Negation of Rituals and Fall of Bharat



PS: Please don’t take it personally if you are follower of Jainism or of Brahmana varna.

One specific period of last 5000 years, during when even Buddha and Mahavira’s teaching was diluted, I call that period निवृत्ति काल , time period when society considered तमस as सत्व and stopped performing daily rituals. Complete negation of राजस & सत्व. Intense तमस.

Read this Chapter 12 of Uttaradhyayana Sutra to realize what I am trying to convey.

I will not pass on any conclusions. Just imagine the impact of literal words on followers following book religiously.

I wondered, was it need of the hour then? Why such conversations took place? Or our Sanatan-dharma aligned पंथ(s) scriptures were doctored? I am no authority so cannot comment.

What I feel is, it is comparison of Apple(प्रवृति) with Orange(निवृति). Both are needed.


“The value of penance has become visible, birth appears of no value! Look at the holy Harikēśa, the son of a Śvapāka, whose power is so great.” (37)

“O Brāhmaṇas, why do you tend the fire, and seek external purity by water? The clever ones say that external purity which you seek for, is not the right thing. (38)

“You (use) Kuśa-grass, sacrificial poles, straw and wood, you touch water in the evening and in the morning; thereby you injure living beings, and in your ignorance you commit sins again and again.” (39)

“How should we sacrifice, O monk, and how avoid sinful actions? Tell us, ascetic, whom the Yakṣas hold in honour, what do the clever ones declare to be the right method of sacrificing?” (40)

“Doing no injury to living beings of the six orders, abstaining from lying and from taking what is not freely given, renouncing property, women, pride, and deceit, men should live under self-restraint. (41)

“He who is well protected by the five Saṃvaras8 and is not attached to this life, who abandons his body,9 who is pure and does not care for his body, wins the great victory, the best of offerings.” (42)

“Where is your fire, your fireplace, your sacrificial ladle? where the dried cowdung (used as fuel)? Without these things, what kind of priests can the monks be? What oblations do you offer to the fire? (43)

“Penance is my fire; life my fireplace; right exertion is my sacrificial ladle; the body the dried cowdung; Karman is my fuel; self-control, right exertion, and tranquillity are the oblations, praised by the sages, which I offer.” (44)

“Where is your pond, and where the holy bathing-place? how do you make your ablutions or get rid of impurity? Tell us, O restrained monk whom the Yakṣas hold in honour; we desire to learn it from you.” (45)

“The Law is my pond, celibacy my holy bathing-place, which is not turbid, and throughout clear for the soul;10 there I make ablutions; pure, clean, and thoroughly cooled I get rid of hatred11 (or impurity). (46)

“The clever ones have discovered such bathing, it is the great bath praised by the seers, in which the great seers bathe, and, pure and clean, they obtain the highest place.” (47)

Thus I say.


उत्तराध्ययन सूत्र

The Uttarādhyayana Sūtra

From the

Jaina Sutras

(Sacred Books of the East vol. 45)

The Uttarādhyayana Sūtra

Sanatana Identity : Protective Shield against Anti-social Aging



Friends often ask me that why do I call cultural roots of this land as ‘Sanatana (सनातन / नित्य)’.

There are also questions about our collapse despite such so called great culture.

Answer is in Telomere: Identity shield : a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighboring chromosomes.

What is identity?

The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity. It is way of living developed through culmination of knowledge established by interacting with environment. Individual has identity, group has identity, society has identity and Nation has identity too. Those are successful entities who have realized immortal identities. At individual level, such mighty souls live forever, such society lives forever and such realized nation can protect their sovereignty against environment without stress.
Body cells also have identity stored in DNA and till the time DNA is safe and secured from external environment, cell can live happily forever, working, celebrating, and exchanging vitals with environment. As soon as telomere, a region of repetitive DNA sequences at the end of a chromosome, collapse, DNA destruction starts, cell’s information about its identity becomes fuzzy and illogical and finally cell surrenders to environment by calling it life off. If cell can learn to protect telomere from environment, it can live forever, literally immortal! Sadly, illusion created by environment is so powerful that cells go into complacency mode, lose alertness and slowly forget to protect telomere.
Come out in mortal world and you will see cultural collapse as society fails to protect its telomere.

