Deficit Attention : Snake Worship

Myth of multitasking
Myth of multitasking

I do not worship and perceive them on only physical plane (भौतिक) but with the help of भौतिक plane, I help self to go beyond and realize their relevance and presence in दैविक & आत्मिक world.

नाग ‘s relevance in आत्मिक world.

श्रावण month. Month of monsoon peak. Month of Vata Prakop peak. Month when mind becomes unstable due to Vata Prakop. Month of Shiva Pooja.

नाग पंचमी.

नगे भव: नाग: – The one who lives on mountain
न गच्छति इति अ-ग: ॥ न + अग: = नाग: – The one who are swift and not steady at one place.

Worshiping Naag
Worshiping Naag

Our Mind which lives on top of the layer of Brain (or that which controls the physical nervous system) and is swift and difficult to make stable.This नाग(mind) lives on top of mountain Meru aka spinal chord).

In this chaotic times , almost all of us having unstable mind, attention deficit is deemed as disorder, (:) irrespective of season) , so नाग पंचमी becomes important day. 🙂

While you worship नाग , try to practice stability of mind. Reduce digital distractions. Avoid multi tasking. Do meditation. Do concentration. That is when नाग will become stable.

संन्यास is not Escapism



There is a awareness among youth about culture, rituals and gau. It is welcome sign. But, I observed spiritual institutions and gurus pursuing youth and asking them to join their organization and devote entire life.

This is worrisome.

If we are really believers of the culture of the land, we must not divert youth from their sva-dharma. Making them अपत्नीक and wasting productive and re-productive energy. Side effect of this forceful Sanyas is unethical practices we often hear in news.

Instead, we must inspire them for successful grihasthi. Teach them that, working for society is just one aspect of grihasth and self-interest is important; it is pertinent to distinguish between legitimate self-interest and pure selfishness. One must not live selfish life but remain alert for self-interest.

Remember this from Rigveda before you get carried away by these so called spiritual gurus working hard for selfish motives.

परि चिन्मर्तो द्रविणं ममन्यादृतस्य पथा नमसा विवासेत् ।
उत स्वेन क्रतुना सं वदेत श्रेयांसं दक्षं मनसा जगृभ्यात् ॥२॥ ऋग्वेद: सूक्तं १०.३१

Let a man (or woman) ponder well on wealth and earn it by the path of moral law (or truth) and with humility. Let him (or her) take counsel with his (or her) own conscience and heartily gain justifiable (or upright) prosperity.

Prosperity is important. Do not waste youth behind hollow and delusive spirituality.

The verse makes it quite clear that earning wealth is certainly allowed, but one has to ponder well (pari chin) over how it has to be earned, by the path of moral law or truth (ritasya pathaa), and not by dishonest means. It has to be earned with humility (namasaa) and not arrogance, since success depends on the grace of God and one owes it to the society of which one is a member for making it possible. Consulting one’s own conscience (kratu) also is important in deciding the ways in which it is earned. Once these qualifications are kept in mind, one can earn wealth heartily (manasaa) and gain justifiable or upright (daksham) prosperity (shreyaamsam). This is not all. The Rigveda goes further and adds one more condition to earning wealth, that of sharing. In the same Mandala as the above, we have the following verse:

मोघमन्नं विन्दते अप्रचेताः सत्यं ब्रवीमि वध इत्स तस्य ।
नार्यमणं पुष्यति नो सखायं केवलाघो भवति केवलादी ॥६॥ ऋग्वेद: सूक्तं १०.११७

The one who is not conscientious earns food in vain. I tell you the truth, it is like his (moral) death. One who supports neither the learned and the good nor his friends and consumes all by himself, earns only sin.

Even, The Gita teaches the same thing; by taking care of each other,reach the highest welfare.

देवान्भावयतानेन ते देवा भावयन्तु वः ।
परस्परं भावयन्तः श्रेयः परमवाप्स्यथ ॥३- ११॥

The idea is that there is a certain overlap between approach to spiritual progress as well as material progress.

The ethical qualities necessary for a respectable success in this world are also the same as required for spiritual progress.

Earning purusharth (dharm, arth, kam, moksh) is dharma of young age (grihastha aashram). Do not run away from responsibilities. Earn prosperity by ethics – use it for spiritual progress.

Sanyasin are born, never designed here by human efforts. And if some guru is brainwashing, alert 🙂.

Superiority of Hindu Laws: Manu,Yagnvalkya,Jaimini,Gautam


भारतीय इतिहास – 101 : Superiority of Hindu Laws
Laws of Manu,Yagnvalkya,Jaimini,Gautam etc


When you talk about establishing Hindu Laws in Bharat, secular jaundiced eyes with half-baked knowledge of ancient laws, will stare at you with contempt.

