Vegetarian Diet And मुनि Dharma


Vegetarian Diet And मुनि Dharma


Reading Ramayana and Mahabharata clears many Grihasthi doubts. Try to read the original source and भाषांतर/टिका in मातृभाषा . Lot to learn.

Your diet changes with your terrain and end-goal. Here is something suggested by Lord Rama.

Book II : Ayodhya Kanda – Book Of Ayodhya

Chapter[Sarga] 20

Rama approaches his mother Kausalya to inform her of the calamity. Kausalya on hearing the news, faints. On recovering, she laments in the most grevious tones to Rama.

चतुर्दश हि वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने |
मधु मूल फलैः जीवन् हित्वा मुनिवद् आमिषम् || २-२०-२९

“I shall live in a solitary forest like a sage for fourteen years, leaving off meat and living with roots, fruits and honey”.

Please note:

– Living like a sage
– leaving off meat
– living with roots,fruits and honey

Instead of wasting time in Veg vs Non-veg debates, strive food suitable for your innate prakriti, available locally, helping you to achieve end-goal (dharma).

Word मुनि is important. It is related to immunity. In highly dynamic environment of Jungle, middle of ample kills available, Bhagwan prefers vegetarian diet. Why? 🙂

Vacation? How about Food-Tourism?



Our grand-children will remember our generations (Born in 20th and 21st century) as generation of fools, who grew/raised food by poisons.

Be wise now and earn respect from grand-children in future for saving their lives 🙂. Strive for food grown in chemical-free farms.

Let me introduce new concept here to take care of your holiday fun:)

Every season end, go in search of healthy food. A kind of

Food tourism. From village to village, in search of organic food. Nothing like that. I am doing for last couple of years. No Vacation can beat the fun we as a family is having in food search travel.

I firmly believe that , it is not farmer’s job to sell. In case of food, it is win-win situation when the hungry (We the consumers) puts efforts in searching the source.

Decentralized and yet community network for food.

Farmer has more critical duties to perform towards mother nature, then worrying about sell.

Impact of Environment on meal, Meal as Ritual, Offering Food to Deva



In all native cultures where modernity has not touched, having meal is considered sacred ritual. Place where people eat, family eat is considered and maintained like a temple.

There is specific serving method. Food needs to be observed before eating it.

For practicing Hindu, food is very sacred part of life. From growing food to consuming it to offering it to Deva. Subtly rich ways to consume food. We pay highest attention to not only food, how we eat, where we eat, who serve the food and all!

Before we eat, we offer food to Deva. नैवेद्य निवेदित!

Following is very common practice:
कर्मकांड के स्तर की पद्धति : बाएं हाथ का अंगूठा बाईं आंखपर व बाएं हाथ की अनामिका दाईं आंखपर रखकर आंखें मूंद लें और ‘ॐ प्राणाय स्वाहा । ॐ अपानाय स्वाहा । ॐ व्यानाय स्वाहा । ॐ उदानाय स्वाहा । ॐ समानाय स्वाहा । ॐ ब्रह्मणे स्वाहा ।।’, पंचप्राणों से संबंधित इस मंत्र का उच्चारण करते हुए नैवेद्य की सुगंध को दाहिने हाथ की पांचों उंगलियों के सिरों से देवता की ओर दिशा दें ।
उसके उपरांत ‘नैवेद्यमध्येपानीयं समर्पयामि ।’ बोलते हुए दाहिने हाथ से ताम्रपात्र में थोडा जल छोडें व पुन: ‘ॐ प्राणाय…’, पंचप्राणों से संबंधित इस मंत्र का उच्चारण करें । उसके उपरांत ‘नैवेद्यम् समर्पयामि, उत्तरापोशनम् समर्पयामि, हस्तप्रक्षालनम् समर्पयामि, मुखप्रक्षालनम् समर्पयामि’ बोलते हुए दाहिने हाथ से ताम्रपात्र में जल छोडें ।

*Modern Research: Eating with your eyes: Virtual reality can alter taste. “When we eat, we perceive not only just the taste and aroma of foods, we get sensory input from our surroundings – our eyes, ears, even our memories about surroundings,”*

Food’s taste is enhanced by virtual reality! We offer food to deva (senses) first! Don’t we?

“When we eat, we perceive not only just the taste and aroma of foods, we get sensory input from our surroundings – our eyes, ears, even our memories about surroundings,” said Robin Dando, associate professor of food science and senior author of the study.

