Childish Irresponsible Citizens : Overexposure to one-way entertainment medium


Overexposure to one-way entertainment medium (passive entertainment, where your involvement is just to clap), decelerates adult mind that behave like a child. The word for such adults is neoteny, the state resulting when juvenile characteristics are retained by the adults of a species.

That is what Indian youth is. Childish. For them, their personal entertainment matters most. Doesn’t matter is someone dies in neighborhood. They will continue with their DJ party.

The worse is yet to come. You and me will have to hire rented crowd for our own cremation. Days are not far.

Don’t take this personally or wrong but trust me and think about it. This is societal epidemic. Try to do introspection. I did and I found myself utterly stupid, wasting precious life behind toxic life-degenerative gossiping promoted by one-way entertainment mediums.

Another word for such group of adults is ; Adult-infantile.

Body age : (20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65)
Mental age: 15. Period. Full stop.

Same old teen age gossip. Who is good actor and who is better at long drive. Who made how much run in xyz team in abc format of game in home ground under flood lights! 🙁

Many of my friends are super intelligent.They are super successful in career and life otherwise. Superior in mental and physical strength. I can sense their hidden talents. But alas. 🙁 Life being wasted behind silly teen age gossips. If they realize this, our nation would get so many mighty adults.

Our motherland demands such wonderful youth in abundance. What is the use of demographic dividend ( Largest young population of the world) when majority of them are wasting life?

I hope you will not take this personally and think about my pledge. (Last time when I wrote like this, I lost some good friends 🙂 )

स्वाहा & Valence electrons



कुलस्यार्थे त्यजेदेकम् ग्रामस्यार्थे कुलम् त्यजेत् ।
ग्रामम् जनपदस्यार्थे आत्मार्थे पृथिवीम् त्यजेत्॥

For the sake of the family, we may have to sacrifice one person. Sacrifice a family to save a village. Sacrifice a village to save a state. But to save one-self, sacrifice the entire world.

स्व (अपना) + हा (समर्पण)
आत्म-सर्वस्व -समर्पण
Veda(s) inspire to become powerful and power to use by self-sacrifice, not for self, selflessly.

The day when you utter ‘स्वाहा’ like parrot pandits, without actually living selfless life, you insult Vedic culture more than anyone who doesn’t understand Veda(s). Krishna in Gita calls it ‘Hypocrisy’ or ‘Self-annihilation’.


‘स्वाहा’ का उपयोग यज्ञ आदि में प्रयोग होता है.यज्ञका एक स्वरुप अग्निहोत्र है, जिसमे ‘स्वाहा’ शब्दका उपयोग आहुति देनेमें होता है. पर जब हम यज्ञ शब्दका वैश्विक अर्थ समज्नेका प्रयत्न करते है तो ‘स्वाहा’ शब्दका अर्थ विशेषसह व्यक्तिकी मानसिक स्थितिके लिए समजा आता है.

वेदोंमें ‘स्वाहा’ शब्दका उल्लेख कई बार हुआ है. सभी बार , व्यक्तिगत बल/शक्ति के त्याग्की बात की है. सामाजिक विपत्तिओ को हटानेका सटीक उपाय ‘स्वाहा’ से दर्शाया गया है. ‘स्वाहा’का मतलब ‘मेरी मिलकियत त्याग देता हूँ ‘ तक सिमित नहीं है बल्कि मेरी सभी शक्तिओका दूसरोंकी भलाई एवं उन्नतिके लिए सम्पूर्ण समर्पणकी बात वेदोंमें की गयी है. वेदोंमें व्यक्तिगत शक्तिओका जनता/देशकी भलाईके लिए समर्पणका भाव है. वैयक्तिक क्या और राष्ट्रिय क्या, जो भी उन्नति होने है वोह समर्पण एवं त्यागकी भावनासे हो ऐसा वेदोका मानना है.