Here is what learned professor of Law, practicing British Laws under British administration, has to say about Hindu Laws and why we must thrive to study our laws in 1941, make them relevant as per current times and get them implemented in our Nation:

“The Hindu system of jurisprudence is awell-developed science. It is as old as humanity itself. It is the store-house of ancient wisdom. inherited from hoary sages, saints, philosophers and thinkers whose ideals were the loftiest, whose ideas were derived from imperishable Vedas and who can literally be described as the torch-bearers of learning and knowledge to the rest of the world, as it then existed. It is thorough, complete and self-contained. The systems of law that followed Hindu Jurisprudence have not, even to the present-day reached the borders of its eternal height; presumption of any one of them having surpassed it in excellence or completeness is simply ludicrous. In point of comprehensiveness, the Hindu Law in its various branches occupies a fairly high place among the systems of ancient jurisprudence.

In the first place, its conception of legal liability is very perspicuous, and in spite of its retention of the eighteen divisions of topics of litigation, as described by Manu, its growth has not been stinted, the various aspects of juridical relations developing equally within its orbit as in other systems of law.

Secomily, the administration of justice is clearly actuated by a high sense of duty and a very lofty ideal of the law-givers regarding the functions which they had to discharge; they were moved by the higher ideal of DHARMA which in one of its phases looks up to revelation, and in another, looks forward to the permanent welfare of the entire sentient world.

Thirdly, keen logicality, subtlety of discrimination, analytical skill and mathematical accuracy in defining legal conceptions are its special traits, the refined rules of ratiocination of Gautama and the principles of interpretation of Jairnini are too well-known to need any mention.

Lastly, the reason-ableness of the rules has been kept in view all along the line so that they may not be detrimental to the interests of the community at large. ”

– 1941, Kashi Prasad Saksena, M.Sc. LLB, Advocate and professor of Law at DAV college, Kanpur, Author of ‘Muslim Laws and lawyers’

His realization has more credit than sick-seculars since he had studied and practices all types of laws.

Indian Education Tragedy : Hijacked Philosophy


Do you know why movie PK (and alike anti-dharma mockeries) is success?
Do you know why many Indians now laugh on concept of reincarnation, moksha, dharma, artha?

Once it is established in the minds of an oppressed people that they have no glorious history of their own apart from history gifted by oppressors, the history and philosophy written by oppressors becomes legitimized and sometimes even glorified by intellectual leaders of the land!

Tragedy of Indian Education


Do you know why many Indians now laugh on concept of reincarnation, moksha, dharma, artha?

Once it is established in the minds of an oppressed people that they have no glorious history of their own apart from history gifted by oppressors, the history and philosophy written by oppressors becomes legitimized and sometimes even glorified by intellectual leaders of the land!

If you want to do survey, do it but it is indeed tragedy that the Departments of philosophy at many Indian universities are based on Hegelian Ideas and their derivatives.

Skills can be global, Education can not be. True Education system is always a local phenomenon. It is important to unveil these pseudo and anti-Bharat philosophers and historians so that upcoming generations find directional change for their progress and feel pride in their roots. It is easy uproot civilization when the citizen don’t feel importance of local culture and values. I am not saying you don’t teach Hegel in college. Just don’t limit yourself to him. Don’t keep him in base of your thinking.

This is the problem with the world. People who think, hardly act. Those who act, hardly thinks. In Bharatiya history, we have ample role models who were Thinkers as well as diligent action-takers. And this list is topped by Krushn. We jailed him behind the bars of Temple, never allowed him in our life, demonstrating true values of leader. Hitlers and Napoleans and Maos, go on doing things, while so-called thinkers, hegel, Kant, Hume, go on thinking…never do anything.

Decide your role model in persisting manner.

Importance of अनुष्ठान & कर्मकांड



“भोजन करनेसे आनंद होता है” – इस वाक्यका वारंवार उच्चारण करनेसे आनंद प्राप्त नहीं होगा | दाल-रोटी खाना पडेगा |

आम्नायस्य हि क्रियार्थत्वात् |
“Entire Veda is to enjoin action.”

Actions or अनुष्ठान is necessary because we are still in this body. What you realize, is mere thought cloud, unless it is passed on to the body. Let your entire universe (body) resonate with your sadhana. Once they resonate with you, your realization’s intensity increases manifold.

Hence कर्मकांड.

