Daughter: Vedic Ritual Perspective



The Daughter is affection incarnate and it is as such that Vedic Literature depicts her. She has never been denied the rights her brother enjoys. A critical analysis will reveal that in the Vedic Ritual, the Daughter is just as important as the son, if not more; as a matter of fact, in many places it would appear as though in ancient India the Daughter was more important for the parents than the son.

If you are indeed following vedic way of living, you will pray for daughter birth. The daughter is for the parents the sum-total of purity, tenderness, affection, devotion and bliss. It is utter ignorance or devilish motive to term Vedic rituals/samskaras exclusively for Male population.

Take for example Pumsavanan Samskara. It has become popular belief by those who follow modern dictionaries written by British indologists that it is Samskara to beget male child and has nothing to do with female child. Utterly nonsensical! If the meaning of the word ‘Pums’ be limited to males only and the Pumsavana be a rite that must be performed, there remains no rite to be performed for the birth of a daughter. But the fact is that the birth of a daughter is most welcome. In Sanskrit literature the word ‘Pums’ does not exclusively mean males alone but is also found used in the sense of human beings in general. Thus, when Varaharnihira says the earth has veins just as the bodies of Pums’ have, the word Pums’ conveys necessarily the sense of human beings, as women too have veins in their bodies. Hemacandra in his Abhidhana-cintamani gives “martya: one who is mortal,” Bhu-sprs:”one who touches (is born on) the earth,” etc. as the synonyms of ‘Pums’. All these necessarily include the sense of women as well. In commenting upon a couplet quoted in the Bhamati which includes the word ‘Pums’ in the genitive plural, Bhatta Gopinatha in his treatise Upodghata says the word Pums means males as well as females. The Asvalayana Srautasutra too uses Pums in the same sense.

Thus, while describing rituals, sutra-kara(s) use masculine noun to represent पुरुषत्व. पुरुषत्व is gender-free quality, like प्रकृति is. In fact, there are places when special feminine mention is required, it is mentioned with specific noun. In fact, analysis of punsavan samskara shows that Girl child is that, sutra-kara(s) raise no objection to the birth of others of her sex, nay, more-they introduce a girl in particular, not a boy!

Here are some popular examples of rituals performed for longing daughter as child and nurturing her with highest divinity:

(1) Parents perform Kaamya-sraddhas on the second day of the moon in the hope of having a daughter.
(2) Desirous of having a daughter, the husband touches all the fingers of the wife except the thumb during the marriage ceremony.
(3) Longing for a daughter the bridegroom shows the bride after she has reached her new horme the Dhruva and other constellations.
(4) The parents deem it a favour of god if they can have sons as well as daughters by their side during the performance of sacrifices.
(5) The Rigveda praises the father of many daughters.
(6) The daughter claims her support from parents not for nothing, but for her devotion to them. They care for her as much as they do for their son; or it may be said-even more, as the father is found to worship the daughter (kumari) as an emblem of Virginity, as an emblem of Purity, of Tenderness. Devotion, and what not.


Just as the Matrika-puja is to take place at the beginning of all Vedic rituals, the Kumari-puja is recommended to be performed at the end of all; and this latter worship, the Daughter-Worship, is impossible in the absence of a daughter as she is to be bodily present. The father wraps her up with new garments, entertains her with delicious dishes and walks round her. From her first year onwards she is worshipped as different deities; if she is one year old, as Sandhya: if two, Sarasvati: and so on. Thus as she grows, the parents find in her different manifestations of the Supreme Soul,-blessing them in every possible way. The daughter is indeed the embodiment of all blessings for the parents and the family.

Actions to be taken:

Inspire more and more healthy, sacred, responsible parents who can imbibe best of the best samskara to children, to beget daughter more than son. Daughters can create more and more dharmik families. Creating dharmik families is indeed need of the hour.

Uprooted are Easy Prey



Till last century, large mass of Bharat was yet connected with roots, rituals and culture of the land (They were so pure but gullible that they were even driven by Nehru machinery.Gullible nature was largely because of tired psyche due to so many centuries confusion and oppression. Talking about commons and not rulers.).

They could produce fighters & intellectuals who could resist British oppression. And they fought i.e. INA, Navy’s heroic stints.

Now, with majority uprooted (unified but synthetic food, unified but herd education), do you think a well-crafted, self-driven, bold citizens is reality?

Don’t take this as empty cynic view. This is urge to find solution for dismayed lambs (As my friend Ranjit puts in his blog).

