1) Physical body (आधि-भौतिक) 2) Internal working of body (आधि-दैविक) 3) Mental world (आध्यात्मिक)

It will take time understand meaning of pomegranate on आधि-दैविक and आध्यात्मिक plane but it is easy to understand its importance on आधि-भौतिक plane.

“१ अनार १०० बीमार” – “1 pomegranate for 100 diseases.”


This season is known for epidemics. pomegranate can help you keep Nation of trillion+ body cells healthy.

Google and search benefits of pomegranate.

As a part of our worship, we should study these symbols, decipher meanings and live life as per prescriptions.

Sugarcane is also part of महागणपति. It tropical region, this period is either planting or harvesting time for sugarcane.

Eating jaggery in this season is also important for health.


Research on pomegranate drug to stem Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Dr Olumayokun Olajide’s research will now look to produce compound derivatives of punicalagin for a drug that would treat neuro-inflammation

Dr Olumayokun Olajide ‌THE onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed and some of its symptoms curbed by a natural compound that is found in pomegranate. Also, the painful inflammation that accompanies illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease could be reduced, according to the findings of a two-year project headed by University of Huddersfield scientist Dr Olumayokun Olajide, who specialises in the anti-inflammatory properties of natural products.


Research underway to create pomegranate drug to stem Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Modern medicine is re-inventing wheel invented by Ayurveda.
Those who have studied भावप्रकाश निघंटु, knows this very well.

In fact, it is common sense in local culture: “१ अनार १०० बीमार” – “1 pomegranate for 100 diseases.”

PS 1: Observe the trend. Modern chemical based pharma is losing ability to cure sickness using fancy chemical compounds. They are now researching on plant based medicines. If you are wise, embrace your local traditions! Or pay high price later by buying nice fancy pomegranate based medicines 😀

PS 2: Your kids are under going schooling which alieanted them far away from local culture. So they will hardly know all these things 🙂. Solution? De-school them daily 🙂. Spend more time with them. Spend more time in mother nature. She loves all of us and gives potent hints

Cow Milk and Prebiotic Medium

Everyone is talking about probiotic food nowadays. Sadly, this awareness is mostly limited to two jargon 1) Probiotic 2) Prebiotic

Let us try to understand, what they are!

Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in gastrointestinal (GI) tract and are beneficial for their hosts and prevent certain diseases.

Prebiotics are non‐digestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of probiotic bacteria in the colon. All dietary prebiotics and/or dietary fiber provide the physiological and beneficial effects and, therefore, are considered as essential nutrients.

In post antibiotic obsession era, everyone is now praising microbes. But no one is talking about microbes sustenance medium. Healthy bacteria survives when their environment is potent to provide them continuous nutrition.

Prebiotic – this is where desi zebu cattle milk plays wonder. It is potent prebiotic.

Probiotic benefits
Probiotic benefits

गौर्धयति मरुतां शरवस्युर्माता मघोनाम |
युक्ता वह्नी रथानाम || (ऋगवेद ८-९४-१)

गौ माता दूध पिलाती है, उस दूधसे संतृप्त हो मरुत वीर रथसंचालक (वेगवान) बनते है|

As you read translation, only desi Gau mata’s A2 milk is potent enough to provide them driving force ( रथसंचालक). If such potent medium is not provided (like many Vegan friends find alternative solution in Vegan Dahi made up using coconut or badam or any other nuts) to them, health bacteria may die soon, before reaching to their destination i.e. GUT. Dead probiotic means more danger for digestive track! More efforts to clean the track! Acidity! Ulcer!

Probiotics promote gut health through stimulation, rather than suppression, of the innate immune system. Our first lines of defense are digestive chemistry and innate immunity.

For a probiotic to work it must arrive alive in the colon. They arrive alive only when they have enough food while travelling and are acid proof (Protected from gastric acids). It has been recommended that food containing probiotic bacteria should contain at least 10^6 live micro organisms per g or mL at the time of consumption to have protective effects such as maintenance of normal intestinal micro flora, enhancement of the immune system, reduction of lactose intolerance and anti-cancer activity.
Along with that probiotics should resist the natural barrier of high acidity and bile content in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and show their survivability and activity in the colon.

Only Desi Gau milk based fermentation has both powers. (Do your experiments if you have doubts).

Which Desi Gau milk?