Vedic Identity is one such mighty identity which can guide society to live forever. Unfortunately, Vedic identity is on the verge of extinction since society doesn’t feel need to protect telomere of Vedic DNA i.e. Bhagwad Gita, Upnishads, Vedas, Yoga Sutras, Tantric scriptures etc. Society went into complacency mode, living in illusion that there is no need to protect DNA of Vedic Identity by exercising it, cannot survive against virus and bacteria attacks(Life destructing habits(Food, Entertainment, Sleep, Communication etc) promoted by Corporates led materialism). They get mutated by environment and live diseased, short and painful life. They forget that it is mandatory to follow local land’s identity otherwise survival will jeopardize. This is only possible when souls of insects take birth human bodies. Why insects souls take birth? Because man and woman copulate for lowly, animalistic desires and not for sublime goal and environment present them what they wanted i.e. insects like humans who don’t have desire to live and spend life in energy wasting indulgences.

When you provide security of fencing to dumb, driven cattle, they become complacent and live under shadow of is illusion that they are free. They don’t really bother about their identity.
Do you live in complacency or making efforts to protect your DNA? Do you love to live longer or as short as insects and get crushed by environment?

Vedic cultural identity is nothing but your shield against environmental attacks. It is your choice, take it or die like a slave.
Bharat has Vedic Identity and we cannot let it die once and forever. Wake up and realize your identity or be ready to give insect like life to your next generation. And generation by generation, lose everything.

How Industrial Mindset Destroyed Purushartha Chase

Industrial Mindset
“Instead of our drab slogging forth and back to the fishing boats, there’s reason to live!
We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. We can learn to be free! we can learn to fly!”
“Most gulls don’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight – how to get from shore to food and back again”
“For most gulls it was not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight.”
― Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Our life is limited. In this limited life, we have to earn everything. I am not talking about the money. It is about earning पुरुषार्थ. पुरुषार्थ loosely means pursuit for the existence. Actions contributing or justifying our existence as a human. And what is the use of most powerful organic life when we cannot justify our existence? 🙂
There are 4 पुरुषार्थs. धर्म (Societal and Family duties), अर्थ (Livelihood and that is it! No saving, no future saving. If wealth comes effortlessly, fine! But if you have to spend 12+ hrs for it, it is useless 😀 ), काम (Pleasure not limited to sex! Music, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Entertaining, Sports), मोक्ष (Meditation, Concentration and sleep) .
Instead of earning and chasing 4 P(=Purusharth), we are running behind false illusions. Everyone realize this too. But very late in the life. By the age 40-50, we start realizing about life wasted behind illusions.
Ideal society is that which helps everyone in earning 4 P. We are not anymore. And certainly, that is not a good sign.
To correct our living as a society, we must come out of Industrial Age mindset.
Some of the Industrial Age mindsets:
“Produce more, consume more.”
“Work harder, party harder”
“हम दो, हमारे दो.” (This does not only promotes population control but also selfish motives. My family is my boundary. I don’t care what happens outside my some.)
“छोटा कुटुंब,सुखी कुटुंब” ( Along with population control, this indirectly promotes nuclear family, against joint family system. If Dharma was instead followed, we really don’t need such slogans)
Try it. Try to bring 4 P in life and divide 24 hrs in pursue of them. 6 hrs of each. See the difference in life. (Y).

Jallikattu : Making of Warriors, 300 style




If you share this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo-QziDiznU) or this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLiyAYf1O24) with Indian parents of this age, 99.999999 % will reply it as disgusting harassment and extreme torture of innocent kids and will never engage their kid in such warrior making process.

But in reality, that is how the warriors were made in Sparta. Or here, in Gokul or Dwarka or Ayodhya.

Bulls are like kids for farmers. And bulls also realize it over the period of their lifetime. And only farmers can realize it as they are their life partners and sevak(s). What we see as torture, is not really the torture when you compare it with bulls sent to slaughter-house for their non-utility in milk-centric breeding of cows by artificial insemination.

But as I said, what you & me see as ritual-impurity in some modern forms of Jallikattu, must be corrected. Ban is not the solution. Ban will increase the slaughter. Ban will decimate the mighty breeds. While we worry about Bull’s rights, we actually impose societal adharma based karma. Suicidal in the long run.

Farmer’s Dharma, like all other forms of dharma, is very complex phenomenon. And difficult to understand until we put ourselves in farmer’s shoes.

If you would have shown me Jallikattu videos in 2005, I would have reacted in the same way as many of us in urban set up do. Even I would have supported the controversial ban. But things have changed lately for me as I myself experienced being farmer.

Should I hate/mock present day self-proclaimed Guru(s)’s deciples ?

Godmen Conundrum
Godmen Conundrum

When you ask this question to arrogant educated Indians, who proclaimed being rationalist/atheist etc (which is btw, fashion only. ), they will quickly response : “Yes, why not. Indians must be freed from religious following”.

What a fatal error of judgement!