Eating is very sensitive interaction among our bodies, environment and food. Seduction by foreign food and drinks is biggest insult to healthy cultural legacy of ancestors and serious apathy towards environment. We are what our ancestors ate, and also what they had to regurgitate (vomit) i.e. what to eat and what not to eat. If seduced for foreign food and drinks, life will be pathetic. Not only yours, but of all upcoming confused generations who will not pay attention to environment and cultural food legacy.

Food nourishes life, refilling the prana. Eating was also considered meditation for Sanatani hindu. It was no ordinary time of the day.The loftier aspect of meditation is the principle of Vaishvanara Vidya.

The food that we take every day is a holy oblation to the All-pervading Vital Fire. This meditation is Prana-agnihotra. Agnihotra is the consecrated offering into the sacred Fire.

Result? Diabetes, blood pressure, cancer and many unimagined life style diseases.

Read this research to realize the wrong with our modern ways of eating food.

Before we read research, read this excerpt from the book वैश्वानर विद्या

Eating,Ritualistically or exoterically conceived, this means the daily performance of the yajna, or sacrifice, by a householder. The Upanishad makes out that this agnihotra is perpetually taking place in our own bodies, of which we have to be conscious in our meditation. The external sacrifice ceases to be external any more. Viewing everything from the point of view of the All-inclusive Vaishvanara, the externality of an action ceases forever. There is no such thing as external action, because everything that we regard as external is internal to the Vaishvanara.

The food that we eat is digested by the action of the pranas. We have five pranas, and so, when taking food, religious people utter mantras saying, “This is to the prana, this is to the apana,” etc. This is not merely a ritual unconsciously performed as a routine, but a religious worship. It is a meditation, and we are supposed to be conscious of what we are doing when we consume food. The process of Pranaagnihotra mentioned here is the act of introducing a universal significance into what are apparently individual functions. The three fires are inside the Universal Being, Vaishvanara. And, again, to repeat, this threefold fire is in us as inseparable from the Vaishvanara. So, when we take a morsel of food what are we to contemplate? 

Read more about how different prana invocation work: here

Rituals have subtly effect. Now, when you read below research, you will realize the value sacred meal rituals followed in Hindu families and how it helps them grow spiritually while maintaining healthy body and mind.


Eating with your eyes: Virtual reality can alter taste

Eating is a multimodal experience. When we eat, we perceive not just the taste and aroma of foods, but also their visual, auditory, and tactile properties, as well as sensory input from our surroundings. Foods are commonly tested within a sensory booth, designed specifically to limit such input. Foods are not commonly experienced in such isolation, but alongside this context, which can alter how a food is perceived. In this study, we show that the sensory properties of food can be altered by changing the environment it is consumed in, using virtual reality (VR) to provide an immersive, dynamic context to the eating experience. The purpose of this project was to develop an affordable and easy‐to‐implement methodology for adapting VR technology to sensory evaluation, without prohibitive amounts of expensive equipment or specialized programming knowledge. Virtual environments were formed by processing custom‐recorded 360 degree videos and overlaying audio, text, sensory scales, and images to simulate a typical sensory evaluation ballot within the VR headset. In a pilot test, participants were asked to taste 3 identical blue cheese samples in 3 virtual contexts–a sensory booth, a park bench, and a cow barn. Respondents rated their liking of the sample, as well as its saltiness, and pungency, attributes either reflective of one context (pungency in the barn), or presumably unrelated (saltiness). Panelists duly rated the sample’s flavor as being more pungent when consumed in the barn context. These results provide proof of concept for VR in applied sensory studies, providing an immersive context to a sensory test while remaining in place.

Practical application

We consume foods in environments that can “spill over” into our perceptions of the food. Thus, we consider some foods “unsuitable” for certain settings, with others deemed more suitable for this locale. This has been studied for many years as sensory “context,” with written descriptions, pictures, or videos of such contexts. We present a method generating virtual reality contexts without any specist programming knowledge, for a few hundred dollars. In an accompanying pilot test, perception of a sample was significantly influenced by the VR context in which it was delivered.

Is Modern Wheat more toxic than being source of nutrition?


Is Wheat toxic and must avoid?


Other day, I received comment that wheat is toxic for body. घीमें तली हुई पूरी -this is not a good food.

Wheat is toxin for western world.Why?