या शर्धाय मारुताय सवभानवे शरवो.अम्र्त्यु धुक्षत |
या मर्ळीके मरुतां तुराणां या सुम्नैरेवयावरी || Rugved – Book 6 – Hymn 48 – Verse 12

Gau who provides immortal nectar milk for powerful self-illuminating Marut(s); the one who provides happiness/comfort to swift-footed(quick runner) Marut(s), that divine Gau comes to your home only by glorious efforts and actions.

Gau mata can give such nectar milk only when she is worshiped by brave men doing selfless glorious acts for society. Gau seva for selfish motives is not desirable. So if you purchase milk from professional gau shala, you will still will not avail full benefits of nectar. You first need to worship Gau mata whose milk you want to avail. Without worship, you cannot connect with her. Without connecting with her, it is not possible to receive her blessings.

Krishna with Gaia
Krishna with Gaia

Krishna is Krishna due to Gau Mata Seva and Worship. Do we follow him? 🙂

Fundamental fallacy in dairy model is: disconnect between mata and son. Mother can foster best prasad (milk, urine, dung), only when she is taken care best! Factory model of dairy don’t yield benefits described here.


Brain infection starts in gut, meat responsible

Factory Farms
Factory Farms

मूलाधार चक्र (seat of गणपति/हनुमान/कुण्डलिनी) is severely corrupt for most of us. And that is primary reason for so many life style sicknesses we have around.

Days are not far when modern medical science will start worshiping GUT like they used to worship and glorify brain. 🙂 After all, GUT deserves its long overdue importance as central place to maintain chemical life of the body.

Your brain health depends upon what you eat. If you are eating meat in chaotic times when animals are raised in factory farms, you are prone to deadly brain conditions. Because it is via GUT, any brain conditions take shape.

The study[See reference section] reveals how the proteins – called prions – spread from the gut to the brain after a person or animal has eaten contaminated meat.

This is one reason why society relying on factory farm based meat, will produce more zombies and psychopath.


Brain infection starts in gut, study finds

The study reveals how the proteins – called prions – spread from the gut to the brain after a person or animal has eaten contaminated meat.


Prions are infectious proteins with abnormal shapes that can be passed between people and animals by eating contaminated meat.

Until now, it was not known how prions spread from the gut to the brain after consuming infected meat.


Researchers at University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute studied the course of prion infection in mice.

They found that prions must first build up in specialised structures in the lining of the small intestine before they are able to spread throughout the body to the brain.


The structures – called Peyer’s patches – are part of the body’s immune system and form the first line of defence against contaminated food.

The study suggests prions hijack Peyer’s patches to cause infection.

The gut-associated lymphoid tissues in the small intestine, not the large intestine, play a major role in oral prion disease pathogenesis

  1. David S. Donaldsona,
  2. Kathryn J. Elseb and
  3. Neil A. Mabbotta#


Prion diseases are infectious neurodegenerative disorders characterised by accumulations of abnormally folded cellular prion protein in affected tissues. Many natural prion diseases are acquired orally and following exposure the early replication of some prion isolates upon follicular dendritic cells (FDC) within gut-associated lymphoid tissues (GALT) is important for the efficient spread of disease to the brain (neuroinvasion). Prion detection within large intestinal GALT biopsies has been used to estimate human and animal disease prevalence. However, the relative contributions of the small and large intestinal GALT to oral prion pathogenesis were unknown. To address this issue we created mice that specifically lacked FDC-containing GALT only in the small intestine. Our data show that oral prion disease susceptibility was dramatically reduced in mice lacking small intestinal GALT. Although these mice had FDC-containing GALT throughout their large intestines, these tissues were not early sites of prion accumulation or neuroinvasion. We also determined whether pathology specifically within the large intestine might influence prion pathogenesis. Congruent infection with the nematode parasite Trichuris muris in the large intestine around the time of oral prion exposure did not affect disease pathogenesis. Together, these data demonstrate that the small intestinal GALT are the major early sites of prion accumulation and neuroinvasion after oral exposure. This has important implications for our understanding of the factors that influence the risk to infection and the pre-clinical diagnosis of disease.


Lactoferrin And Cow milk

Lactoferrin (LF), also known as lactotransferrin (LTF), is a multifunctional protein of the transferrin family.

It is most important super critical protein. Lactoferrin belongs to the innate immune system. Apart from its main biological function, namely binding and transport of iron ions, lactoferrin also has antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, catalytic, anti-cancer, anti-allergic and radioprotecting functions and properties.



