Guaranteed Preventive Care : Avoid प्रज्ञा अपराध


प्रज्ञा अपराध – The crime of injecting intellectual errors in day to day decision making – Root cause of all ill-health issues.


Impaired Intellect + Impaired self-control + Impaired memory = High chances of प्रज्ञा अपराध (misuse or no use of human brain/mind)

प्रज्ञापराधो हि मूलं रोगाणाम् |

प्रज्ञापराध कुछ और नहीं, बल्कि प्रकृति के नियमों की अवहेलना है।व्यक्ति जब जीवन के समग्र रूप को भूल खुद को इससे अलग मानने लगता है, तब वह प्रज्ञापराध का दोषी हो जाता है।

It is state of intellect that cannot decide what is favorable and what is not based on individual’s current state of mind and body.

Our education system does not train us to avoid these crimes. Parenting? They don’t have time. Society? It is no more a live entity.

Only way to improve health of society is to train society to avoid प्रज्ञा अपराध.

Sanatana Dharma and Importance of Yatra (Mission Oriented Travel)



तीर्थाटन / तीर्थयात्रा /वन यात्रा – There are different ways by which प्रवास/travel is prescribed. वसंत ऋतू is ideal as it is good time to burn excess cough by यात्रा.

जिन्होंने भारत में भ्रमण ही नहीं किया, यहाँ के कोस कोस में बदलती रुत का अनुभव नहीं किया….. यहाँ के आचार-विचार-व्यवहार को समझने की कभी चेष्टा नहीं की…
ऐसे लोग अब हमें बताएंगे, कि हमारा समाज कैसा है……. हमारा दर्शन क्या है…?

Rama, Krishna, Shankracharya…we have examples from all ages.

यो न संचरते देशान् सेवते यो न पण्डीतान् |
तस्य संकुचिता बुधिर्धृतबिन्दुरिवाम्भसि ||

यस्तु संचरते देशान् सेवते यस्तु पण्डितान् |
तस्य विस्तारिता बुधिस्तैलबिन्दुरिवाम्भसि ||

Those who do not travel (for the cause of self-realization) and do satsang with different regions’ experts (Pandits of different fields), their intellect is like a drop of clarified butter in water, limited, narrow, strictured.

Those who do travel (for the cause of self-realization) and do satsang with different regions’ experts (Pandits of different fields), their intellect is like a drop of oil in water, -mingled with water, expanded, broader.

शास्त्र दर्शनम् wrote in Feb 2015

माध्यम को उद्देश्य बनाकर कार्य करना सबसे बड़ी भूल है.

सामाजिक और दर्शन की पुस्तकें उठाकर देखिये. ये कूड़ा लिखने वाले कौन हैं ?
जिन्होंने भारत में भ्रमण ही नहीं किया, यहाँ के कोस कोस में बदलती रुत का अनुभव नहीं किया….. यहाँ के आचार-विचार-व्यवहार को समझने की कभी चेष्टा नहीं की…
ऐसे लोग अब हमें बताएंगे, कि हमारा समाज कैसा है……. हमारा दर्शन क्या है…

दर्शन और सामाजिक पर किसे लिखना चाहिए ?
जिसने घाट-घाट का पानी पिया हो, जो भारत के भिन्न-भिन्न प्रान्तों में घूमा हो, लोगों के पास रहा हो, उन्हें समझा हो….. उनके जीवन-सिद्धान्तों को ग्रहण किया हो….

ऐसे मूर्ख लोग लिखने को उद्देश्य बना लेते हैं…… अरे, लिखता तो वो है, जिसने अनुभव किया हो ! लिखना वास्तव में, अनुभव सांझा करना है.

लेकिन तुमने तो साहित्य को अपने छिपे षड्यन्त्र का साधन बना लिया है, लिखने के नाम पर तुम्हारे पास सिर्फ तुम्हारा छिपा हुआ agenda है. तुम्हारी पुस्तकें पढ़कर कोई जान नही पाएगा कि भारत में सामाजिकता कैसी है, दर्शन कैसा है… वो तो अभी भी अनछुआ ही है…

और तुम्हारी औकात सिर्फ साहित्य तक ही सीमित है, पता है क्यूँ ?
क्यूंकि लफ्फाजी करना बहुत आसान है, अनुभव लिखने के लिए अनुभव की साधना करनी पड़ती है, विदित करना होता है……. प्रत्यक्ष…… जलता दीया ही प्रज्वलित करने की क्षमता रखता है……..

लेकिन तुम क्या लिख सकोगे विज्ञान में, संस्कृत में, संगीत में, अभियांत्रिकी में, कला में, सृजन में …. सरस्वती सदा रुष्ट रहेगी मेरा श्राप है

तुम तो बस लफ्फाजी के मेघ ही बनाने योग्य हो….

हर बाला देवी की प्रतिमा
बच्चा-बच्चा राम है…….