1) Hybrid seeds (True for India too)
2) Tons of pesticides (True for India too)
3) Flour using fully automatic high heated mills – damages most of nutrients and their prana shakti
4) 365 days wheat consumption – there are no other grains in diet. Excess of anything is harmful

Yes, it is toxic for us too. But then which other grain is not? Everything grown using modern agriculture carry toxins.

“घीमें तली हुई पूरी” (Even if the wheat is loaded with toxic pesticides) is not only supplement but a mandatory prescription. Pesticides can be eliminated only when the ghee is accompanying them! 🙂

And who told you to eat wheat every day? Come winter and include different grains which demands high digestive fire!

“घीमें तली हुई पूरी” is for श्राद्ध पक्ष. Keep it clear. And of course strive for organic wheat if possible.

And who stops you buying stone-based flour mill? Best way to spend physical activities. Purpose driven exercise is must to supplement your daily exercise! And it helps young females for hassle-free pregnancies.

Read conversation here:

Food Organic, Packaging Plastic?



One of my social media like minded friends, Bimal Das ji, asked valid question. Indian market is now flooded with so called organic products. It is different thing that, common mass is not aware about real meaning of organic food. And packaging still attracts better than quality. So all so called organic food is sold in plastic packaging. Sometimes, I wonder, how come organic food has long shelf life when the material used to pack will degrade its prana rapidly.

What is the impact of packaging material used to carry organic food?

It certainly has impact. Negative impact. Both packaging and storage.

Ghee, Honey, Jaggery – always in glass bottles. Preferably no sunlight exposure. Chinai mitti as option.

Fruits, vegetables and grains transport in hemp bags.


Bimal Das ji responded

“Plastics no because polymers, additives and plasticisers leach into food which are mostly carcinogenic .

Glass and mitti jars were only packing containers before , however they are fragile, heavy and may cause transportation loss.

There is scope for research in this field. Till then use local and refill your own containers from neighborhood shops as before.

Local pickles, dairy products, bakery products all were there, let us bring them back.”

Here is the interesting option shared. Link by @james bong on FB

Hemp Fiber for Food Packaging

Hemp Fiber for Food Packaging

While hemp fiber is classically associated with being as a textile fiber such as for t-shirts, there are many other uses. Of course not all hemp fibers are textile grade, such as those that are the stalks from hemp seed crops. Consequently, a European research project is unpacking the properties of hemp into natural, renewable & biodegradable food packaging. And we’re not talking about rough burlap bags or paper forms. It’s a true plastic and is commonly referred to as bioplastic since it’s not derived from petroleum.

The Traysrenew project in the European Union (EU) was a multi-year project involving a consortium of manufacturers drawn from across the supply chain with researchers from Spain and England. The goal was to produce food trays for poultry products that are cost effective, renewable, and higher performance than their conventional counterparts which are made of Polystyrene (PS) or Polypropylene (PP). The food trays would be made from biopolymers which are derived from bast fiber plants including hemp and flax. The poultry sector was chosen due to its high volume, being that it produces approximately 11 million tons of meat annually in the EU, with an average per capita consumption of 50.6 pounds (23 kg) each year.

The interest on this kind of green packaging is being driven by both the industry and consumers. Manufacturers want lower costs and increased shelf life; consumers want fresh and safe food available in addition to products that reflect their values.



अन्नदोष and downfall



One of the prime reasons mentioned by Acharya ji in this video. It is rotten food system responsible for so many of us pretending of sleeping.

For last 60 years or so, this fertile land’s custodians were fooled or forced by govt/politicians/paid scientists and MNCs. They were made to believe that applying chemicals in agriculture is must and cool thing to do. All presented by modernism is spotless without any side-effects. Toxic fruits are ripe now.

दोष is not just in how we grow food but how we handle it, exchange it, cook it and have it! At all stages, we have started disrespecting it.

खादन्न गच्छामि हसन्न जल्पे
गतं न शोचामि कृतं न मन्ये ।
द्वाभ्यां तृतीयो न भवामि राजन्
किं कारणं भोज भवामि मूर्खः ॥

O King! I never eat while standing or walking, never speak while laughing, never repent for what is gone in past, never boast for my achievements, never interfere in others talk, then how can you say I am fool?
हे भोज ! मैं खड़े खड़े या चलते चलते खाना खाता नहीं,; हँसते हँसते बोलता नहीं हूँ; बीते हुए का शोक नहीं करता; किये हुए का अभिमान नहीं करता; दो लोग बात करते हो, तब बीच में तीसरा नहीं बनता; तो फिर किस कारण से मैं मूर्ख बना ?