Only two natural sources. Human mother’s milk and Bos Indicus (Indian originated Desi Gau) Raw Cow milk.

Any wonder why Ayurveda uses Cow milk as medicine in many diseases?
Any wonder why Breastfeeding is critical for your child?
Any wonder why you must give first milk to newborn without fail?
Any wonder why we revere Cow (Gau) as mother?
Any wonder why doctors in India (and now elsewhere) prescribe Gau milk if mother cannot lactate or mother dies after giving birth? And this is going on for ages.
Any wonder why Shri Krishna’s portrait is never without gau?

Bos Indicus Raw Cow milk should be procured ethically. It is useful as medicine when mother Gau is treated like mother. Mother’s calves are treated like son and daughter. Gau should be kept freely. Should not be given hormone injection. Should not be forced for pregnancy by artificial sperm injections. Should allow to graze freely (For this to happen, govt must stop land mafias who sell mother’s grazing land to real estate developers.

Btw, no plant can generate Lactoferrin as they are not mammalian (=who are nourished by mother milk). And not all animals milk contain this important protein. And lab-made (made from specially processed genetically modified rice) Lactoferrin comes with side effects and cannot be consumed after 14 days.

Psychological Stress and INTESTINAL leak

Impact on intestine wall
Impact on intestine wall.Potential impact of stress-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction on health. Stress, via signals from the central nervous system, leads to altered release or response to neuroendocrine factors [such as corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH)] in the intestinal mucosa. Such factors may act directly or indirectly on the epithelium, inducing barrier dysfunction and uptake of proinflammatory material (e.g., antigens, toxins, infectious agents, and their products) from the gut lumen. The resultant inflammation causes disability and increases stress, which further amplifies the defect.
I receive many queries related to premature aging. Reduced appetite, reduced sleep, grey hair, arthritis – All these issues manifest after 40. But you now see them even in age below 20.

In old age, we can understand, it is due to मन्दाग्नि (Mandagni – Low Fire) but how come they are now regular in young age?

Ama (आम) – Toxins – Something that is unripe. Unripe outcomes of biological process. it can be at the time of digestion, assimilation or purging. All three stages or any one of them, when not working as per laws of the body, accumulates toxins locally. That is आम.

These end products, being inadequately processed, have a macromolecular structure, which is bigger and grosser than those end products which might have produced if a complete processing would have taken place.

It happens naturally in old-age. It happens unnaturally in young age due to following habits:

Despite physically young and metabolically active, if you indulge in physical and mental activities just after having meal, you are disturbing active digestion process. This can result in Ama i.e. Toxins.

Irregular meal timings is another reason that disturbs fire-based processes in body.

Regular intake of food lacking hydration and fat (dry), cold food, stale food can also generate Ama.

Too many emotions out of balance. Extreme Kama, Krdha, Lobha, Moha, Irshya. Extreme lajja, shoka, abhimana, Udvega, Bhaya, Up-tapta (sad).

In many experimental studies, various types of physical and psychological stress are found to induce dysfunction of intestinal barrier, resulting in enhanced intake of potentially noxious material (e.g., antigens, toxins, and other proinflammatory molecule) from the gut lumen into the bloodstream [1] . This gives a very interesting proposition to see if these noxious materials play the role of ama as a progenitor to joint diseases as perceived in Ayurveda.

In short, Quality of the food + Intake method and timing + Mood + Compatibility with your nature and age play critical role in perfect digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Check your routine. Check life of avg urban teen-ager. You will realize reason behind early aging. If such habits continue for 3-4 generations, rapid aging becomes स्वभाव of the gene-pool.

Take care. Check your habits in mirror. Correct them. Whatever happened so far, cannot be reversed but you can certainly slow down further aging by eliminating toxins and not making their way again in the body.

Stress and intestinal barrier function

Potential impact of stress-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction on health.
Potential impact of stress-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction on health.

The intestinal mucosa is continuously exposed to an immense load of antigens from ingested food, resident bacteria, invading viruses, etc. The single-cell epithelial layer lining the gut lumen (surface area ∼300 m2) has conflicting functions, playing a major role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and at the same time constituting the organism’s most important barrier between the internal and external environments. Under normal circumstances, the epithelium allows only minute quantities of intact antigens to cross into the mucosa, where they interact with the mucosal immune system to downregulate inflammation (known as oral tolerance). On the other hand, it is necessary for enteric pathogens to activate immune cells and initiate the inflammatory response required to clear the infection. In some disease conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, excessive penetration of antigens through the epithelial layer may result in inappropriate immune stimulation, leading to chronic gastrointestinal inflammation. The ability of the epithelium to control uptake of molecules into the body is denoted as the intestinal barrier function.