Major Fallacy : Outsourcing Svadharma



You cannot plant trees? Pay Green tax.
You cannot clean the street? Pay Clean cess.
You cannot participate in societal education? Pay education cess.
Pay water tax and use unlimited ground water!

Once you equate your critical Karma towards society and mother nature with money, you reduce its importance to zero.

“Everything can be taken care by money” is Ravan’s Lanka attitude. Ponzi schemes to hide societal inability to do duties, laziness and apathy. More opportunities for corruption.

Money cannot replace your efforts. Mercenary (Paid) soldiers may win battles but they always fail in long term wars.

Cess, Tax, Fine – they can be supporting karma but they cannot replace your necessary duties.

Childhood, toys and psychological impact

Toys and Development
Toys and Development

What is common among breath [prana], time, sun, horse and the Universe?

They all are वेगवान. All of them has गति. They are not static. Their speed is their hallmark.

In Sanskrit, one word describes all of them: अश्व.

And so when you read : अश्वस्य भूषणं वेगो | Speed is the glory of Horse (Ashwa), one can correlate all above entities and their respective speed.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad begins by describing the sacrificial horse as representing the entire universe: ‘its head is the dawn, its eye the sun, its breath the wind, its trunk the year’.

The Ashvamedha sacrifice is the celebration of ‘victory over time’, ‘Synergy with Prana’ and ‘Seamless interplay of inner universe with external universe’.

It is good idea to introduce toy horses (if real ones not possible) to your kids and let their growing imagery is filled with full of vivid visuals of horses. Let there be mock interplay with अश्व. It will psychologically prepare his senses and mind to cope up with speed of the Prana, Time and the Universe when initiated for learning and later in subsequent ashrams.

Intellectual Gymnastics : Useless Gymnastics


It is better not to translate some words.


For example, translation of Sanskrit word ‘कवि’ as ‘Poet’ and ‘काव्य’ as ‘Poem’ is utterly limited, short-sighted literal translation, destroying very essence of words. Poor literal translations of Sanskrit काव्य(s) leads to nowhere, increasing cognitive dissonance for poor tunneled intellect. Such non-productive, useless translations are nothing by energy-wasting intellectual gymnastics, displaying balance and agility of intellect but serving no greater purpose. Intellect for pastime is poorest usage of the same.

The spiritual preceptors of India have always underlined the importance of a direct experience of transcendental reality and have accepted it not only as the basic source but also the very substratum of all mundane reality.The Vedic poet is a ऋषि who perceives and directly experiences such a transcendental reality through his inner vision, a vision that transcends both time and space, with the result that he is capable of visualizing the mysteries of the gods and the universe and reveals them to us. His speech is revelation, revelation of the highest spiritual truth.

So when you apply your tunneled vision and translate Vedic poet or ऋषि’s vision by your limited linguistic skills, without experiencing same vision by self, you fall, miserably and tangle yourself in web of words for complex and confused state of living.

In online world, it has become fashion to do catwalk of intellect by such poor pastime translations for mere self-satisfaction, serving no greater purpose. Better to staty away from such pastimes, for larger spiritual interest of mankind.

Aditi and Eternal Motherhood



Motherhood is the essential trait of divinity. अदिति is the eternal archetype of motherhood. She is ideal mother. She is the mother of मित्र,वरुण,आर्यमान,रूद्र(s),आदित्य(s),इंद्र, Kings (Those with capacity to lead the society). She is great mother of devout, mighty and powerful, unaging, spacious, protecting and cleverly guiding. In Vedas, wherever Aditi is mentioned, her function has been to tenderly look after the living beings. She is the mother that child look ups up for allaying its fear. She is the mother to whom Aryan takes refuge for protection. Her motherhood gives her a natural sway over her children. Rishis depicts Aditi to bestow on men and Deva(s) all the tender care and protection which they(Rishi(s)) themselves received from her. She is the one who release men from guilt of sin and this is very much her nature as her name suggests. अदिति – अ-दिति unbinding, freedom, boundlessness.

May she bestow us her radiant energy. For all females with likelihood of becoming mother in near future, or are already mothers, she is the Idol to follow. She is epitome of motherhood, might, creativity and freedom.

Research, contemplate, Devote, be.
Aditi guard our herd by day, Aditi, free from guile, by night,
Aditi, ever strengthening, save us from grief!
And in the day our hymn is this: May Aditi come nigh to help,
With loving-kindness bring us weal and chase our foes.

– Aurobindo

The Hindu(Sanatana) respect for food offering Organisms

Prayer to Forest Devata
Prayer to Forest Devata

There is age-old argument by meat consumers. Plants also have life.
Yes, true. They too are living beings. So, it is important to treat them like living beings.

Pluck not the growing flower or a fruit at the beginning of growth. And never destroy or uproot them ever like you kill animals.
Pluck the dead ones or almost on death-bed. And before plucking, get a permission from Vanaspti devata.