Solution lies in Vedic ways of life. Food, Marriage, Progeny planning, Education, dharma and karma balance, purusharth earning (धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष), यज्ञ.

Please do read this if your heart too bleed for the root level change, the DNA repair.

“There is no education ministry at the national level in this country. We have a heavy-duty ministry of finance, of I&B. And of course a dept of animal husbandry under another such ministry. Our younglings are sent to mercenary institutions called English medium schools that milk both the parents of students and teachers, and teach quite a lot of trash. Whatever education is framed and regulated it is done under the aegis of one human resource development ministry. Humans are resources, who can be beaten into a conforming shape, if nowhere else then at India Gate.”

Dismayed Lambs, Silenced Spring

Culture is One’s Country (Desha)



Your whims and fancies may trigger a thought that culture and nation are two different domains but I suggest that you get rid of this notion asap in national interest. It is nothing but unfitness of immature mind to imagine Bharat without Bharat maa. I have full sympathy and I will pray that our society will work affirmatively to do successful root-canal for this dented chasm.

It is real pastime to insult/denigrate cultural ways of reforms when you really don’t have bent of mind to understand culture.

Also, it is foolishness to oppose systematic changes via laws if your intellect fall short of understanding importance of same in national interest. Get rid of both notions in nation interest. Work unitedly.

Country follows the culture? No. Culture is one’s country and country one’s culture.

Protecting dharma, culture, nation is one in the same things. Spend your personal time selflessly for all of them! There is no great sacrifice than investing valuable personal time for the Nation and culture. Do not waste time in insulting each other.


Chump vs Champion of Change



When you want to change your life for better future of self, family, society, nation and globe, where do you start from?

Oh, govt is bad…bad bad bad real bad. Topple it. Will this help? ( you have answer. We have new govt and it is acting same like previous govt. so far)
Oh, my employer is engaged in illegal activities. Bad bad bad…protest and get fired. Will this help?

If you alone do this, you are the chump personified. No way near to any change agent. Chump, yes, a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of. Little lunatic and obsessive too. If it was so easy, Mahabharat would have not happened. Krishna was powerful enough to topple everyone. He did not act like a chump. He knew the value of change at mass level as a long term solution.

Any top down radical change activity cannot be performed by an individual. It is foolish act. You need critical mass (The minimum amount (of something) required to start or maintain a venture/activity) to perform such group revolution. Problem is: Most of your friends, relatives and colleagues are not yet ready for such top down changes.

Wise solution?

Take bottom up approach. Act upon things that you can change in your individual domain. Your habits, your addictions, your individual duties towards society. Demonstrate change in best manner in your individual capacity. Let your friends, families, colleagues realize critical nature of change societal sustenance demand. Once critical mass is ready, topple from top and be ready to replace them by worthy. Till then, strive to bring change in your life.

It is your self-denial that stops you embracing ageless local culture back in life routine and get benefits of health society. Self denial mode is a biggest road block created by modern education. Unfortunately for so called educated, anything out of text book is humbug and fake. For them, real experience and experiments don’t matter but staged lab results like fake clinical trials.

Break your comfort zone of self-denial and dare to live life as per local culture.

And why do I urge you to do so? Because I am helpless alone. I am part of same society. Unless critical mass of society alters life style, I am bound by living on miseries of our collective foolishness.

Should I hate/mock present day self-proclaimed Guru(s)’s deciples ?

Godmen Conundrum
Godmen Conundrum

When you ask this question to arrogant educated Indians, who proclaimed being rationalist/atheist etc (which is btw, fashion only. ), they will quickly response : “Yes, why not. Indians must be freed from religious following”.

What a fatal error of judgement!

I personally don’t like many modern day Gurdoms. I really feel pity for the followers but I will never make fun of them. (Yes, I will criticize their Guru(s) as and when needed )


कामैस्तैस्तैर्हृतज्ञाना: प्रपद्यन्तेऽन्यदेवता: ।
तं तं नियममास्थाय प्रकृत्या नियता: स्वया ।।20।।

Those whose wisdom has been carried away by various desires, being prompted by their own nature, worship other deities adopting rules relating to each.(20)

यो यो यां यां तनुं भक्त: श्रद्धयार्चितुमिच्छति ।
तस्य तस्याचलां श्रद्धा तामेव विदधाम्यहम् ।।21।।