Stressed out plants send animal-like signals

Slave# 1 plants
Slave# 1 plants
Slave# 1 plants

For last 80-90 years, we treated animals and plants equal, as our slaves. Remember one thing, stressed plants/animals means our food has not only chemical toxins used to raised them but biological markers indicating potential environmental stress which will also make our lives stressed. No wonder why so many youngsters lose their temper so soon, murders, rape, divorce, general apathy, lack of civic sense, rapid aging and suicides everywhere.

In summary: Chemical fertilizers + pesticides + diesel pollution ==> Stressed soil, air, water => Stressed plants => Stress markers with fruits, vegetables, grains => Sick body and sick mind

Slave#2 : Milk Machine
Slave#2 : Milk Machine

Do you get why we have so many social issues despite so much investment in religious and spiritual temples/Gurus/ashrams! 😀 😀

Issue is our food. Treating plants and animals with respect. Before harvest, we used to worship plants and taking permission from them to perform harvest. How wonderfully sensitive relation we used to have with our food.

Worse Slaves @animal farms
Worse Slaves @animal farms

And now?

Packaged, processed, stressed and dead food. Making us zombies. 🙁We all are zombies of different degrees. Dead-like and robotic. 🙁

Solution for good health lies in destruction of factory farming and related food chain.


Stressed out plants send animal-like signals

University of Adelaide research has shown for the first time that, despite not having a nervous system, plants use signals normally associated with animals when they encounter stress.

“But it was not known whether GABA was a signal in plants. We’ve discovered that plants bind GABA in a similar way to animals, resulting in that ultimately regulate plant growth when a plant is exposed to a stressful environment.”

By identifying how plants respond to GABA the researchers are optimistic that they have opened up many new possibilities for modifying how plants respond to stress.

“The major stresses agricultural crops face like pathogens and poor environmental conditions account for most yield losses around the planet – and consequently food shortages,” says co-lead author Professor Stephen Tyerman.

Read more at:

Real Milk vs Factory milk vs Vegan Alternatives

Milk vs Milk : Raw Desi A2 wins
Milk vs Milk : Raw Desi A2 wins

Simpletons do more harm to society than ignorant. I often receive shallow arguements from those who are consuming factory made milk or vegan sentimental alternatives.

“Milk is milk! Nutrition cocktail! “

Their arguments are like:

1) We can ferment coconut milk or Almond too then why do we need this milk? For all probiotic needs, we can rely on it.
2) Milk is milk and butter milk is butter milk. Doe snot make any difference whether it is A2 milk or A1 milk or Dairy milk or Raw milk.
3) Fermentation is fermentation. Whether it is done at home or in factory.

This is utter simpleton nonsense. Milk is not just nutrients. Milk varies with species. Milk varies with season. Milk varies based on how good or bad you treat animals. More than nutrients, milk is full of digested Prana (Raw Prana from sunlight digested at least once in organism. Like how plants and trees convert raw prana into digested Prana. Prana is not nutrient! For your imagination, imagine a layer of energy carried by any food item. Processed foods have least! Raw or cooked food have optimum)

They are certainly guided by sentiments and not rational common sense.

Remember few facts:
1) For Probiotic (Healthy bacteria) to survive stomach acids, they need enough food during this digestive track travel. So their medium must be rich in their taste of nutrients.
2) Based on the source, bacteria establish so bacteria in Raw milk will be different than the ones in Almond milk. Even their colony count varies based on the richness of the medium.
3) Bacterial society’s variety depends upon the local environment. Bacteria competent with our body are in good numbers at our home.
4) Method of fermentation matters. Manual churning or machine-churning or fat-separation etc. Best is manual churning. Churning or Manthan has great significance in probiotic preparation. It demands your involvement. Machines won’t help much.

This research paper reads:
“Our findings indicate that the manner in which a probiotic is delivered—whether in food or supplement form—could influence how effective that probiotic is in delivering the desired health benefits,”

The mice that ingested the probiotic in milk had reduced symptoms compared to those that were fed milk without the probiotic, and the ones that received the probiotic within a nonfood supplement.

