Brain infection starts in gut, meat responsible

Factory Farms
Factory Farms

मूलाधार चक्र (seat of गणपति/हनुमान/कुण्डलिनी) is severely corrupt for most of us. And that is primary reason for so many life style sicknesses we have around.

Days are not far when modern medical science will start worshiping GUT like they used to worship and glorify brain. 🙂 After all, GUT deserves its long overdue importance as central place to maintain chemical life of the body.

Your brain health depends upon what you eat. If you are eating meat in chaotic times when animals are raised in factory farms, you are prone to deadly brain conditions. Because it is via GUT, any brain conditions take shape.

The study[See reference section] reveals how the proteins – called prions – spread from the gut to the brain after a person or animal has eaten contaminated meat.

This is one reason why society relying on factory farm based meat, will produce more zombies and psychopath.


Brain infection starts in gut, study finds

The study reveals how the proteins – called prions – spread from the gut to the brain after a person or animal has eaten contaminated meat.


Prions are infectious proteins with abnormal shapes that can be passed between people and animals by eating contaminated meat.

Until now, it was not known how prions spread from the gut to the brain after consuming infected meat.


Researchers at University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute studied the course of prion infection in mice.

They found that prions must first build up in specialised structures in the lining of the small intestine before they are able to spread throughout the body to the brain.


The structures – called Peyer’s patches – are part of the body’s immune system and form the first line of defence against contaminated food.

The study suggests prions hijack Peyer’s patches to cause infection.

The gut-associated lymphoid tissues in the small intestine, not the large intestine, play a major role in oral prion disease pathogenesis

  1. David S. Donaldsona,
  2. Kathryn J. Elseb and
  3. Neil A. Mabbotta#


Prion diseases are infectious neurodegenerative disorders characterised by accumulations of abnormally folded cellular prion protein in affected tissues. Many natural prion diseases are acquired orally and following exposure the early replication of some prion isolates upon follicular dendritic cells (FDC) within gut-associated lymphoid tissues (GALT) is important for the efficient spread of disease to the brain (neuroinvasion). Prion detection within large intestinal GALT biopsies has been used to estimate human and animal disease prevalence. However, the relative contributions of the small and large intestinal GALT to oral prion pathogenesis were unknown. To address this issue we created mice that specifically lacked FDC-containing GALT only in the small intestine. Our data show that oral prion disease susceptibility was dramatically reduced in mice lacking small intestinal GALT. Although these mice had FDC-containing GALT throughout their large intestines, these tissues were not early sites of prion accumulation or neuroinvasion. We also determined whether pathology specifically within the large intestine might influence prion pathogenesis. Congruent infection with the nematode parasite Trichuris muris in the large intestine around the time of oral prion exposure did not affect disease pathogenesis. Together, these data demonstrate that the small intestinal GALT are the major early sites of prion accumulation and neuroinvasion after oral exposure. This has important implications for our understanding of the factors that influence the risk to infection and the pre-clinical diagnosis of disease.


Spirituality is joke in hungry society: भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला



भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला..
नाम के ऊपर वाणी है; क्योंकि वाणी द्वारा ही नाम का उच्चारण होता है। इसे ब्रह्म का एक रूप माना जा सकता है। वाणी के ऊपर संकल्प है; क्योंकि संकल्प ही मन को प्रेरित करता है। संकल्प के ऊपर चित्त है; क्योंकि चित्त ही संकल्प करने की प्रेरणा देता है। चित्त से भी ऊपर ध्यान है; क्योंकि ध्यान लगाने पर ही चित्त संकल्प की प्रेरणा देता है। ध्यान से ऊपर विज्ञान है; क्योंकि विज्ञान का ज्ञान होने पर ही हम सत्य-असत्य का पता लगाकर लाभदायक वस्तु पर ध्यान केन्द्रित करते हैं। विज्ञान से श्रेष्ठ बल है और बल से भी श्रेष्ठ अन्न है; क्योंकि भूखे रहकर न बल होगा, न विज्ञान होगा, न ध्यान लगाया जा सकेगा।

For me, not only poor but malnourished middle class kids are also poor as they don’t get the right food too! Not only physical food, our hunger for sensual gratification is highest in the history due to constant bombardment by media and hormonally imbalanced food. This will also hamper our individual and collective spiritual journey.


Was Shri Krishna Socialist/communist ?

नात्यश्नतस्तु योगोऽस्ति न चैकान्तमनश्नतः।
न चातिस्वप्नशीलस्य जाग्रतो नैव चार्जुन।।6.16।।

Don’t see “Demanding food for mass” with socialist or communist lenses.