Any actions fruits depend upon the state of mind with which action is performed.
स मनसा ध्यायेद्, यद् वां अहं किं च मनसा ध्यास्यामि तथैव तद् भविष्यति। तद्ध स्म तथैव भवति| गोपथ-ब्राह्मण 1.1.9
आधे-अधूरेपन से कार्य करने का भी निषेध किया है।आदमी मन से जो सोचता है, वही होता है|
Mental focus is important while performing any action.
अकर्मण्यता (तमस) -> कर्मण्यता (रजस) -> अनुष्ठान (कर्म + मन) (सत्व)
Action must be backed by मनका पूर्ण विश्वास + निश्चयात्मक बुध्धि

Nitya Karma (Life Routine) : Even Avatar Performs it

I know: No one is perfect. Not me too. But..How many of us strive to align life routine with the what Avtar once followed? How far we are from the goal? Setting life routine is a mandatory pre-condition for any sort of Sadhana.
ब्राह्मे मुहूर्तमुत्थाय वार्युपस्पृश्य माधवः।
दध्यौ प्रसन्नकरणं आत्मानं तमसः परम्‌॥
एकं स्वयंज्योतिरनन्यमव्ययं
स्वसंस्थया नित्यनिरस्तकल्मषम्‌।
अथाप्लुतोऽभस्यमले यथाविधि
क्रियाकलापं परिधाय वाससी।
चकार सन्ध्योपगमादि सत्तमो
हुतानलो ब्रह्म जजाप वाग्यतः॥
उपस्थायार्कमुद्यन्तं तर्पयित्वात्मः कलाः।
देवानृषीन्पितॄन्वृद्धान्विप्रानभ्यर्च्य चात्मवान्‌॥
धेनूनां रुक्मश्रृङ्गीणां साध्वीनां मौक्तिकस्रजाम्‌।
पयस्विनीनां गृष्टीनां सवत्सानां सुवाससाम्‌॥
ददौ रूप्यखुराग्राणां क्षौमाजिनतिलैः सह।
अलङ्कृतेभ्यो विप्रेभ्यो बद्वं बद्वं दिने दिने॥
गोविप्रदेवतावृद्धगुरून्भूतानि सर्वशः।
नमस्कृत्यात्मसम्भूतीर्मङ्गलानि समस्पृशत्‌॥श्रीमद्भा. १०/७०/४-१०॥
भगवान्‌ श्रीकृष्णजीने ब्राह्ममुहूर्तमें उठकर हाथ-पैर धोकर जलसे आचमन करके सब इन्द्रियोंको प्रसन्न करके मनको प्रकृतिसे परे आत्मामें लगा दिया अर्थात्‌ आत्मध्यान करने लगे। वे केवल, स्वप्रकाश-उपाधिशून्य, अविनाशी, अखण्ड, अज्ञानरहित और जगत्‌की उत्पत्ति तथा नाशका कारण जो अपनी शक्तियाँ हैं, उनके द्वारा ही जिनकी सत्ता समझमें आती है, ऐसे श्रीकृष्ण ब्रह्म नामक अपने ही सच्चिदानन्दमय स्वरूपके ध्यानमें मग्न हो गये। तदनन्तर सत्पुरुषोंमें श्रेष्ठ श्रीकृष्णजीने शुद्ध जलमें स्नान करके पवित्र वस्त्र पहने और विधिपूर्वक सन्ध्योपासनादि नित्य-क्रिया और अग्निमें हवन करके वे मौन होकर गायत्री मन्त्रका जप करने लगे। फिर सूर्य उदय होनेपर श्रीहरिने खड़े होकर सूर्यका उपस्थान किया, पश्चात्‌ अपने ही अंशरूप देवता, ऋषि और पितरोंका तर्पण करके उन आत्मवान्‌ स्वरूपस्थित परमात्मा श्रीकृष्णने बड़े-बूढे और ब्राह्मणोंकी पूजा की। इसके बाद आपने ब्राह्मणोंको वस्त्र, आसन और तिलसहित तेरह हजार चौरासी गौएँ दान दीं। आप प्रतिदिन ही इतनी गौएँ दान दिया करते थे। उन गौओंके सींग सोनेसे और खुर चाँदीसे मँढे हुए थे, गलेमें मोतीकी मालाएँ…
Lord Mādhava would rise during the brahma-muhūrta period and touch water. With a clear mind He would then meditate upon Himself, the single, self-luminous, unequaled and infallible Supreme Truth, known as Brahman, who by His very nature ever dispels all contamination, and who through His personal energies, which cause the creation and destruction of this universe, manifests His own pure and blissful existence.
That most saintly of personalities would then bathe in sanctified water, dress Himself in lower and upper garments and perform the entire sequence of prescribed rituals, beginning with worship at dawn. After offering oblations into the sacred fire, Lord Kṛṣṇa would silently chant the Gāyatrī mantra.
Each day the Lord worshiped the rising sun and propitiated the demigods, sages and forefathers, who are all His expansions. The self-possessed Lord would then carefully worship His elders and the brāhmaṇas. To those well-attired brāhmaṇas He would offer herds of tame and peaceful cows with gold-plated horns and pearl necklaces. These cows were also dressed in fine cloth, and the fronts of their hooves were plated with silver. Providers of abundant milk, they had each given birth only once and were accompanied by their calves. Daily the Lord gave many groups of 13,084 cows to the learned brāhmaṇas, together with linen, deerskins and sesame seeds.
Lord Kṛṣṇa would offer obeisances to the cows, brāhmaṇas and demigods, His elders and spiritual masters, and all living beings — all of whom are expansions of His supreme personality. Then He would touch auspicious things.
Wake up at 4 AM?
Concentration in self?
Bath in fresh pure water?
Gayatri Japa?
Gau dan?
Sadhana? Hmmm 🙂 🙂 Delusion? Illusion? (Y)