उदारहरणके लिए, अथर्ववेद कांड २, सूक्त १८ में १२ बल/शक्तिओ का आह्वान ‘स्वाहा’ के साथ किया गया है. यह एक आत्मयज्ञ है. युद्धका ब्राह्मस्वरुप है जिसमे आत्मसमर्पणसे दुस्रोके शत्रु पर विजय प्राप्त करो ऐसा बताया गया है. स्वाहाविधि इस तरह हर एक यज्ञका मुख्य अंग है.’स्वाहा’ से प्रचंड मानसिकबल तैयार होता है.समाजमें जो शक्तिशाली है, उनमे अगर आत्मसमर्पणका भाव जागृत नहीं किया तो शक्तिका स्वारथके लिए उपयोग हो सकता है जो की देश/समाज/व्यक्ति का पतन ला शकता है. इसलिए यह सूक्तमें जितनी भी शक्तिओकी बात की है, उन सबका ‘स्वाहा’ अनिवार्य है!

Valence electrons are important in determining how the atom reacts chemically with other atoms. Atoms with a complete (closed) shell of valence electrons (corresponding to an electron configuration s2p6) tend to be chemically inert. Atoms with one or two valence electrons more than a closed shell are highly reactive because the extra electrons are easily removed to form positive ions. Atoms with one or two valence electrons fewer than a closed shell are also highly reactive because of a tendency either to gain the missing electrons and form negative ions, or to share electrons and form covalent bonds.

Valence electrons have the ability, like electrons in inner shells, to absorb or release energy in the form of photons. This gain or loss of energy can trigger an electron to move (jump) to another shell or even break free from the atom and its valence shell. When an electron absorbs energy in the form of one or more photons, then it moves to a more outer shell depending on the amount of energy gained. (See also : electrons in an excited state). When an electron loses energy (photons), then it moves to a more inner shell.

In a single covalent bond both atoms contribute one valence electron to form a shared pair. If they don’t contribute their ‘electron power’, creation was not possible. .


Demonstrate, forget. Never impose


Each one of us is in own journey. Own matrix. Wherever exchange of karma was necessary, relations took birth. Wife, Husband, Daughter, Son etc. So it is common situation where everyone is living in different frame of mind and different spiritual plane.

Different societal setups (family, community, village etc) help each other in own self-realization path. We can only demonstrate the way forward but cannot force it on someone else.

So, I never force my family for anything. I demonstrate. Sometimes they pick it up, sometimes they don’t. It is perfectly okay. For all ideas which my family could not decipher, I have friends here and in real world, who are passionate for experimenting. And I do not consider them aliens. It is always feeling of satisfaction when friends pick it up and start living. That is how ideas pervade in society in different corners, helping each other in ultimate goal of life i.e. self-realization.

Again: Never force/impose your ideas on family! Demonstrate in your capacity and let them carve their own path.

Zombie Society is known for rapes & rapists : Dare you blame dharma!


You don’t follow tenets of Sanatana dharma. You dance like puppet on the strings of media and bollywood. You can even sell yourself for petty short term gain, worse than prostitute. And when in this sick society, rape happens, you blame Hindu temples and Hindu dharma?

Nasty! Stop it! You are responsible for your zombiness! Rapists are outcome of your adharmic configuration forced on gullible India! Dharma-premi and dharma-parayana Bharat never subscribe to your pervert culture!



१५-१६ सालके लड़के रेप करेने लगे है|
आजकलके बच्चे सेक्ससे इतने मनोग्रस्त क्यूँ?

ध्यायतो विषयान्पुंसः सङ्गस्तेषूपजायते ।
सङ्गात्संजायते कामः कामात्क्रोधोऽभिजायते ॥६२॥

विषयोंका निरंतर चिंतन करनेवाले पुरुषकी विषयोंमें आसक्ति हो जाती है, आसक्तिसे उन विषयोंकी कामना उत्पन्न होती है और कामनामें (विघ्न पडनेसे) क्रोध उत्पन्न होता है । ६२

माता-पिता खुदहि Bollywoodका संग छोटी उम्रसे करवा देते है| ऊपर से वयस्क होर्मोन ग्रस्त फ़ास्ट-फ़ूड खाने में! समाजभी अपना कर्तव्य भुला है! जहाँ देखो वहां स्त्रीको उपभोगका पात्र दिखाया जाता है|

Why do we see so many juvenile rape attempts?

Well, we are the one responsible. When I say, bury the Bollywood, you guys feel it regressive and what not! We can’t see it as the culprit. You stop giving mobile to your kids, stop TV at home, will it stop? No! Bloody pornification of kids is everywhere!

On top of it, hormone-led food. It will naturally make our kids adult fast. 15 years is just a biological age. Mentally, these kids are beyond 20s!