Probiotic food in your local culture is proven and certified by infinite generations. I prefer to trust them over researches and sentiments. So if milk is part of your traditional medium to transport bacteria to Gut, use it. If there is anything else, use it. Do not homogenize good habits by sentiments.

While this research suggest use of dairy for probiotic effectiveness, I go one step further and suggest home-based manually churned fermentation of ethically procured raw A2 desi cow milk.

Remember, medium is the message for the GUT. Which medium you use to transport probiotic is important.

Think about it. Take care.

Dairy Products Boost Effectiveness of Probiotics

Washington, DC – July 17, 2015

“Our findings indicate that the manner in which a probiotic is delivered—whether in food or supplement form—could influence how effective that probiotic is in delivering the desired health benefits,”


Why home-based fermented food? Link to Acidity

The Pink Acidity Medicine Src:
The Pink Acidity Medicine

In last post, I talked about importance of bacteria in controlling our mood/mental state.

This[1] interesting article supports the hypothesis I presented about eating ONLY home-made dahi/butter milk/yogurt (to avoid alien bacteria of alien environment i.e. shop/factory where dahi is prepared in mass). It also suggests another hypothesis of having Panchmrit prepared from all unrefined, unprocessed raw milk, jaggery, sugar and honey.

More processed food you eat, more alien food you eat (Food prepared in alien environment i.e. restaurants), frequent travelling you do (so eating outside food frequently) and more acidity you suffer from.

The researchers found that scavengers, or species that eat food at high risk of microbial contamination, have more acidic stomachs. This acidity allows the stomach to act as a filter, effectively controlling which microbes can pass through the stomach to the gut.

Passing stomach acidity is very essential for probiotic food. Most probiotic food available in market fail here. It only helps in increasing acidity of the stomach.

An analysis of data on stomach acidity and diet in birds and mammals suggests that high levels of stomach acidity developed not to help animals break down food, but to defend animals against food poisoning. The work raises interesting questions about the evolution of stomach acidity in humans, and how modern life may be affecting both our stomach acidity and the microbial communities that live in our guts.

Antacids is not a solution. It is actually counter-health solution. Right solution is to avoid eating at unknown food-joints, at unknown places. Avoid highly processed food full of chemicals.


1) If you start cooking for self, you will never need acidity regulators!acidity regulators are against the innate nature of stomach! Never take them! They worsen the stomach working.
2) Take good care of selecting and preparing probiotic food.
3) Avoid outside food and travelling as much as possible
4) Avoid non-veg diet if you are living in terrain where plant based diet is available.

Take care. Never seek easy short-sighted solutions.

The Evolutionary Link Between Diet and Stomach Acidity

[1] Reference:

Diet and Stomach Acidity
Diet and Stomach Acidity

Gastric acidity is likely a key factor shaping the diversity and composition of microbial communities found in the vertebrate gut. We conducted a systematic review to test the hypothesis that a key role of the vertebrate stomach is to maintain the gut microbial community by filtering out novel microbial taxa before they pass into the intestines. We propose that species feeding either on carrion or on organisms that are close phylogenetic relatives should require the most restrictive filter (measured as high stomach acidity) as protection from foreign microbes. Conversely, species feeding on a lower trophic level or on food that is distantly related to them (e.g. herbivores) should require the least restrictive filter, as the risk of pathogen exposure is lower. Comparisons of stomach acidity across trophic groups in mammal and bird taxa show that scavengers and carnivores have significantly higher stomach acidities compared to herbivores or carnivores feeding on phylogenetically distant prey such as insects or fish. In addition, we find when stomach acidity varies within species either naturally (with age) or in treatments such as bariatric surgery, the effects on gut bacterial pathogens and communities are in line with our hypothesis that the stomach acts as an ecological filter. Together these results highlight the importance of including measurements of gastric pH when investigating gut microbial dynamics within and across species

Microbes, Mood Changer, Dahi

Panchamrut Img src:
Img src:

No ritual of this land ends without Prasad. No Prasad without Panchamrita (पञ्चामृत). It is a mixture of five foods used in Hindu worship and puja, usually honey, sugar, milk, yogurt, and ghee. I remember, how my mother used to stop me every time I start from home for exam. She would feed a spoon full of misti dahi (dahi and/or jaggery/sugar) as a शुकन token and my success in exams. In marriage ritual, पञ्चामृत is used profusely as it is major emotional event for both families. Mighty God Krishna is never seen without probiotic food.