Dharma and Food Charity (Anna Daan)

अन्न  दान
अन्न दान


चण्डालो वा श्वपाको वा काले यः कश्चिदागतः।
अन्नेन पूजनीयः स्यात्परत्र हितमिच्छता।।

– महाभारतम्-14-आश्वमेधिकपर्व-108

उचित समय पर अगर चंडाल या श्वपचभी आये तो गृहस्थको निश्चयही उनका अन्न समर्पित कर सत्कार करना चाहिए.

On timely arrival of even Chandal (Dead animal eaters) and Shvpacha (dog eaters), householder must welcome them by serving food.

Where is racism or casteism here?

If you don’t follow dharma, it is your fault! Don’t blame dharma scriptures for it!

And dharma bound duties are never stereotypes. They change with time, age, place and context.

About so called out-caste:

Yes, those who share the same living style, prefer to live together. It is for their benefit. It is for entire village’s benefits. There is no discrimination here. Even modern society prefer it. If there is any descrimination that you observe around you, it is certainly not the sign of Sanatana dharma and never prescribed as such!

The verse I shared has some more interesting supporting verses. Separate compilation post for it.

Fame-hunger and धर्मं कार्य


Why do you need your signature(credits) on all accomplishments? Learn to connect social dots. Drop your Ego and bring stargazed wonders into reality via pious change agents.
Connect the dots. Kindle the lamp. Sometimes, you are just an agent. Change agent. Be if that is what your expertise is.172708803-e3752fb7-19d7-4983-8078-98b915370491

Pass on the action item to appropriate executor. That is how, you can live several lives parallelly. For example, you have an idea about Education. But you are not in position to propagate it in society due to some limitations. Find out pious educationalist in your vicinity, befriend him and work hard to convince him about your ideas. If ideas are genuine and your new friend’s heart too is genuine then he or she will act as change agent and bring envisioned change in society. Simple, humane and faster!

Why do you need your signature(credits) on all accomplishments? Learn to connect social dots. Drop your Ego and bring stargazed wonders into reality via pious change agents.

Monsoon Tapas : Gauri Vrata

Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat

If you are proud parents of 8-10 years old girl child, it is good for her to observe fast and be with nature during these days.

8-10 years old female child is on the verge of puberty. She will go through tremendous physiological changes in upcoming decade. Her reproductive system is on the verge of maturation. During this time, it is important to keep her happy. Her healthy mental state will regulate these physiological changes and won’t allow abnormalities. Fasting will boost her immune system so that pathogens don’t disturb highly vulnerable cervix development.

This ritual becomes more crucial in our times when girls are reaching puberty very early duty chemical cocktails in our lives.

During this time of the year, mother nature is in blooming mood. Mother is in shades of rejuvenation. If she spends more time in nature, she will inspire from mother and do not worry about rapid physiological changes.

In short,

1) Fasting will keep her yearly immunity at best level.
2) Beginning of monsoon is the season of rapid changes. She can best sync her physiological changes with mother nature


Gauri Vrat. Enjoy these moments with your girl child. Make this special period for her.

Side note: There is debate going on at national level about sex education. Sex education? This is ideal time to describe sacred importance of reproduction. Unlike moronic modern sex education who teaches vikruti in name of education (For example, “use condoms and consume yourself safely” type campaigns)

Real sex education will teach kids right actions at right age. Teen age is not the right age as reproductive organs are not yet ready. Indulgence in pre-mature age = havoc in future years. From infections to cancer. Save your children by imparting right values.

I know, you will have question that why not for boys?