Whatever celestial form a devotee craving for some worldly object chooses to worship with reverence, I stabilize the faith of that particular devotee in that very form. (21)

अन्तवत्तु फलं तेषां तद्भवत्यल्पमेधसाम् ।
देवान्देवयजो यान्ति मद्भक्ता यान्ति मामपि ।।23।।

Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet. (23)

Not all of us are on same mental plane. Some of us tend to worship deity. Many worship god-men. By worshiping God-man preaching principles of Sanatana dharma (however pseudo or half-baked it is), large mass of Bharat, by one or other way, still believe in Fasting (Upavas) , Ayurveda and other life-oriented sanatana practices. Of course, they are not perfect in their practices but as Krushna said in Gita, endowed with such faith he worship that particular demogod/Godman and obtains through him without doubt his desired enjoyments as ordained by myself. Anyhow, veiled by his Yogamaya (divine potency); he is not going to be manifest to all. Hence these ignorant folk fail to recognize him, the unborn and imperishable Supreme Deity. But still, via so called agents of God, they are on the path of self-realization by imperfect implementation of sanatana practices. (Mind you, I only talk about those who are still on the path Sanatana and not those who are acting like Abrahmic institutions )

For example, irrespective of their supreme imagination of Guru, irrespective of their Guru’s reality, millions are awakened to follow Sanatana ways. Imperfect, we all are. Don’t make fun of imperfection. You too were there few births apart.

Instead of making fun of our brothers imperfection, put efforts in helping them, to get a vision of supreme. Get divya chakshu for yourself first and help others.

If you think certain godman is threat to the society and you know dharma better than him-who stops you? Have you ever worked with mass? Did you approach them? Have you ever tried? No ? Then shut your mouth and watch the show.

With this post, I wanted to highlight that, as discussed in Gita, as per our ingnorance and knowing balance, we strive for center of faith.
So many of us associate self with demigods/pseudo-demigods and humans. By mocking them, we will not solve their self-realization path-Conundrum. Best, if we can work with them, those accessible in our life.

Second point is: These Gurus/Sants, irrespective of their personal weaknesses, keep mass aligned to mechanical processes of sanatana dharma. We should not ignore this contribution. If we work in this mass semi-exposed to dharma, it is easy to align citizens to various forms of dharma.

When external forces are hell-bent on breaking India, we must remain united. Our internal conflicts must not become collective weakness.

Unfortunately, we have become so fragmented and divided that breaking us by our own beliefs is now very easy. 🙁

Take care. Work hard for the sustenance of the eternal dharma.


Never delay dharma-karya(धर्म-कार्य)



Whatever you have to pay back to others or whichever task has to be done by you, please do it in the expected time and without delay. If you do not do it in assigned time then the relevance of that work vanishes (i.e. it will have no impact (impact is here equated with rasa essence).

रस रहने तक रसपूर्वक | कर डालिए| धर्मकार्यमें देरी नहीं!कभी नहीं!

Draupadi’s taunt



किरातार्जुनीयम्/प्रथमः सर्गः उषाकाल पठन

Taunting learned person is very difficult. You needed to be super smart.

Draupadi taunting Yudhithir is such case.

द्रोपदी उवाच:

अवन्ध्यकोपस्य निहन्तुरापदां भवन्ति वश्याः स्वयं एव देहिनः ।
अमर्षशून्येन जनस्य जन्तुना न जातहार्देन न विद्विषादरः ।। १.३३ ।

जिसका क्रोध कभी निष्फल नही जाता, स्वत: लोग उसके वश में हो जाते हैं, वही विपत्तियों को दूर करने में समर्थ होता है. क्रोध-विहीन व्यक्ति के प्रति प्रेम-भाव रखनेवाले भी उसका आदर नहीं करते, न उससे शत्रुता होने पर कोई डरता है.

अमर्षशून्य – The one that cannot even generate valid Krodha/Anger in favor of dharma / not impatient to protect dharma

संसार की कोई भी नारी ऐसे पुत्र को जन्म न दे , जो अमर्षशून्य, उत्साहहीन, बल और पराक्रम से रहित तथा शत्रुओं का आनंद बढ़ानेवाला हो।


Draupadi’s valid anger need perfect words for describing her मनोव्यथा | महाकवि भारवि justified it very well.