Amazing science behind it! As I shared in last post about connection of CAT and अपशुकन in last post, here is the connection of पञ्चामृत and शुकन (Well-being or well-execution of future immediate actions). All thanks to tiny little microbes whom we are ready to kill everyday using anti-microbes weapons. 🙂

Fermentation And Life Img src:
Fermentation And Life
Img src:

Lactobacilli bacteria in dahi reduces anxiety, chronic fatigue and depression. That is the magic of just one type of bacteria. Generally when dahi is fermented at home, it can have all beneficial bacteria. In पञ्चामृत, ghee and honey are potent probiotic food, increasing potency of altering our mood.

There is another bacteria in probiotic food: Bifidobacterium infantis. Probiotic treatment with B. infantis in a rat maternal separation model of depression resulted in a normal immune response, normal behavior, and normal levels of stress hormone in the brainstem compared to untreated rats. (As I’ve stated many times here, gut function affects all body parts, including the brain.)
So your mother or grandmother was more scientific than you and me who were laughing on them for blind rituals.

Things to take care for availing full benefits of probiotic Dahi

1) Fermentation must happen at home. Factory made Dahi will have bacteria from factory environment (other than Lactobacilli). Our home is full of bacteria suited for our body. So prepare dahi at home.

2) For probiotics to survive beyond acidic stomach pathway and establish themselves in GUT, milk, honey, jiggery used should be full of nutrition which bacteria can use for survival in harsh stomach conditions. Find Raw Desi Gay milk for it. Find chemical-free unprocessed honey and jiggery. Find unrefined non-white sugar.

3) Consume fresh Dahi. Do not refrigerate.

4) Prepare Panchamrit. Not exclusive dahi. Take in small quantity. For large quantity, prepare butter milk.

5) Avoid during monsoon due to unstable environment crowded so many different pathogens.

Desi Cow – Motherly solution for Bharat’s critical food problem

Desi Cow Img src:
Desi Cow
Img src:
Indian Cows (
Indian Cows

स्व आ दमे सुदुधा यस्य धेनुः स्वधां पीपाय सुभ्व‌न्नमत्ति |

सो अपां नपादूर्जय‌न्नप्स्व 1न्तर्वसुदेयाय विधते वि भाति ||

ऋग्वेद 2|35|7||


शब्दार्थ –





दमे…………………….घर में

सुदुधा………………….उत्तम दुध देने वाली, आसानी से दोही जाने वाली

धेनुः……………………दुधारु गौ है वह

स्वधाम्………………..अपनी शक्ति को

पीपाय………………….बढ़ाता है और

सुभु…………………….उत्तम रीति से सिद्ध होने वाले

अन्नम्…………………अन्न को

अत्ति…………………….खाता है |


अपाम् + नपात्………….जीवनी शक्ति को पतित न होने देने वाला

अप्सु +अन्तः, अपां + नपात्…जलों के भीतर रहने वाली बिजली के समान

उर्जयऩ्………………..बल सम्पन्न होता हुआ

वसुदेयाय………………धन देने योग्य

विधते…………………मेधावी के लिए

विभाति………………..विशेषतः चमकता है |

व्याख्या –

वेद की उपदेश करने की शैली निराली है | वेद कहीं आदेश करता है, कहीं निषेध करता है, कहीं प्रार्थना द्वारा कर्त्तव्याकर्त्तव्य का बोध कराता है, कहीं वास्तविक स्थिति आगे रख कर समझाता है |

इस मन्त्र में जो बात कही है, वह पहले भी ठीक थी, आज भी सत्य है और कल को भी यथार्थ होगी |वेद के उपदेश सामयिक नहीं, वरन् सदातन = सदा रहने वाले, त्रिकालाबाधित हैं | अथर्ववेद 5|28|3 में कहा है –


