Walking Frauds By K M Munshi



“The modern mind has confounded knowledge or achievement with personality. This confusion has been the ‘ direful spring of unnumbered woes.’ In India it has turned the university graduate into a waste paper basket of odd bits of information, unshaped in character, dwarfed in personality, devoid of faith.

Education in these days is not ‘ leading forth’ of the inmost personality of a man, but imposing fetters of cast-iron, alien thoughts on him. We are mechanized by it, regimented; not led forth to the freedom of ceaseless t Becoming.’ Our curiosity is satisfied. We are given wide attachments and intense dislikes. But the motive power which develops our personality remains unkindled. We are walking frauds. We have intellect divorced from will, belief in ideals which are belied in life. The search after knowledge in some cases leads to ideals shaping life; but in most cases they remain dreams unrelated to life. As a result the modern man does not feel humiliated at his mind being divorced from speech, his speech from action. This two-fold divergence is accepted as inevitable, often as a sign of modernity.”
– Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi

In the process of ‘Being’ the mind, the word and the deed must tend to become one. (Kill all nano particles of Hypocrisy) But it is a difficult process-this acquiring of unity. Mind, speech and conduct generally fly away from each other. When I try to co-ordinate these three, I begin my search for the Truth. When I succeed, I reach experiential Reality. I become आत्मवान.

University is where you become आत्मवान. Place that facilitates you in your becoming process. Seek and enroll @ real university, if there none available, strive to build one, become one; or else live life of a walking fraud.


About K M Munshi:
K. M. Munshi was born on 30 December 1887 in the town of Bharuch in Gujarat, and educated in Vadodara (Baroda), where he excelled in academics. One of his teachers at Baroda College was Sri Aurobindo Ghosh who had a profound impression on him.

His political career:

Founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (1938)
Home Minister of Bombay State (1937-40)
Agent-General of India in Hyderabad State (1948)
Member of the Constituent Assembly of India
Member of Parliament
Minister for Agriculture & Food (1952-53)
Governor of Uttar Pradesh (1952-57)

In 1959, Munshi separated from the Nehru-dominated (socialist) Congress Party and started the Akhand Hindustan Movement. He believed in a strong opposition, so along with Chakravarti Rajagopalachari he founded the Swatantra Party, which was right-wing in its politics, pro-business, pro-free market economy and private property rights. The party enjoyed limited success and eventually died out. Later, Munshi joined the Jan Sangh.

Illiterate but Educated

Educated Illiterate
Are we educated? Really? What is really Education? Why do we run after schooling? For education?
This so called education gives us one new vision to see everyone else not schooled like us as illiterate. Right? That is what I see in interactions of urbanites and villagers.
So here is the medicine to cure this दृष्टि. I hope it will cure many of us who has ‘Being educated’ notion.
Read this Illiterate’s declaration. Must not miss.
Posting excerpts here:
“Listen to me O’ Preacher, Campaigner of Literacy and School Education! Listen to me O’ Liberator, Benefactor of the down-trodden, poor illiterates and the uneducated.
If I understand your basic mission, you believe that we are ‘illiterate’ and ‘uneducated’ – a ‘black spot’ on the nation. And because of this, you are deeply ashamed of us.
Please take note: I too write the alphabet, but not on a slate or on a piece of paper, as you do. I write my alphabet on the surface of the fertile soil of my fields – my spade is my pen. The fruits of my alphabet quell your hunger. You gobble them up happily and without complaint.
On the other hand, you hold a pen in place of a spade and dig your alphabet on paper. What is produced by this paper farming of yours is a mystery to me. Do you even know what grows there? ( 😀 )
You always maintain a clear and deliberate distance from the milk-yielding cows, she-buffaloes and she-goats, but at the same time, you find it difficult to resist consuming dairy products such as milk, butter and curd.
There is a marked difference between our life styles. While I am engaged in productive activities all day and night, you are engaged only in consuming what I produce. Yet I lead a more peaceful and content life, while you constantly complain and create trouble in society with your insatiable discontent.
My activities and my interactions provide me with rich learning opportunities on a daily basis. On the other hand, you are unable to tread the path of education without direction and coercion from your classroom teachers.
Whereas your education is restricted only to your books, my whole existence is a rich garden of learning.
Your school is by no means a source of real learning. Your school is nothing but a trader in the commodity of education. The real source, or the mine for learning, is the WORK in which one is engaged and whose company I constantly live in.
Since you are not aware of my educational achievements, let me tell you that I am a specialist in agriculture, I am an expert in dairy work and I am a scholar in my local dialect.
My learning is apparent and authentic in itself. I do not worry about being awarded any certificates to prove this.
Mother learning is not a captive in the prison of the schools. Nor is the basic knowledge of life contained in and restricted to the jumble of the alphabet and numerical figures.
Like the all-pervasive God, learning is present in every atom of this universe. Learning is an unstoppable or ceaseless activity of devotion.
Learning, in its infinite forms, is a universal phenomenon. The stereotyped, monotonous and uniform pattern of education in your school is not suitable for supporting the multiple faces of learning.
Dawn and daybreak take place, even where there is no cock to crow and announce the morning. In the same manner, learning takes place and goes on freely, even where you do not start and run a school.
Yet I would not be so arrogant as to deny my need to further my education. But how can I agree to your claim of deserving to be my teacher? In my mind, you are not properly equipped to take on this role.
In ancient times, when child reaches age 7, he goes to jungle for education. He performs cowherding, farming, cooking and other basics before anything else begin as a part of formal education.
Do our kids receive such education? If not, we should force schools to alter their pedagogy.
Now on, learn to give high respect to illiterate but learned around you. There plenty such examples in society. Respect.
Second photo with this post depicts real school. Children learning at school. 🙂