Solution is threefold:

1) As a parents, curb the Bollywood menace at home in early age. Until age 5-7, no exposure to movies.
2) As a society, reduce influence of Bollywood in our life!
3) As a society, strive for healthy food! Don’t let the mind gets body to execute filthy plans.

Draupadi’s taunt



किरातार्जुनीयम्/प्रथमः सर्गः उषाकाल पठन

Taunting learned person is very difficult. You needed to be super smart.

Draupadi taunting Yudhithir is such case.

द्रोपदी उवाच:

अवन्ध्यकोपस्य निहन्तुरापदां भवन्ति वश्याः स्वयं एव देहिनः ।
अमर्षशून्येन जनस्य जन्तुना न जातहार्देन न विद्विषादरः ।। १.३३ ।

जिसका क्रोध कभी निष्फल नही जाता, स्वत: लोग उसके वश में हो जाते हैं, वही विपत्तियों को दूर करने में समर्थ होता है. क्रोध-विहीन व्यक्ति के प्रति प्रेम-भाव रखनेवाले भी उसका आदर नहीं करते, न उससे शत्रुता होने पर कोई डरता है.

अमर्षशून्य – The one that cannot even generate valid Krodha/Anger in favor of dharma / not impatient to protect dharma

संसार की कोई भी नारी ऐसे पुत्र को जन्म न दे , जो अमर्षशून्य, उत्साहहीन, बल और पराक्रम से रहित तथा शत्रुओं का आनंद बढ़ानेवाला हो।


Draupadi’s valid anger need perfect words for describing her मनोव्यथा | महाकवि भारवि justified it very well.

व्रजन्ति ते मूढधियः पराभवं
भवन्ति मायाविषु येन मायिनः |
प्रविश्य हि घ्नंति शठास्तथाविधान्
असंवृताङ्गान् निशिता इवेषवः ||

जो लोग अपने मायावी शत्रु के साथ मायावी नहीं बनते वे मूर्ख हैं और सदैव पराजित होना ही उनकी नियति है, क्योंकि ऐसे निष्कपट, सीधे-सादे लोगों में दुष्ट वैसे ही घुस जाते हैं जैसे उघड़े हुए अंगों में तीक्ष्ण बाण.

If person does not deal with a crook in crooked manner, he is bound to face defeat. They must be paid back in their own coin. Just like how an arrow most certainly hits (and hurts) that part of the body (how ever small) that is not covered by the armor, such deceitful people search and hurt only those people who are innocent and incapable of deceit themselves.

This is so true for present state of BJP and its leadership who are silent on every civilizational collapse related issue, be it Kashmir treatment to CRPF jawan to Pakistan policies to internal agitations by anti-India forces.

Science of कर्मयोग(selfless actions) & क्षमा(forgiveness) for long term health



Lingering Negative Responses to Stress Linked With Health a Decade Later

Ok. So what causes stress? And how do we respond to them? All depends upon our mental digestion process and our inclination or non-inclination for dharma-based living.

What is Dharma?

Dharma is that which sustains the Universe. In materialistic lingo, it is about following natural laws and adjust life according to it.

When we don’t do that , we generate mental stool.

12 types of mental stool that will arise in your mind for sure. Purge them as soon as they develop in your mind-space (मानसिक शरीर)

शोकः क्रोधश्च लोभश्च कामो मोहः परासुता।
ईर्ष्या मानो विचिकित्सा कृपासूया जुगुप्सता॥
द्वादश्ौते बुद्धिनाशहेतवो मानसा मलाः।

– इति कालिकापुराणे १८ अध्यायः

These are stresses generated by us. Response to them decides our health in future.

One of the finest tools suggested by Sastra is , follow your duty and don’t think much about fruits. निष्काम कर्म योग!

युक्तः कर्मफलं त्यक्त्वा शान्तिमाप्नोति नैष्ठिकीम्।
अयुक्तः कामकारेण फले सक्तो निबध्यते।।5.12।।

कर्मयोगी कर्मफलका त्याग करके नैष्ठिकी शान्तिको प्राप्त होता है। परन्तु सकाम मनुष्य कामनाके कारण फलमें आसक्त होकर बँध जाता है।

This, we being entangled in the prospects of the fruits, is nothing but lingering on stress!