It is pre-requisite for साधना. When not fulfilled, you cannot find spiritually eager critical mass. Without such critical mass, dharma? राष्ट्र? hmmm. All the best (y) Try it out.

food2 food3

Is Modern Wheat more toxic than being source of nutrition?


Is Wheat toxic and must avoid?


Other day, I received comment that wheat is toxic for body. घीमें तली हुई पूरी -this is not a good food.

Wheat is toxin for western world.Why?

1) Hybrid seeds (True for India too)
2) Tons of pesticides (True for India too)
3) Flour using fully automatic high heated mills – damages most of nutrients and their prana shakti
4) 365 days wheat consumption – there are no other grains in diet. Excess of anything is harmful

Yes, it is toxic for us too. But then which other grain is not? Everything grown using modern agriculture carry toxins.

“घीमें तली हुई पूरी” (Even if the wheat is loaded with toxic pesticides) is not only supplement but a mandatory prescription. Pesticides can be eliminated only when the ghee is accompanying them! 🙂

And who told you to eat wheat every day? Come winter and include different grains which demands high digestive fire!

“घीमें तली हुई पूरी” is for श्राद्ध पक्ष. Keep it clear. And of course strive for organic wheat if possible.

And who stops you buying stone-based flour mill? Best way to spend physical activities. Purpose driven exercise is must to supplement your daily exercise! And it helps young females for hassle-free pregnancies.

Read conversation here:

Swadesi : Remain connected with the Producers

First picture is about pesticides. Our consuming habits have turned farmers into greedy blind soil-exploiters. This is going on for last 45 years (since so called green revolution).
After 2-3 generations, farmer’s son land up in urban slum, working for construction work like a slave, spending evenings at bar and consuming poison.
First poison the land and then poison the inner land.
And the sin is upon us. Yes, upon us who are disconnected from the food producers.
Some trivial reasons why urban citizens deny original food sources: (I am farmer and a community helper so I come across many such silly denials)
1) Oh, why should I travel 25 kms to get food. I can get it in super market next to my office.
This very same breed go for 50 kms long drives without any purpose! 😀
2) Oh, it is very raw food. Not packaged in fancy covers! 😀 Unclean. I have to spend time in cleaning it!
The very same breed spend hopelessly insane time for personal entertainment which actually is anti-life! 😀
3) Oh, it is costly!
Well, it is cheaper than inflated over-hyped movie tickets! 😀
Think sincerely! Connect with farmer communities in near by villages. Inspire them to do gau-seva and Gau-based farming. Be part of the process. Expose your kids to nature and strengthen their immunity!
Take care!! (Y)
One more thread on same topic by Madhava Pashupati
“Yes, ur absolutely right…infact our network is aiming to do the same..decentralise… and direct link up with procurers. But, we do face hurdles to explain this to procurers the need of doing so. Urban mindset is still towards mono-culture. We have been hurdled with urban mindset that DESI GHEE must be of same standard…not possible..the Local Breed (Hallikar) from different places yeild different type of A2 milk according to the fodder most are FREEGRAZERS !… urban people do not understand about freegrazing much…so if milk is different according to in Kadatur area we have same hallikar which seems to be more healthier than that of Chamarajanagar in Karnataka… as Cnagar is more dry on southern side ! do we explain this ?… Urbanites google the cinema halls… or best at gopalan mall… but most fail to google the rural areas…except if they want to throw bottle at Kabini or Cauvery !… so, coming back to the point…ghee produced at Kadatur is little different than at Kanakapura !… and we have urban procurers with half ken about climatic zones asking for standardization procedures… ditto fruits and vegetables.. all grown with gau ka gobar !… stating one more example, as we are nearing MANGO season…and most of our farmers who supply A2 milk have small orchards…we tell then not to sell it to mango mafia..and we mostly give (supply not sell) a kg of mango free to our A2 milk procurers in urban areas… and our procurers (some of them) compare it with ALPHONSO or APPUs ! dang ! dang ! bang ! bang ! – now we have to explain… 100 years back… Mumadi Krishnarajaj Wodeyar – Royal Scion of Mysuru…who was science bent… got saplings of Ratnagiri (which has lots of iron ore beneath the soil) and planted it all over karnataka mango zones like Ajampur, Mysuru, Kanakpura…. and those mangos are called BADAM out here !….and have less IRON content..!…and by then our telephone bills will run so high…lolzapz ! awareness is not enuf… AWAKENING…AWAKENING….for most of our info today comes in the FLATSCREEN samsung…oh no SONY…no ONIDA…no IDIOT BOX and well opiate substance creator…WWW.”