Brahmcharya : Learning Early in Life Keeps Brain Cells Alive



Using your brain – particularly during adolescence – may help brain cells survive and could impact how the brain functions after puberty.

“It’s not that learning makes more cells,” says Shors. “It’s that the process of learning keeps new cells alive that are already present at the time of the learning experience.”

This is the time our culture prescribes rigorous and honest Brahmcharya and Sadhana.

Even Grihastha is asked to follow brahmcharya.


“In those that didn’t learn, three weeks after the new brain cells were made, nearly one-half of them were no longer there,” said Shors, professor in the Department of Psychology and Center for Collaborative Neuroscience in the School of Arts and Sciences.  “But in those that learned, it was hard to count.  There were so many that were still alive.”

The study is important, Shors says, because it suggests that the massive proliferation of new brain cells most likely helps young animals leave the protectiveness of their mothers and face dangers, challenges and opportunities of adulthood.

Scientists have known for years that the neurons in adult rats, which are significant but fewer in numbers than during puberty, could be saved with learning, but they did not know if this would be the case for young rats that produce two to four times more neurons than adult animals.

By examining the hippocampus – a portion of the brain associated with the process of learning  – after the rats learned to associate a sound with a motor response, scientists found that the new brain cells injected with dye a few weeks earlier were still alive in those that had learned the task while the cells in those who had failed did not survive.

“It’s not that learning makes more cells,” says Shors. “It’s that the process of learning keeps new cells alive that are already present at the time of the learning experience.”

Educated but Useless



“Students have lost the ability to do anything practical. The only thing we’ve mastered is consumption”

Anything practical? Ha ha…students have lost all common senses. Not only they are rapid consumers, but arrogant. And their teachers? Mediocre. None of new teacher enter in education with a zeal to participate in nation building.

Most of so-called education is neither building human values nor creativity. There is a need for a major re-boot.

Read more here:

Education and Curriculum



As I understand the word, a curriculum is a specially constructed information system whose purpose is to influence, teach, train, or cultivate the mind and character of youth.

Electronic gadgets like television, laptop, tablet, internet, of course, do exactly that, and do it relentlessly.

In so doing, it competes successfully with the school curriculum. By which I mean, it damn near kills it.

What our technological invasion in education field has contributed is the idea that teaching and entertainment are inseparable. Yes, education with entertainment. Fun and education together. This entirely original conception is to be found nowhere in educational discourse, from our ancient Gurukul system to Confucius to Plato to Cicero to Locke to John Dewey.

So far, we have seen need of good teacher for learning. Need of student’s interest too. But no one has ever said or implied that significant learning is effectively, durably, and truthfully achieved when education is entertainment.

The name we may properly give to an education without prerequisites, perplexity, and exposition is entertainment.