जब हम किसी सुविधा के आदी (गुलाम) हो जाते है या जब कोई चीज प्रतिष्ठा का प्रश्न बना दी जाती है या जब कोई चीज घर घर में पहुँच जाती है, तब वह चाहे कितनी भी अवैज्ञानिक क्यों न हो कितने ही रोग पैदा कराने वाली क्यूँ न हो , हम अपने मानसिक विकारों (लत,दिखावा, भेड़चाल आदि) के कारण उसकी असलियत को जानना ही नहीं चाहते है और यदि कोई बता दे तो वही व्यक्ति को हम दक़ियानूसी मानते है और इन मानसिक विकारों के कारण हमारे दिमाग मे सेकड़ों तर्क उठने लगते है, हमारी हर परम्पराओं मे वैज्ञानिकता थी हम भारतियों ने जड़ विज्ञान की अपेक्षा चेतन्य विज्ञान पर अधिक बल दिया और चेतन्य के आगे जड़ कही नहीं टिकता आज के युवा कब समझेंगे ?

खड़े होकर भोजन करने से हानियाँ : ( Buffet System’s disadvantage )

– खड़े होकर भोजन करने से निचले अंगों में वात रोग (कब्ज, गैस, घुटनों का दर्द, कमर दर्द आदि) बढ़ते है, और कब्ज बीमारियों का बादशाह है ।

– खड़े होकर भोजन करने से यौन रोगो की संभावना प्रबल होती है, जिसमे नपुंसकता, किडनी की बीमारियाँ, पथरी रोग

– पैरो में जूते चप्पल होने से पैर गरम रहते है जबकि आयुर्वेद के अनुसार भोजन करते समय पैर ठंडे रहने चाहिए, इसलिए हमारे देश में भोजन करने से पहले हाथ के साथ पैर धोने की परंपरा है !

– बार बार कतार मे लगने से बचने के लिए थाली को अधिक भर लिया जाता है जिससे जूठन अधिक छोडी जाती है, और अन्न देवता का अपमान है, खड़े होकर भोजन करने की आदत असुरो की है भारतीयों की नहीं ।

-From bharat swabhiman trust meterial

Woven Into Visuals : Catch22 of Agri Chemicals, Fruits and Vegetables

Maximum pesticides are used to grow fruits and vegetables 😉 Catch 22.

Why Catch22?

catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules.

Since fruits and vegetables are  prescribed by doctors as antioxidants but you cannot have it because of loaded with chemicals! Catch-22!


Agro chemicals have tendency to act as magnet of minerals. Esp. Glyphosate . They suck minerals from soil and food. Bind and suck metals.

Reason why your food is now critical poor in minerals. Even supplements won’t work if you are eating pesticides loaded food.

pest2 Pesticides_1 Pesticides_2 Pesticides_3

Glufosinate is as dangerous as glyphosate for our biology – not just because of its toxicity, or because of whatever else they put into the herbicide package, but also because glufosinate, like glyphosate, is an analog of (mimic of) one of the canonical twenty amino acids that are the basic building blocks of all life, from bacteria onwards to humans. Glufosinate is an analog of glutamic acid, while glyphosate is analog of glycine. Both Glycine and glutamic acids are two out of twenty amino acids that all life is made of.

More here:

Beware of GM Mustard, and glufosinate tolerant GM crops

Spirituality is joke in hungry society: भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला



भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला..
नाम के ऊपर वाणी है; क्योंकि वाणी द्वारा ही नाम का उच्चारण होता है। इसे ब्रह्म का एक रूप माना जा सकता है। वाणी के ऊपर संकल्प है; क्योंकि संकल्प ही मन को प्रेरित करता है। संकल्प के ऊपर चित्त है; क्योंकि चित्त ही संकल्प करने की प्रेरणा देता है। चित्त से भी ऊपर ध्यान है; क्योंकि ध्यान लगाने पर ही चित्त संकल्प की प्रेरणा देता है। ध्यान से ऊपर विज्ञान है; क्योंकि विज्ञान का ज्ञान होने पर ही हम सत्य-असत्य का पता लगाकर लाभदायक वस्तु पर ध्यान केन्द्रित करते हैं। विज्ञान से श्रेष्ठ बल है और बल से भी श्रेष्ठ अन्न है; क्योंकि भूखे रहकर न बल होगा, न विज्ञान होगा, न ध्यान लगाया जा सकेगा।

For me, not only poor but malnourished middle class kids are also poor as they don’t get the right food too! Not only physical food, our hunger for sensual gratification is highest in the history due to constant bombardment by media and hormonally imbalanced food. This will also hamper our individual and collective spiritual journey.