व्रजन्ति ते मूढधियः पराभवं
भवन्ति मायाविषु येन मायिनः |
प्रविश्य हि घ्नंति शठास्तथाविधान्
असंवृताङ्गान् निशिता इवेषवः ||

जो लोग अपने मायावी शत्रु के साथ मायावी नहीं बनते वे मूर्ख हैं और सदैव पराजित होना ही उनकी नियति है, क्योंकि ऐसे निष्कपट, सीधे-सादे लोगों में दुष्ट वैसे ही घुस जाते हैं जैसे उघड़े हुए अंगों में तीक्ष्ण बाण.

If person does not deal with a crook in crooked manner, he is bound to face defeat. They must be paid back in their own coin. Just like how an arrow most certainly hits (and hurts) that part of the body (how ever small) that is not covered by the armor, such deceitful people search and hurt only those people who are innocent and incapable of deceit themselves.

This is so true for present state of BJP and its leadership who are silent on every civilizational collapse related issue, be it Kashmir treatment to CRPF jawan to Pakistan policies to internal agitations by anti-India forces.

Super Hero : Dharma vs Rest

Super Hero : Dharma vs Rest
Super Hero : Dharma vs Rest

Western Superhero -> “I am capable enough of doing everything. I can save the world. I am center of the universe. I can destroy all evils.”

Our Superhero -> He takes the driver’s seat. He navigates. He directs. He inspires. He believes in collective actions. He believes in awakened mass. To his best friend, he says: “Do not become a coward, O Arjuna, because it does not befit you. Shake off this trivial weakness of your heart and get up for the battle, O Arjuna.”

Rama was capable to slay Ravana alone but he did not. He did Nation-wide Van-yatra, awakened the mass, took their help and collectively fought.

Look at the go-vardhan picture. It is not just Krishna that is participating.

This universe runs by collective actions. Even Avatar demands it.

So when your child is raised by the stories of Batman and Superman, it is difficult to instill this valuable learning about collective actions. And child may develop false delusion of super-ego.

I would any day prefer stories of Rama and Krishna over Batman and Superman.

Major Fallacy : Outsourcing Svadharma



You cannot plant trees? Pay Green tax.
You cannot clean the street? Pay Clean cess.
You cannot participate in societal education? Pay education cess.
Pay water tax and use unlimited ground water!

Once you equate your critical Karma towards society and mother nature with money, you reduce its importance to zero.

“Everything can be taken care by money” is Ravan’s Lanka attitude. Ponzi schemes to hide societal inability to do duties, laziness and apathy. More opportunities for corruption.

Money cannot replace your efforts. Mercenary (Paid) soldiers may win battles but they always fail in long term wars.

Cess, Tax, Fine – they can be supporting karma but they cannot replace your necessary duties.

Microbes and Svadharma

Relation between I and my bacterial friends (Bacteria residing on my body)

Being धार्मिक = Promote symbiosis but respect differences


The term biologists use for our relations with Bacteria is ‘Amphibiosis’. A symbiotic relationship that under certain circumstances can be helpful and other circumstances can be harmful, with the helpful and harmful aspects referring to either host or symbiont.

The term we use for this “Dharmic Relation”. In dharmic relation, each participant is following own dharma. Own duty towards the integrity of the cellular complex called ‘Body’. Sometimes, cells forget their duty. When cells forget duty, it is important for rest of the dharmic*** body cells to purge them. Sometimes, bacteria(s) do not do their duty so immune system flush them from body. Sometimes, by accident or bad habits of ours, non-compatible life forms enter into body. For example, कृमि worms. Most of the times, such non-compatible disturbances happen when our ego “I” forgets to perform duties. For example, eat food anytime of the day. Now this disturbs the digestion cycle. So cells are are over-stressed. Some of them die prematurely. To purge them, bacteria play role. And we call it bacterial infection. Except us, with free will, everyone else in the nature has instinct driven will or in other words, mother nature drives them. So they always remain धार्मिक. It is our Ego who has to remain धार्मिक to maintain the optimum body state. We can do it by following local culture since it is evolved life routine to maintain symbiotic relation with others in same environment.

***Dharmic (धार्मिक) = The one who follows own dharma.

*** What is dharma?
Dharma has the Sanskrit root dhri, which means “that which upholds” or “that without which nothing can stand” or “that which maintains the stability and harmony of the universe.” Dharma encompasses the natural, innate behavior of things, duty, law, ethics, virtue, etc. Every entity in the cosmos has its particular dharma — from the electron, which has the dharma to move in a certain manner, to the clouds, galaxies, plants, insects, and of course, man.

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