Do we really choose our food or our food chooses us?

Shopping Slaves Image Source:
Shopping Slaves
Image Source:

Every year, food corporations introduce 15–20,000 new food products to the market.

Can you imagine? 20000 new food products!

Green and purple ketchup, mayonnaise from a squeezable bottle, soup you can eat while driving your car. New food products like these aren’t just flights of fancy.

Of each year’s new products, Lord said, only one-third will be considered successful in two years.

“This is called ‘product churn,'” he said. “The industry puts a lot of products out there and waits to see which ones stick.”

And we feel bad or good for Maggi ban 😀 😀. It was actually a right move to ban one brand so that industry can come up with few more improved brands 😀.

And during this sick churning, you and me, the supermarket consumers, become victim of churning.

Through the way we live, work and play, we don’t really choose our food – our food chooses us. And that is sad reality of so called modern life. By TV, by ads, by peer pressure, we are forced to useless food. Processed food. And pay hefty for nearly free-of-cost nature’s gift.

Unless we get rid of GDP obsession, situation will remain same. There will be group of decision maker who will control our food habits and by that control all of us. This is not freedom. Is it?

– Buy from the source (Farmers) by bypassing entire sick food chain discussed above
– Cook/Prepare for self/Family/Friends – that is really an ideal processed food. Processed by love and nurtured by care 🙂
– Live in community of like-minded so you don’t have to follow social dharma and attend parties and gathering where slave-food (processed food) is served often 🙂


New food products lifeblood of industry

Green and purple ketchup, mayonnaise from a squeezable bottle, soup you can eat while driving your car. New food products like these aren’t just flights of fancy.

“Food product development is critical to the survival and growth of the companies within our vast and vigorously competitive, $800 billion American food industry,” said Aaron Brody. “Probably a quarter of a million different food products are available, with 15,000 to 20,000 or so new items introduced annually into the crowded mix to try to satisfy consumer desires.”

“In the past, and to a degree, even today, to develop new food products, we went to the kitchen or laboratory or pilot plant and whipped up a recipe, which was sent to marketing to sell,” Brody said. “Or we assembled a group of creative people to brainstorm ideas that were sent to the lab. Or we waited for farmers to grow a new crop.”

Today’s food industry leaders have to know the consumers’ wants, create the right packaging and generate a profit, he said.

John Lord, a food product development and marketing researcher from St. Joseph’s University and member of the FOODPI&C program, said the high number of new products announced each year is actually much smaller than it seems.

“There may be 20,000 new UPC codes … each year, but a very, very small number of these are really new to the world,” he said. “Many are just new adaptations of existing products or temporary or seasonal products like Oreos with a different color icing.”

प्राणविहीन Pre-Cut Salad and Risk of Infection

There is a family rule at our home. If social conditions force having meals outside, don’t eat Salad and Chutney.
At restaurants and social gatherings, salad is prepared first and kept open whole day long!
Malls now offer pre-cut vegetables and fruits! 😀 Exploiting laziness of urban families!
I have never seen ignorant junta as I observe now in last decade! With increasing purchasing power, our common sense is diminishing fast! 😀
This also testify my theory that bacteria are faithful weapons of mother nature, used to clean the debris. Pre-cut is प्राणविहीन. Without प्राण, you are dead! Dead are registered in Mother nature’s register for cleaning! So bacteria like Samonella!
I know couple of colleagues affected by typhoid recently after eating at costly most restaurant of city! 🙂 Typhoid is not just due to exposure to fecal in food items but also eating dead food like salad.
This also testify my theory that bacteria are faithful weapons of mother nature, used to clean the debris. Pre-cut is प्राणविहीन. Without प्राण, you are dead! Dead are registered in Mother nature’s register for cleaning! So bacteria like Samonella!
I know couple of colleagues affected by typhoid recently after eating at costly most restaurant of city! 🙂 Typhoid is not just due to exposure to fecal in food items but also eating dead food like salad.


Pre-prepared salads are sold increasingly commonly in grocery stores, said Freestone. They also appear in fast food and in airline meals. However, few studies had previously investigated the behavior of Salmonella within ready-to-eat bagged salad, she said. “We wanted to investigate what happens to Salmonella in a bag of salad to better understand the potential risks to consumers and inform future research on reducing attachment of this pathogen to salad leaves. This study is part of our ongoing research into ways to reduce the risk of Salmonella persisting and growing when it is present in bagged salad.”