निष्काम कर्म योग is not just for being healthy but optimum health is surely an outcome of your urge to realize answer for “Who am I?”. Selfless actions is a tool to achieve it.

Another tool suggested by Sastra for any interpersonal conflicts is: क्षमा

विपदी धैर्यमथाभ्युदये क्षमा सदसि वाक्पटुता युधि विक्रम: ।
यशसि चाभिरूचिव्र्यसनं श्रुतौ प्रकॄतिसिद्धमिदं हि महात्मनाम् ॥

आपात्काल मे धेेैर्य , अभ्युदय मे क्षमा , सदन मे वाक्पटुता , युद्ध के समय बहादुरी , यशमे अभिरूचि , ज्ञान का व्यसन ये सब चीजे महापुरूषोंमे नैसर्गिक रूपसे पायी जाती हैं ।

धृतिः क्षमा दमोऽस्तेयं शौच मिन्द्रियनिग्रहः ।
धी र्विद्या सत्यमक्रोधो दशकं धर्म लक्षणम् ॥

धारणा शक्ति, क्षमा, दम, अस्तेय (चोरी न करना), शौच, इन्द्रियनिग्रह, बुद्धि, विद्या, सत्य, अक्रोध – ये दस धर्म के लक्षण हैं ।

 Now let us understand what modern studies have to say about science of “Let-it-go!”

Lingering Negative Responses to Stress Linked With Health a Decade Later

People whose negative emotional responses to stress carry over to the following day are more likely to report health problems and physical limitations later in life compared with peers who are able to “let it go,” according to findings published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

“Our research shows that negative emotions that linger after even minor, daily stressors have important implications for our long-term physical health,” says psychological scientist Kate Leger of the University of California, Irvine.

“When most people think of the types of stressors that impact health, they think of the big things, major life events that severely impact their lives, such as the death of a loved one or getting divorced,” Leger says. “But accumulating findings suggest that it’s not just the big events, but minor, everyday stressors that can impact our health as well.”

Evidence from previous studies suggests a clear association between same-day responses to stress and long-term well-being, but the impact of lingering emotional responses remained unclear. That is, does it make a difference if a stressor – such as a flat tire, a bad grade, or an argument — leads to negative emotions that spill over into the following day?

राम-राज्य(Rama-Rajya), Not possible without गौ-रक्षा(Gau-Raksha)



Utopian disconnected from roots, western ideas fed urban armchair intellectuals say: “Not more than 2% should engage in Agriculture!” 😀

But they want daily milk!

राम राज्य?

I wish UP CM, with his roots of cow-protection, will lead the govt to establish राम राज्य in real sense. And may the govt at center learn from him!

Rama gives instruction to Bharata as regards the duties of a king and the polity under an ideal monarchy under the pretext of enquiring about the welfare of his father and others.

Here, Rama is checking with Bharata whether he is taking care of Farmers or not.

कच्चित् ते दयिताः सर्वे कृषि गो रक्ष जीविनः |
वार्तायाम् संश्रितः तात लोको हि सुखम् एधते || २-१००-४७
तेषाम् गुप्ति परीहारैः कच्चित् ते भरणम् कृतम् |
रक्ष्या हि राज्ना धर्मेण सर्वे विषय वासिनः || २-१००-४८

“Are you cherishing all those who live by agriculture and cattle-rearing, O, dear brother?! The people living on agriculture and cattle-rearing indeed prosper well.”

“I hope their maintenance is being looked after by you, in providing what they need and eschewing what they fear. All the citizens are indeed to be protected by a king through his righteousness.”

Farmers suicide, govt sponsored slaughter houses, govt sponsored genetically modified farming, govt sponsored chemical farming, govt sponsored exploitation of cattle by dairy…

राम राज्य? Ha ha ha! Are you joking? It is रावण राज्य! Greed, Greed, Greed! विकास! विकास! विकास!

How many families read Ramayana, from womb to tomb? Without such vital hints, who will impart ideas of राम राज्य?

Tree Plantation is not a zombie activity




Planting tree is very sensitive activity. Equivalent to raising children.
No parents wish their children to die prematurely or live painful suffering life.
For the well-being of the tree-life, try to follow during plantation:

• Worship Varuna, Vishnu and Parjanya for the well being of the plant before planting it.
• Worship sapling or seed itself before planting it.
• Make oneself mentally pure and physically clean before starting planting activity.
• Planting in Uttara, Rohini, Anuradha, Chirta, Mrigsira, Ravati, Mula, Vishakha, Tishya, Sravan, Aswini and hasta Nakshatra influences a tree and helps it flourish at best potential.