A truly devout Hindu would never ever heedlessly injure the slightest object that had life. Slaughter is a distant reality. A tree is as much a manifestation of the divine wisdom as the man himself is. Devas engaged equally in the creation process of a flower, fruits and other parts of the trees.

When we through thoughtlessness or ignorance or arrogance of being superior organism, injures these divine works, incurs anger and the ill-will of elemental workers (Devas).

Therefore, a Hindu (=Dharmik) in plucking a flower or cutting a twig, prays to the supreme and asks the permission of the industrious devata(s) who have manifested divine wisdom in different forms. He does not only recognize divine labour and appreciate their work but also asks for goodwill and blessings.

आयुर्बलं यशो वर्चः प्रजा: पशुन् वसूनि च।
बह्म प्रज्ञां च मेधां च त्वं नो देहि वनस्पते॥

“O’ Forest Lord! Give us long life, strength, fame, with Brahma, lustre, progeny, cattle and riches too. Give us O’ lord supreme! Wisdom, divine and intelligence!”

Every morning begins by chanting this during teeth cleaning using twig.
Habits changed with time. Twig was replaced by dead toothpaste and plastic brush. Chanting forgotten. With time progression, due to disconnect from mother nature, we became insensitive at core.

Result? Rampant killings, of both humans and animals. Least we consider plants and trees here. There is no scope for prayer and respect in animal slaughter or cutting trees. Yes, uprooting jungles is same as animal slaughter for me. Living animal and live tree – both are wealth generators. When dead, they are curse to repay for many births.

There is a solution. Bring back old habits back in routine. Teach your kids to recite above mantra before plucking anything from plants and trees. Use twigs for teeth cleaning. Recite this mantra.

Get connected with mother.

Truly Secular nature of knowledge



Knowledge or Siddhi or techniques are not bound to any culture, good or bad. Whoever learns and use it, gets fruits. That is the beauty of Sanatana principles. They have no bias of good or bad.

पञ्चतन्त्र says:

शस्त्रैर्हतास्तु रिपवो न हता भवन्ति प्रज्ञाहताश्च नितरां सुहृता भवन्ति ।
Enemies killed by weapons, never die. Total annihilation (सर्वनाश) is possible when their प्रज्ञा/Wisdom is हत/killed .

That is what modern power centers are doing by propaganda machines like Television soaps, PK like movies, money-oriented education and glorification of fake heroes from Cricket, football and movies.

We are at war. Any doubt? Well, if you still have doubt, wait for सर्वनाश then and watch your kids cursing you for stupid surrender to proxy wars played in mind-space.

Redefined Festivity in USA colonies in Urban India



Indian metros can collectively be called 51st or 52nd state of USA. Consumption-centric planned and designed festivals. Halloween is a new entrant.

From Delhi to Pune, there was great rouse for Halloween this year in youth. Next year, it will become TRP for TV channels and from 2017 onward, we will celebrate it officially (When middle class will go crazy about it).

Culture defines राष्ट्र’s boundaries. So, nothing wrong in calling us 52nd state of USA. Don’t live with false patriotism Ego, that is only active on 15th Aug and 26th Jan). Accept us as 52nd state. 🙂

Be ready to welcome yet another consumption gory like Friendship day and Fathers day and Sister day! (Y) Fun time!


Your whims and fancies may trigger a thought that culture and nation are two different domains but I suggest that you get rid of this notion asap in national interest. It is nothing but unfitness of immature mind to imagine Bharat without Bharat maa. I have full sympathy and I will pray that our society will work affirmatively to do successful root-canal for this dented chasm.

It is real pastime to insult/denigrate cultural ways of reforms when you really don’t have bent of mind to understand culture.

Also, it is foolishness to oppose systematic changes via laws if your intellect fall short of understanding importance of same in national interest. Get rid of both notions in nation interest. Work unitedly.

Country follows the culture? No. Culture is one’s country and country one’s culture.

Protecting dharma, culture, nation is one in the same things. Spend your personal time selflessly for all of them! There is no great sacrifice than investing valuable personal time for the Nation and culture. Do not waste time in insulting each other.


British Funded Encyclopedia and Mass Perception Management



The Divine knowledge of Hindu (Bhartiya) scriptures could have benefited the aspirants of God of the whole world. But, the diplomats of the British, who were ruling India in those days, clouded this opportunity by extensively launching their deliberate false propagation about India and its universal Hindu religion, and not only that, they degraded Hindu culture by all means, and thus, hampered the spiritual growth of the whole world. A fair example is the Encyclopaedia Britannica of 1854 itself in which they fed such derogatory statements about Hindu (Bhartiya) religion.

So, whether your child goes to International School or Govt. School in slum of metro, State board, Central board, whatever; do teach them Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Purana. Spiritually empty-bellied child is just little better than unfortunate Autistic child or malnourished child.

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