If you can imagine, future of students passed through mass assembly lines where education is entertainment. Slaves of the system, without free thinking, without guts to take risk. Flock of obedient workers, satisfied in daily entertainment dosages.

Does your kid take entertainment education? Imagine the future.

Should I mention again and again here that top 37 IT companies CEOs send their kids to technology-free schools? They must be insane 😀

Macaulay’s Curse : Indian Education and Penal Code


Macaulay’s main duty was to frame laws for the Indian people.

Unfortunately, he was ill-equipped for proper performance of the duty.
He did not know any of Indian language and He was equally ignorant of Indian history, their way of life, customary codes of moral, social and religious conducts.
In addition, He disliked India and her social institutions.

He was christian fanatic, wanted to spread Christianity by hook or crook. He was of opinion that, if Indians are imparted education by his system, entire Nation will become Christian in 30 years.

What he could not understand that roots of our culture are so strong and eternal that no external education system can completely abolish way of Sanatana dharma living. Yes, there is certainly damage in last 150 years but not as he envisioned.


Macaulay left two curses on our Nation. First, everyone knows (Education system). Second is Indian Penal Code. The draft of the Indian Penal Code was prepared by the First Law Commission, chaired by Thomas Babington Macaulay. Thank him for pathetic state of judiciary system we are forced to follow.

In the penal code of no other civilized country were such drastic and severe penalties and punishments laid down as found a place in the Indian Penal Code. This is quite understandable, because Macaulay considered the Indians ruled by the English as nothing but “dumb-driven cattle” owned by the English!

Edmund Burke described it as:

“Well digested and well-disposed in all its parts; a machine of wise and elaborate contrivance, and as well fitted for the oppression, impoverishment and degradation of a people, and the debasement in them of human nature itself, as ever proceeded from perverted ingenuity of man.”

Unfortunately, we as a nation, still rely on such anti-people systems. We must demand and bring Transparent complaint procedures and jury system along with people-friendly laws.


Macaulay was 34 when he was appointed as Law member. He could barely earn £200 yearly before he was commissioned for India. He was well-informed but not as intelligent as someone who would design systems of the Nation. As per his letters written to family members, he could earn £10000+5000 per year during his India stay and his sole purpose of accepting this assignment was to earn as much possible from India and live happy life in UK. Besides, he wanted to spread Christianity.

So, I suspect (again, it may sound like a conspiracy theory until I find evidences) that Macaulay was mere puppet. Real law designers were someone else.

The Litmus Test : Invest life in DNA repair, Education


Litmus Test



Litmus test.Blue litmus paper turns red under acidic conditions and red litmus paper turns blue under basic (i.e. alkaline) conditions, with the color change occurring over the pH range 4.5-8.3 at 25 °C. Neutral litmus paper is purple.

Can you turn blue litmus paper red under basic conditions? No, right?

Similarly, if people are Good (with pure innate disposition) then you can expect good laws acceptance in majority. With majority corrupts(Weak/Confused/Chaotic) minds(of varied degree) in society, it is impossible that we will bring law drafts we desire.
Acidic conditions (Say Good people in majority) can only turn Blue litmus (Say good law drafts) red and not Basic (Say bad(=corrupt and weak) people in majority).

This is not rocket science. If you observe, the silent lamb has been bleating in confusion and dismay because among other reasons the silent spring has been vitiated, perhaps beyond repair.

Start investing your time in DNA repair if you wish total transformation in system. Prepare warrior leader in you. Demonstrate heroic living by self, approach youth, challenge their basics for their betterment and provide them healthy and strong alternate ways of living (वैदिक ways of living). Help them changing their innate disposition by selfless कर्मयोग and desire-free sadhana. Help them repair DNA. And wait for Avatar emergence! Avatar(s) don’t descend when the free will of majority is engaged in confusions and doubts.

Solution: Save childhood. Nurture motherhood. Let their culmination show us brighter future. Meanwhile work on bringing such system which will keep the transformation confidence high i.e. law drafts for mass.