Reference: Brihat Samhita and Agni puran

Educate children, friends and relatives involved in tree-planting and farming.

Many more to come as I learn….

Why Holy Bath or गंगा स्नान(Ganga Snan)?


Why Ganga Snan?

Hindus have always believed that water from India’s Ganges River has extraordinary powers. The Mogul emperor Akbar called it the “water of immortality” and always traveled with a supply. The British East India Co. used only Ganges water on its ships during the three-month journey back to England, because it stayed “sweet and fresh.”
Indians have always claimed it prevents diseases, but are the claims wives’ tales or do they have scientific substance?

In the fourth installment of a six-part series, independent producer Julian Crandall Hollick searched for the “mysterious X factor” that gives Ganges water its mythical reputation.

He starts his investigation looking for the water’s special properties at the river’s source in the Himalayas. There, wild plants, radioactive rocks, and unusually cold, fast-running water combine to form the river. But since 1854, almost all of the Ganges’ water has been siphoned off for irrigation as it leaves the Himalayas.

Hollick speaks with DS Bhargava, a retired professor of hydrology, who has spent a lifetime performing experiments up and down Ganges in the plains of India. In most rivers, Bhargava says, organic material usually exhausts a river’s available oxygen and starts putrefying. But in the Ganges, an unknown substance, or “X factor” that Indians refer to as a “disinfectant,” acts on organic materials and bacteria and kills them. Bhargava says that the Ganges’ self-purifying quality leads to oxygen levels 25 times higher than any other river in the world.

Hollick’s search for a scientific explanation for the X factor leads him to a spiritual leader at an ashram and a biologist in Kanpur. But his best answer for the Ganges’ mysterious substance comes from Jay Ramachandran, a molecular biologist and entrepreneur in Bangalore.

In a short science lesson, Ramachandran explains why the Ganges doesn’t spread disease among the millions of Indians who bathe in it. But he can’t explain why the river alone has this extraordinary ability to retain oxygen.


Polluted Ganga still has medicinal qualities


He said during the research it was found that E.coli could survivie for only three days in a three-day old sample of Ganga water. The bacteria survivied for seven days in the Ganga water sample collected eight years back while it lasted for 15 days in a 16-year old sample of the Ganga water.

The E.coli however survived for longer time in boiled water, he said. A study of factors affecting the survival of E. coli in Ganga water is of great interest due to its importance as an indicator of fecal pollution in natural waters. It is ancient knowledge that Ganges water does not putrefy, even after long periods of storage, thus water from the Ganges has for millennia been regarded as incorruptible, Dr Nautiyal said.

Dr Nautiyal says this quality of the Ganga water could be used to develop a new anti-biotic which could be more useful in fighting bacterial infections. “There is however need for more research in this regard”, he said.

Jallikattu : Making of Warriors, 300 style




If you share this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo-QziDiznU) or this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLiyAYf1O24) with Indian parents of this age, 99.999999 % will reply it as disgusting harassment and extreme torture of innocent kids and will never engage their kid in such warrior making process.

But in reality, that is how the warriors were made in Sparta. Or here, in Gokul or Dwarka or Ayodhya.

Bulls are like kids for farmers. And bulls also realize it over the period of their lifetime. And only farmers can realize it as they are their life partners and sevak(s). What we see as torture, is not really the torture when you compare it with bulls sent to slaughter-house for their non-utility in milk-centric breeding of cows by artificial insemination.

But as I said, what you & me see as ritual-impurity in some modern forms of Jallikattu, must be corrected. Ban is not the solution. Ban will increase the slaughter. Ban will decimate the mighty breeds. While we worry about Bull’s rights, we actually impose societal adharma based karma. Suicidal in the long run.

Farmer’s Dharma, like all other forms of dharma, is very complex phenomenon. And difficult to understand until we put ourselves in farmer’s shoes.

If you would have shown me Jallikattu videos in 2005, I would have reacted in the same way as many of us in urban set up do. Even I would have supported the controversial ban. But things have changed lately for me as I myself experienced being farmer.

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