Was Shri Krishna Socialist/communist ?

नात्यश्नतस्तु योगोऽस्ति न चैकान्तमनश्नतः।
न चातिस्वप्नशीलस्य जाग्रतो नैव चार्जुन।।6.16।।

Don’t see “Demanding food for mass” with socialist or communist lenses.

It is pre-requisite for साधना. When not fulfilled, you cannot find spiritually eager critical mass. Without such critical mass, dharma? राष्ट्र? hmmm. All the best (y) Try it out.

food2 food3

Lack of Ghee(Fatty acids), Teenage and Anxiety disorder in Adult age



You ignore your teen boy/girl’s diet now, deprive them of vital omega fatty acids during brain growth period and you gift them anxiety and entire gamut of neurological disorders in adult life!!

And don’t feel sad for increasing cases of suicide! We as a society failed our future generation!

The structure and function of the brain continue to change throughout adolescence, at the same time that teenagers gain increasing independence and begin to make their own food choices. Since high-calorie, low-quality diets tend to be more affordable than healthy ones, teenagers may opt for foods that lack key nutrients important for brain health such as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs), which cannot be produced by the human body and must be obtained from foods such as Ghee, fish and vegetables.


Amplification of mGlu5-endocannabinoid signaling rescues behavioral and synaptic deficits in a mouse model of adolescent and adult dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids imbalance

Energy-dense, yet nutritionally-poor food is a high-risk factor for mental health disorders. This is of particular concern during adolescence, a period often associated with increased consumption of low nutritional content food and higher prevalence of mental health disorders. Indeed, there is an urgent need to understand the mechanisms linking unhealthy diet and mental disorders. Deficiency in n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFAs) is a hallmark of poor nutrition and mood disorders. Here, we developed a mouse model of n-3 PUFAs deficiency lasting from adolescence into adulthood. Starting nutritional deficits in dietary n-3 PUFAs during adolescence decreased n-3 PUFAs in both medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and nucleus accumbens, increased anxiety-like behavior and decreased cognitive function in adulthood. Importantly, we discovered that endocannabinoid/mGlu5-mediated long-term depression in the mPFC and accumbens was abolished in adult n-3-deficient mice. Additionally, mPFC NMDAR-dependent long-term potentiation was also lacking in the n-3-deficient group. Pharmacological enhancement of the mGlu5/eCB signaling complex, by positive allosteric modulation of mGlu5 or inhibition of endocannabinoid 2-arachidonylglycerol (2-AG) degradation, fully restored synaptic plasticity and normalized emotional and cognitive behaviors in malnourished adult mice. Our data support a model where nutrition is a key environmental factor influencing the working synaptic range into adulthood, long after the end of the perinatal period. These findings have important implications for the identification of nutritional risk factors for disease and design of new treatments for the behavioral deficits associated with nutritional n-3 PUFAs’ deficiency.

Fear-led supplements vs Life-loving wholesome food


There are 3 ways ahead if you are nutrient deficient.
1) Local wholesome food
2) Exotic non-local food (non-veg in grassland)
3) Supplements
Only first one is non-destructive, self-sustaining, totally healthy.
In second model, there is a chance of contraindications as it is not your native food. If not short term, surely long term old-age issues.
Third one is mere placebo. You spend money and get no real benefits except few cases like folic acid. You also create digestive track torture due to extra digestion of chemicals!

In a well-nourished child with a properly functioning immune system, viral infections are typically subclinical or exceedingly mild. Malnourishment, in particular vitamin A deficiency, is a primary cause of poor outcomes. One of the most effective ways to ensure that a viral illness runs a mild or benign course is to provide children with adequate stores of vitamin A prior to exposure.

Instead of putting efforts in providing our children, future citizens, proper diet, we either submit lives to FEAR (Vaccines) or EGO (Post-viral-attack medicines).

Learn to set priorities right and save unnecessary hurdles in life.

Infection prone monsoon comes only after we have had enough Vitamin A rich mangoes 🙂

Mother nature is very kind. She always want to see her kids flourishing, achieving life-goals.

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