I personally don’t like many modern day Gurdoms. I really feel pity for the followers but I will never make fun of them. (Yes, I will criticize their Guru(s) as and when needed )


कामैस्तैस्तैर्हृतज्ञाना: प्रपद्यन्तेऽन्यदेवता: ।
तं तं नियममास्थाय प्रकृत्या नियता: स्वया ।।20।।

Those whose wisdom has been carried away by various desires, being prompted by their own nature, worship other deities adopting rules relating to each.(20)

यो यो यां यां तनुं भक्त: श्रद्धयार्चितुमिच्छति ।
तस्य तस्याचलां श्रद्धा तामेव विदधाम्यहम् ।।21।।

Whatever celestial form a devotee craving for some worldly object chooses to worship with reverence, I stabilize the faith of that particular devotee in that very form. (21)

अन्तवत्तु फलं तेषां तद्भवत्यल्पमेधसाम् ।
देवान्देवयजो यान्ति मद्भक्ता यान्ति मामपि ।।23।।

Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet. (23)

Not all of us are on same mental plane. Some of us tend to worship deity. Many worship god-men. By worshiping God-man preaching principles of Sanatana dharma (however pseudo or half-baked it is), large mass of Bharat, by one or other way, still believe in Fasting (Upavas) , Ayurveda and other life-oriented sanatana practices. Of course, they are not perfect in their practices but as Krushna said in Gita, endowed with such faith he worship that particular demogod/Godman and obtains through him without doubt his desired enjoyments as ordained by myself. Anyhow, veiled by his Yogamaya (divine potency); he is not going to be manifest to all. Hence these ignorant folk fail to recognize him, the unborn and imperishable Supreme Deity. But still, via so called agents of God, they are on the path of self-realization by imperfect implementation of sanatana practices. (Mind you, I only talk about those who are still on the path Sanatana and not those who are acting like Abrahmic institutions )

For example, irrespective of their supreme imagination of Guru, irrespective of their Guru’s reality, millions are awakened to follow Sanatana ways. Imperfect, we all are. Don’t make fun of imperfection. You too were there few births apart.

Instead of making fun of our brothers imperfection, put efforts in helping them, to get a vision of supreme. Get divya chakshu for yourself first and help others.

If you think certain godman is threat to the society and you know dharma better than him-who stops you? Have you ever worked with mass? Did you approach them? Have you ever tried? No ? Then shut your mouth and watch the show.

With this post, I wanted to highlight that, as discussed in Gita, as per our ingnorance and knowing balance, we strive for center of faith.
So many of us associate self with demigods/pseudo-demigods and humans. By mocking them, we will not solve their self-realization path-Conundrum. Best, if we can work with them, those accessible in our life.

Second point is: These Gurus/Sants, irrespective of their personal weaknesses, keep mass aligned to mechanical processes of sanatana dharma. We should not ignore this contribution. If we work in this mass semi-exposed to dharma, it is easy to align citizens to various forms of dharma.

When external forces are hell-bent on breaking India, we must remain united. Our internal conflicts must not become collective weakness.

Unfortunately, we have become so fragmented and divided that breaking us by our own beliefs is now very easy. 🙁

Take care. Work hard for the sustenance of the eternal dharma.


Fearlessness of walking on the path of Dharma

Vedic Fearlessness
Vedic Fearlessness

Fearlessness of walking on right path (Life dedicated for धर्म संस्थापनाय).
Language of my writing might be without polish and elegance, but following carefully the path of the Vedas, is pleasing to him who has FAITH.

My greed is great for the gem of Vedic Knowledge, when shining with additional lustre in the light of the investigation of scriptures.

For the most part of research(scientific investigation) in this world has been made नास्तिक ( नास्तिक is not atheist) in nature, I tried to turn such investigations on आस्तिक path, on path of Vedas.

Reverencing the Scripture as I do, let none reproach me, should err (in my exposition). He that goes by the right path need not be ensured, even if he slips (occasionally).”

– Kumarila Bhatta

Country and Culture

Culture and Country
Culture and Country
Culture and Country

Your whims and fancies may trigger a thought that culture and nation are two different domains but I suggest that you get rid of this notion asap in national interest. It is nothing but unfitness of immature mind to imagine Bharat without Bharat maa. I have full sympathy and I will pray that our society will work affirmatively to do successful root-canal for this dented chasm.

It is real pastime to insult/denigrate cultural ways of reforms when you really don’t have bent of mind to understand culture.

Also, it is foolishness to oppose systematic changes via laws if your intellect fall short of understanding importance of same in national interest. Get rid of both notions in nation interest. Work unitedly.

Country follows the culture? No. Culture is one’s country and country one’s culture.

Protecting dharma, culture, nation is one in the same things. Spend your personal time selflessly for all of them! There is no great sacrifice than investing valuable personal time for the Nation and culture. Do not waste time in insulting each other.