Field to Fork: 50% Food wasted in transport

Field to Fork
अन्नबाहुल्य (Power of Food Abundance) does not only mean growing food but also supplying food to the consumers efficiently, storing food without loss.
Those Supply chain experts, super market apologists, MBAs in operations : do you have answer for this? Half of the food is wasted in the chain! Longer the chain, dearer is the waste. More processing => More waste.
Where is all your expertise? Or you are groomed to maximize profit only?
Even govt(s) promote it. In holy name of food processing and packaged food. Even so called Swadesi pracharak(s) do it.
What do we do at the end? Waste!
Remember few eternal rules of the food chain.
1) Food is not plastic that you can transport from anywhere to anywhere.
2) Shorter the food chain, better is the management.
3) Localization is solution. Globalization of food is a global curse.
4) Food is not furniture that you seek perfection. Perfect shape, perfect color and perfect smell is height of foolishness catered and served by Greedy sellers. Due to it, farmers have to discard harvest for no buyers for not so perfect yield.
“Food waste is today’s hot topic. In fact, according to scientific surveys in Switzerland, 300 kg of perfectly good food ends up in the bin per person each year. However, this number encompasses the entire shopping basket, from yoghurt to drinkable leftover wine and two-day-old bread.”
One in two potatoes thrown out
“Overall, potato waste is also very high in Switzerland,” says the ETH doctoral student in light of the results of his analyses. From the field to the home, 53 percent of conventionally produced table potatoes are wasted, and this figure rises to 55 percent for those produced organically. For processing potatoes, the figures are lower: 41 percent of organic potatoes are discarded, compared to 46 percent of those from conventional production. The higher waste proportion for conventionally farmed processing potatoes is connected to the overproduction of this crop, which barely ever occurs with organic farming.
Waste is greater for organically farmed table potatoes because these fail to satisfy the high quality standards more often than conventional ones. “After all, consumers have the same expectations of quality and appearance for organic production as they do for conventional.”
Losses occur at all stages of the supply chain: up to a quarter of the table potato harvest falls by the wayside even at the producer stage. A further 12 to 24 percent are rejected by wholesalers during sorting. Just one to three percent fall between the cracks at retailers, and a further 15 percent are wasted in households.
Although private households account for a relatively small proportion of potato waste, Willersinn says their contribution has the most impact: in private homes, most of the unused potatoes end up in the bin bag or on the compost heap. Producers, traders and processors, on the other hand, recycle the vast majority of waste into animal fodder or, to a lesser extent, into feedstock for biogas plants.

FDI and Quality Improvement Myth

FDI in retail and quality myth
There is a myth propagated that if you buy anything from Wal-mart like super store, you will always save yourself from adulteration that you face at local Bania.
This is not true always. Two examples:
Not All Organic Foods are Created Equal when Walmart ordered it :
The organic milk that Wal-Mart sells under their own “Great Value” brand is a perfect example of how their influence can negatively effect the quality of organic food. This milk is supplied by Aurora Organic Dairy which is a large company that supplies other retailers such as Safeway, Costco, and Target as well. Aurora Organic has been accused on multiple occasions of selling organic milk that is in fact not organic. Horizon Organic is another large distributor of organic milk that also supplies Wal-Mart and has been accused of the same thing.
In 2007, USDA investigators found Aurora Organic to be in violation of 14 organic dairy requirements[1] and threatened to revoke their certification. Legal complaints have also been filed against Horizon Organic. Unfortunately, no further action was taken and both Aurora Organic and Horizon Organic continue to flood the market with low quality “organic” milk. For more information on this issue, visit the Cornucopia Institute’s page on Aurora Organic Factory Dairy.
[1] :
More than two-thirds of common brands of extra-virgin olive oil found in California grocery stores aren’t what they claim to be, according to a University of California at Davis study. [2]
Instead, the oils were spoiled or made from lower quality olives unfit to be labeled “extra virgin.” Worse, some were outright counterfeits, made from soy, hazelnut, and even fish oils mixed with low grade olive-pomace oil.
“Our laboratory tests found that the top-selling imported brands of “extra virgin” olive oil sold in the United States and purchased at retail locations throughout California often failed the IOC’s sensory standards for extra virgin olive oil.
Our testing indicated that the samples failed extra virgin olive oil standards for reasons that include one or more of the
following: (a) oxidation by exposure to elevated temperatures, light, and/or aging; (b) adulteration with cheaper
refined olive oil; and (c) poor quality oil made from damaged and overripe olives, processing flaws, and/or improper
oil storage.”
Be ready for International Food Adulteration Gangs (IFAG), they are certainly better than local bania as they sell in glossy wrapper :).