त्रयः पोषास्त्रिवृति श्रयन्तामनक्तु पूषा पयसा घृतेन |

अन्नस्य भूमा पुरुषस्य भूमा भूमा पशूनां त इह श्रयन्ताम ||

इस त्रिगुणात्मक जगत् में तीन पुष्टियाँ बनी र‌र्हें – (1) अन्न की बहुतायत (2) पुरुषों की बहुलता तथा (3) पशुओं की बहुतायत | ये इस संसार में बनी रहें, पशुपति दूध-घी से भरपूर रहें | दूध-घी कहाँ से आये ? पशुओं से | पशुओं मे‍ गौ का घी-दूध सबकी अपेक्षा उत्कृष्ट माना गया है | अतएव वेद में गौ की महिमा बहुत है | यथा – गावो भगो गाव इन्द्रो मे | (अथर्ववेद 4|21|5) = गौएँ ही भाग्य और गौएँ ही मेरा ऐश्वर्य हैं |


यूयं गावो मेदयथा कृशं चिदश्रीरं चित्कृणुथा सुप्रतीकम|

भद्रं ग्रृहं कृणुथ भद्रवाचो बृहद्वो वय उच्यते सभासु ||

अथर्ववेद 4|21|6

गोएँ दुबले को भी मोटा कर देती हैं और शोभाहीन को भी सुन्दर बना देती हैं | मधुर बोली वाली गौएँ घर को कल्याणमय बना देती हैं | सभाओं में गौओं की बहुत कीर्ति कही जाती है |


गौओं को पालने की रीति का भी थोड़ा संकेत है –

प्रजावती सूयवसे रुशन्तीः शुद्धा अपः सुप्रपाणे पिबन्तीः |

अथर्ववेद 4|21|7

सन्तान सहित गौएँ उत्तम चारे के कारण पुष्ट हों, उत्तम जलपान के स्थान में शुद्ध जल का पान करें |

आज गोभक्त आर्य इस उपदेश को भूल सा गया है | अब न अच्छा चारा देते हैं और न गौओं को शुद्ध जल पिलाने की व्यवस्था की जाती है | यह तभी हो सकता है जब स्व आ दमे सुदुधा यस्य धेनुः – अपने घर में ही उत्तम दूध देने वाली गौ हो |

वेद के कथनानुसार जिसके दूध के पीने से दुर्बल भी हृष्ट पुष्ट हो जाते हैं और श्रीहीन सुश्रीक = सुन्दर शोभामान् हो जाते हैं, उससे पूरा लाभ उठाने के लिए उसे घर में पालना अच्छा होता है | इसका दूध पीने से गोपति जल में विद्युत् के समान चमकता है ||


– स्वामी वेदानन्द तीर्थ सरस्वती

I feel little ashamed for our ignorance, when we Indians call ‘Jersey’ ,breed of wild European animal Aurochs as ‘गाय’, worship it and drink her milk as if we are drinking गाय दूध. And more dangerous ignorance is to be ashamed when we don’t know that Aurochs breed’s(As if Jersey) milk has CASOMORPHINE, whose accumulation in body leads to a peptide poisoning. This is particularly often reported in patients with ADHD, autism and schizophrenia.

Why Food chain correction is most critical problem?

Apart from external environmental factors affecting mind space, it is our polluted food and water sources, that play major role in weakening our psyche and slip ourselves in the mode societal corruption.

When people talk about neurological disorders, they consider only those disorders which exhibit visible symptoms (Autism, Phobias etc). For me, lack of integrity or moral perversion is also a neurological disorder, albeit silent one. It is getting diagnosed, only during harvesting time of past deeds of individual. And in most cases, it is never diagnosed during life time.

Corruption in society is resultant of polluted food origins. While working on correcting political system, it is equally important to see that majority of us, get nutritional food, both physical and mental.

Mental food by disinfecting Education system, physical food by disinfecting agriculture.

If you think you are sane citizen, contribute, in your capacity possible, for politics, education and agriculture.

With corrupted and weak psyche and body of majority in us, it is difficult to penetrate sane reformative ideas in our minds.

You go and explain, ideal democracy but if the other person is devoid of pure food and water, it is difficult for him being receptive and understand sane ideas necessary to change the Nation’s destiny from current shoddy state. Even if he/she understands, he/she won’t do much in action due to weak body and mind. For survival, compromises happen and saga of personal involvement in corruption continues.

Food -> Education -> Political awareness -> Critical Mass for change -> Revolution

Any upheaval, out of reaction, would remain temporary since roots are corrupt and in hibernation. With favorable environment to flourish, weakness will sprout again and reforms will topple again towards nadir.

If roots are replaces by food and education, it is difficult for any external force to break strong National fabric.

Political awareness minus Food and Education -> Revolution minus prolonged stability.

Strive for prolonged happiness.


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