Activity and Seclusion



Ideally, exercise demand seclusion, you be with yourself so that you can be with your billion plus body cells who demand your focus for their nourishment (focused, like you do prayer). Cooking demand social contribution, all family members participating.

In reality, we seek company for exercise and force wife/mother/sister/self to cook in seclusion.

Re-arrange priorities if you can. It is fun (not just fun actually. It is great way to use life’s precious moments for enriching life) cooking together and exercise alone. 🙂

Side note: यज्ञ is the key word behind all human activities. In exercise, billion plus body cells participate in यज्ञ. It is micro-level यज्ञ. Cooking is macro-level यज्ञ where we participate.


Spirituality without taking care of body?


Self-realization, spirituality…etc : It turns out to be a finer form of delusion when you escape from your bodily duties during your embodied existence.

By torturing your body, you unknowingly add karmic debts on your account.


Your response to environment (Universe minus you), reflects group-intelligence of billions of body cells. Group-intelligence is sum resultant of individual atom contributing to your existence plus you. You, your mind, has veto power gifted and so despite this super genius group-intelligence, you, mindlessly, work to indulge in your selfish pleasure pursuits.

You, being lazy, selfish, indulged in pleasure, torture these tiny lives like merciless dictator, force them to work 24×7, starve them; and you expect healthy state of living?
That is too much to ask for!!

Stop this slavery first! Sense this group-intelligence! Appreciate and worship them! Worship your body! Nourish them with top-quality food and thoughts! Act considering their safety of their lives! Forget about God-realization, be a real man and take care of God’s wonderful creation first!

Why nourish Devas(Leaders of Cell-intelligence) in the body?

इष्टान्भोगान्हि वो देवा दास्यन्ते यज्ञभाविताः।
तैर्दत्तानप्रदायैभ्यो यो भुङक्ते स्तेन एव सः।।3.12।।

The devas, gratified with necessary action will grant you the things sacrificed. Hence whosoever enjoys their gifts without offering them to these devas-he is surely a thief.

If you don’t take care of your body, you are THIEF.

Catholic Hindus, Megachurches and Rise of Pop-Spiritualism in India

There is a group of friends, I call them “catholic Hindu Indians (CHI)” or “Consumer Hindu Indians(CHIs)”.

All despite knowing that I really don’t celebrate Christmas. And it is my personal choice to prioritize life-events/rituals/celebrations and focus more on my roots. (Oh yes, I do wish my Christian friends!). I have so many Utsavs and Rituals pending to re-learn. Present life looks short.

Second commonality CHIs share, is that, they wait for Annual Christmas sale.

No, they are not Christians! Nor Hindus. Not even Indians. They are CHI! Those who have surrendered to market and media. Consumers. 🙂 Media-driven CHIs.

When I say, we are no more Sanatani but Catholic Hindus, many think I am talking about Christianity.
No. I am talking about specific version of Christianity. That which was legacy of Colonialism or Globalization. The one that is market trend worldwide.
One characteristic of CAtholic Hindu is : They love being in company of pop-Guru but hardly visit Sanatan Temple.
On Hindu festivals, you will find Pop-Guru’s Ashrams full but Sanatana Temples empty in new urbanized India. That is what I recently observed.
I recently used one word for us -> ‘Catholic Hindus’. So apt.
Read below article about mega-churches and compare it with your society, area and city.
Megachurches are more than just your regular pulpit and pew church. They’re larger, they’re packed, and they’re drawing in thousands of people.
Going to a megachurch is a rising trend in the United States. In 2011, a survey by Harvard Institute of Religion Research found that six million people — about 10 percent of churchgoers surveyed — attended churches with more than 2,000 attendees.
Read more

15 biggest megachurches in America

Lights. Camera. Religion.

Megachurches are more than just your regular pulpit and pew church. They’re larger, they’re packed, and they’re drawing in thousands of people.

Going to a megachurch is a rising trend in the United States. In 2011, a survey by Harvard Institute of Religion Research found that six million people — about 10 percent of churchgoers surveyed — attended churches with more than 2,000 attendees.

But more people are giving megachurches a chance. OnFaith’s Maryann Gogniat Eidemiller, who is Catholic, attended a megachurch to see what the draw was, and she was very pleased with her experience.

“I had never been in a church with a lobby, welcome desk, café, people at tables having snacks and soft drinks, and a staff of friendly team members smiling and opening doors,” Eidemiller wrote. “It felt like opening night at the movies. The dim sanctuary doesn’t even have an altar, but rather a stage with two large projection screens flanking the band. The rows of pews were the only thing that came close to suggesting ‘church.’”

So is that what big churches are really like? Here are 15 different megachurches from across the country that are too cool not to talk about.


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