Let me explain by one example: Farmers need to take care of both field and seeds. Same treatment cannot be applied to field and seeds.Like that field and seeds in humans should be taken care.

Boys maturation happen little later than girls. They carry seeds. Farmers give different treatment to seeds than fields. Their development happen at Akhada (अखाडा playground) where seeds are protected until good matured spring.


Early Puberty is not only havoc for your girl child but also her future children.

Early puberty is purely an environmental phenomenon. More artificial hormone-bending chemicals in food, water and air. On top of it, filthy Bollywood and TV matures mind early.

On top of it, so called international schools and their local blind copies promote sex education. TV is full of condom ads. Authors and columnists (Chetan Bhagat type) promote free-sex. And then, there is series of planned days like Friendship day, Valentine day etc.

This results into premature sex. Teen-age encounters. Youth engaged in adult acts.

And then we promote HPV vaccines!

Neck like opening to the uterus is called Cervix. In Hindi, it is called गर्भाशय मुख. Opening of Womb.


This Cervix wall act as a protection wall of uterus (divine soil/kshetra where new jiva resides for 9 months). Behind this wall, Prana, architect of human body, is working 24×7 for 9 months, to carve the human body. Any disturbance to this Prana’s work means deformity or miscarriage. Manual abortions do nothing but disturb Prana’s work.

Vagina is full of bacteria. Some of them are healthy bacteria (like lactobacilli which helps newborn to teach breastfeeding) and some of them are pathogens (Any disease-producing agent). This Cervix wall is natural defense against them.

Cervix wall starts developing with first cycle of period in teen age females. It becomes mature by the age 18-21. See picture to understand the difference between cervix wall in adult female and teen age female.

Liberals often talk in favor of sex education in schools. This education and other mediums bombarding sex is not sex education but lust education. This results into teen girls engaged in sex. Some of them become mother before crossing 18.

When teen age females are involved in natural/unnatural sexual acts (which is common in western countries and now in India too 🙁 ), they are early exposed to pathogens and these pathogens passes cervix wall as it is immature and one layer wall (see picture). This lead to infection in uterus and many other issues, including cervical cancer at middle age. So much stress for organ which is still under development.

HPV virus spreads only when immature wall is exposed to it in teen age. It cannot work in females who did not experience sex before ripen age i.e after 21.

Right sex education is education of Brahmcharya. It should inspire teens celibacy for their own wellbeing. No luring, no lust, pure science. Sanatana principles.

Instead of Brahmcharya, our habits, school environment and family environment promotes teen sex. I see many parents laugh on their teens affair relations. Morons!

And as a solution, they suggest HPV vaccine! 😀 . HPV vaccine to innocent female teens is like forceful exposure of HPV virus to immature Cervix without any sexual acts. This is giving ample side effects. Sometimes deadly. Sometimes premature ovarian failure. It snatches right of motherhood for many. And if there is motherhood, children suffer from unforeseen sicknesses due to disturbed Prana during pregnancy.

This HPV infection is increasing in India as teens are not rampant and involved in sex at very early age. No text book covers this 🙁

Sex followed by HPV vaccine is not a solution for teens. Brahmcharya is.

We do not give solid food to infant due to their inability, why can’t same be followed for cervix wall?

Think about it. Learn Vrata(s) of monsoon. Amazing but easy tools to remain in sync with mother nature.

Uprooted are Easy Prey



Till last century, large mass of Bharat was yet connected with roots, rituals and culture of the land (They were so pure but gullible that they were even driven by Nehru machinery.Gullible nature was largely because of tired psyche due to so many centuries confusion and oppression. Talking about commons and not rulers.).

They could produce fighters & intellectuals who could resist British oppression. And they fought i.e. INA, Navy’s heroic stints.

Now, with majority uprooted (unified but synthetic food, unified but herd education), do you think a well-crafted, self-driven, bold citizens is reality?

Don’t take this as empty cynic view. This is urge to find solution for dismayed lambs (As my friend Ranjit puts in his blog).

Solution lies in Vedic ways of life. Food, Marriage, Progeny planning, Education, dharma and karma balance, purusharth earning (धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष), यज्ञ.

Please do read this if your heart too bleed for the root level change, the DNA repair.

“There is no education ministry at the national level in this country. We have a heavy-duty ministry of finance, of I&B. And of course a dept of animal husbandry under another such ministry. Our younglings are sent to mercenary institutions called English medium schools that milk both the parents of students and teachers, and teach quite a lot of trash. Whatever education is framed and regulated it is done under the aegis of one human resource development ministry. Humans are resources, who can be beaten into a conforming shape, if nowhere else then at India Gate.”

Dismayed Lambs, Silenced Spring

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