— Noted on Dec 25, 2012

त्रिलोक Protection : Fundamental of Education

त्रिलोक or Three worlds are given to each one of us. Our own universe. The physical body universe, the pranic energy universe and the mental universe.
To hold (Protect/Preserve/maintain) त्रिलोक is fundamental tenet of education.The wooden top will continue as long as there is a thrust. But while the movement is going on, it is important to hold the top. Balance the top. Or else, its movement will stop prematurely.
Any school or parents teaching this? How to hold? ब्रह्मचर्य? Once the kid passes age 6-9, he or she should be taught, how to hold the body. Gayatri mantra diksha? जनोइ?उपनयन? If not taught, their tops will disturb other tops’ movements. 🙂 That is the chaos we are in. 🙂 No one is taught to hold. And so we trespass in others’ worlds, create chaos there, invite complex karmic bondage. And the cycle goes on…
Do we really hold our body? Our universe? धारण is very critical duty. To hold, to protect, to preserve, to maintain. We are given entire universe to take care but we fail miserably. And we talk about Yoga and Peace and all. smile emoticon
स दाधार पृथिवीं दिवं च – The one who is real brahmchari, holds the world (i.e. follows dharma and participate in dharma).
“Universe is within” is very easy to talk. Sweet, lucid and delusive. But to really hold the universe within, one must acquire mental and physical Brahmcharya.
ब्रह्मचारीष्णंश् चरति रोदसी उभे तस्मिन् देवाः संमनसो भवन्ति |
स दाधार पृथिवीं दिवं च स आचार्यं तपसा पिपर्ति ||1||
अथर्ववेद: काण्डं 11-5

Education : Slave producing factories

Industrialization wave of last 3 centuries had demand of workers. The ones who obey the rules and follow the instructions. So education system was designed to cater this need.
India in 19th century, was still following their own Guru-shishya tradition. So final product from education would always be self-reliant man. The one who can sustain self and family without anyone’s help or mercy. So it was difficult to generate human resources (machines in human forms to handle machines) from Bharat. There comes Mr Macaulay with his grand scheme to reform Indian Education. And rest is history.
Once upon a time, doing job was consider lowly in this Nation. Now, parents admit their precious wealth in school so that kid can learn some half-baked skills and so that can get good job! 🙁
Job! Ha Ha! 😀 सब जॉबका चक्कर है! बाकी सीखना स्कुलमें नहीं होगा!
“शिष्य मूर्खता करे तो बदनामी गुरु की होती है …… प्रश्नचिन्ह गुरु की शिक्षा-दीक्षा पर लगता है
प्रश्नचिन्ह इसलिए लगता है क्यूंकि शिष्य गुरु की जिम्मेदारी होती है.
और जिम्मेदारी localized होती है !
आप जिम्मेदारी को distribute नहीं कर सकते ……
आज एक बच्चा एक ही विद्या को चार पांच शिक्षकों से पढ़ता है ………
जिम्मेदारी कोई शिक्षक नहीं लेता …… क्यूंकि वो तो distribute हो गई ……..
रूढ़िवादी संस्कृति के दकियानूसी राज “
शास्त्र दर्शनम्
Actually, in modern system, teacher is salaried employee. He or she is not potent enough to help children. Education does not happen in give and take relation.

Education Ego-Centric vs Eco-Centric



“We must seek for knowledge that will sustain and continue life. Life of all living beings. The ego-centric knowledge after the 17th century increasingly destroyed other forms of life. To the westerner to know means to conquer, to control. But for the indigenous people to know means to be blessed. Knowledge was always sacred which helps in sustaining and continuing life. One could access it with dedicated action and use it with wisdom. Knowledge in Natural learning process is like a sprouting seed. The way people build their settlements, adults deal with life has biological element. This is seen in the way various games children play in villages. All meant to make them true learners. There are games for sensitizing all the senses, balancing of the body, planning, coming to know of the life and environment around them .This biological element is visible even in their sense of beauty.”

via Sunny Narang

What should be regular activity, modern schools do as occasional field trip and that too lazily. Many school trips become urban picnic instead real commune with mother nature.

Many children I see around, don’t even know how and from where mangoes come. For them Big Bazaar gives everything :(. Growing in consumerist society is very risky at this stage when the burden of past consumption is already very high.

Why parent pay so high to such schools? Why parents sleep while schools damage their kid’s learning span by disconnecting them from nature?

I wish parents unite and force schools to alter their way of teaching.

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