अन्नदोष and downfall



One of the prime reasons mentioned by Acharya ji in this video. It is rotten food system responsible for so many of us pretending of sleeping.

For last 60 years or so, this fertile land’s custodians were fooled or forced by govt/politicians/paid scientists and MNCs. They were made to believe that applying chemicals in agriculture is must and cool thing to do. All presented by modernism is spotless without any side-effects. Toxic fruits are ripe now.

दोष is not just in how we grow food but how we handle it, exchange it, cook it and have it! At all stages, we have started disrespecting it.

खादन्न गच्छामि हसन्न जल्पे
गतं न शोचामि कृतं न मन्ये ।
द्वाभ्यां तृतीयो न भवामि राजन्
किं कारणं भोज भवामि मूर्खः ॥

O King! I never eat while standing or walking, never speak while laughing, never repent for what is gone in past, never boast for my achievements, never interfere in others talk, then how can you say I am fool?
हे भोज ! मैं खड़े खड़े या चलते चलते खाना खाता नहीं,; हँसते हँसते बोलता नहीं हूँ; बीते हुए का शोक नहीं करता; किये हुए का अभिमान नहीं करता; दो लोग बात करते हो, तब बीच में तीसरा नहीं बनता; तो फिर किस कारण से मैं मूर्ख बना ?

जब हम किसी सुविधा के आदी (गुलाम) हो जाते है या जब कोई चीज प्रतिष्ठा का प्रश्न बना दी जाती है या जब कोई चीज घर घर में पहुँच जाती है, तब वह चाहे कितनी भी अवैज्ञानिक क्यों न हो कितने ही रोग पैदा कराने वाली क्यूँ न हो , हम अपने मानसिक विकारों (लत,दिखावा, भेड़चाल आदि) के कारण उसकी असलियत को जानना ही नहीं चाहते है और यदि कोई बता दे तो वही व्यक्ति को हम दक़ियानूसी मानते है और इन मानसिक विकारों के कारण हमारे दिमाग मे सेकड़ों तर्क उठने लगते है, हमारी हर परम्पराओं मे वैज्ञानिकता थी हम भारतियों ने जड़ विज्ञान की अपेक्षा चेतन्य विज्ञान पर अधिक बल दिया और चेतन्य के आगे जड़ कही नहीं टिकता आज के युवा कब समझेंगे ?

खड़े होकर भोजन करने से हानियाँ : ( Buffet System’s disadvantage )

– खड़े होकर भोजन करने से निचले अंगों में वात रोग (कब्ज, गैस, घुटनों का दर्द, कमर दर्द आदि) बढ़ते है, और कब्ज बीमारियों का बादशाह है ।

– खड़े होकर भोजन करने से यौन रोगो की संभावना प्रबल होती है, जिसमे नपुंसकता, किडनी की बीमारियाँ, पथरी रोग

– पैरो में जूते चप्पल होने से पैर गरम रहते है जबकि आयुर्वेद के अनुसार भोजन करते समय पैर ठंडे रहने चाहिए, इसलिए हमारे देश में भोजन करने से पहले हाथ के साथ पैर धोने की परंपरा है !

– बार बार कतार मे लगने से बचने के लिए थाली को अधिक भर लिया जाता है जिससे जूठन अधिक छोडी जाती है, और अन्न देवता का अपमान है, खड़े होकर भोजन करने की आदत असुरो की है भारतीयों की नहीं ।

-From bharat swabhiman trust meterial

Ghee = Life (आयुर्वे धृतम्)


आयुर्वे धृतम् |
Ghee = Life

And our doctors say, do not eat ghee!

They are partly right as what is sold in name of ghee in market is indeed not eatable. But by generalizing this to ghee, they stop you having real life substance.

Problem of cholesterol is not because of ghee but due to प्राणविहीन घी & मंदाग्नि

Gau -> Authentic Milk (Without forcing gau a pregnancy, without giving them hormone injections, without compromising calf’s diet, without confining them in jail like abode, allowing them to freely graze, only excessive surplus milk) -> manual churning -> ghee = life

If you love your life, play a treasure hunt game and find out real ghee source. Have it regularly!

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